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CONCORD, N.C. — the starts late in the day and goes deep into the night. It’s NASCAR’s version of a marathon.

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While 500 laps in the high-banked bullring that Bristol could take drivers’ breath far quicker, nothing have the right to compare in length to the Coca-Cola 600 as motorists will do 400 laps Sunday night about 1.5-mile Charlotte motor Speedway.

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While numerous Cup races have beened reduce in recent years, the 600-miler has not been touched. It continues to be a heritage as NASCAR"s longest race.

“This race sort of goes earlier to the background of this sport, being 600 miles,” Brad Keselowski said. “I think that’s a an excellent thing. Ns don’t think the a an excellent thing to execute every week, yet I think that a great thing because that here and also acknowledging the history.”

With the very first half that the four-hour-plus race run during the so late afternoon and also the second fifty percent typically in the dark under the lights, the track changes dramatically throughout the race.

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Drivers talk about just being good enough early in the race to save track position, and also then together the grip boosts at night, having a automobile that can take the best benefit of the conditions.

“What’s yes, really cool about the Coke 600 is that it is 600 miles,” stated Keselowski’s Penske racing teammate Joey Logano. “That’s the point that renders it sort of our crown jewel event. That’s the longest race we have actually of the year, and also it feels favor it, think me. However it definitely makes it very rewarding.

“Now if we had to operation 600 miles every week, ns may have actually a various answer for you, but the reality that it’s only as soon as a year sort of renders it unique and makes that a fun race.”

The size of the race renders it conducive come first-time winners together attrition and mistakes deserve to stymie veterans but it likewise lends chin to countless repeat winners as those best at adapting come the transforming track frequently have one advantage.

Kevin Harvick has won two of the last 3 600-milers, Kasey Kahne and also Jeff Gordon have three career wins in the race, and Jimmie Johnson has two.

“I’ve constantly really enjoyed the 600,” gift able to begin usually once it’s sunny and also hot out and finish at night," Kahne said.

“As the car change, the monitor changes, things like that and also (you) just try to store up v it transparent the race. It’s a challenge. So I’ve constantly enjoyed this race; that a the majority of fun to it is in a part of each year.”

Well, it’s sort of fun. It deserve to be a loooong night for some.

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“There is no reason to have any race it is this long,” claimed Clint Bowyer, who admits the doesn’t have actually the longest attention expectancy in the garage. “It’s a selling function to have actually something much longer than the rest — the biggest, baddest, longest race of the year, the many grueling.

“I understand the capture of having actually one race a year be drastically longer 보다 the others, yet that 400-mile race seems to it is in on these mile-and-a-half monitor a an excellent number.”