The problem with Bottled Water

Many people turn to bottled water as a safe, clean, and also tasty alternate to tap water. There room so numerous excellent bottled water options on the market that it’s an extremely easy to save yourself well stocked on clean drinking water because that you and your family.

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One questions that is most generally asked around bottled water is “how lengthy does the last?”. This inquiry is the object of our article. ~ all, cleanliness is the major reason the many world buy this water in the first place. So, you want to do absolutely sure that your drinking water is safe and clean.

How lengthy Does Bottled Water Last?

Generally speaking, over there is no expiry date for the water in bottled water itself. In fact, the FDA doesn’t also require a shelf life for bottled water. The water itself is collection to stay clean indefinitely.

This being said, there are various other reasons why you can not desire to drink bottled water the is very old. And also while the water itself might remain clean indefinitely, the party presents part potential problems to watch out for. For this reason, countless bottled water manufacturers recommend the you save bottled water because that no much longer than 2 years.

Below, we’ll study some potential problems with old bottled water, and why you can want to prevent it ~ a certain point.

Potential problems With Old Bottled Water

There space some problems that might make old bottled water less ideal because that drinking. We’ll begin with the potentially more serious issues, which can be brought about by the bottle:

Chemicals in Bottle

The an initial major issue, and perhaps the many widely recognized one, is led to by the chemicals in the bottle itself. Because, as proclaimed by the FDA, the water itself will not expire. So, any kind of potential safety concerns will be brought about by the bottle.

Plastic water bottles are typically packaged in bottles which space made of one of two people high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polyethylene terephthalate (PET). The allude of risk with this bottles is that, top top exposure come high heats, the plastic might actually melt and seep right into the drinking water itself.

Consumption of these chemicals is potentially quite dangerous, and also can cause a variety of different health problems depending on the amount consumed.

The bottom line is the you shouldn’t leaving bottled water sitting the end in an area wherein it could be exposed to excessive heat. This includes – close to windows on hot summer days, in the tribe of your auto (or all over else in her car), etc. But as lengthy as the water is no exposed to too much heat, and is retained sealed, it should last because that a lengthy time.



The 2nd reason the you can not want to drink old bottled water is a bit more straight-forward – taste. Simply put, the taste that water alters over time. Even sealed bottled water will be exposed to little bits of external air. As the waiting mixes through the water in the bottle, it alters its taste, and also not in a an excellent way.

And when air blended with water no necessarily a health hazard, it’s probably something you want to avoid. Think of once you leaving a glass of water on the counter overnight, and also it has that stale, metallic, oxidized taste come it. This is what can take place to bottled water if you keep it for exceptionally long durations of time.

This is the major reason that many bottled water aficionados would certainly recommend you store your water for no much longer than 2 years.

Special Note: Carbonated Water

Before we wrap increase this section, we’ll give a special note to carbonated water. Together you can expect, carbonated water has a considerably much shorter life expectations than constant bottled water. Water manufacturers commonly recommend storing carbonated water for no much more than 6 months.

The factor is the the water will end up being “flat”. The will lose its carbonation over time, and will no longer have actually the bubbly appeal linked with sparkling water.

What about Open Bottled Water?

Up to this point, we’ve concentrated on bottled water that has been sealed. However what about once you rest the seal?

Generally speaking, opened up bottle water will certainly be great for no more than a few days. After this point, the water will mix v the air, and also develop an “off” taste. That will likely still be an excellent to drink, but you most likely won’t desire to!

To reuse an instance from earlier in the article, imagine a glass of water that you left on the respond to overnight. It establishes a monster taste, and also so will your opened bottled water.

Refrigeration can include a pair days come this process. But, in general, opened bottle water won’t last very long prior to going bad.

Storing Bottled Water Safely

As you’ve watched throughout this guide, the main aspect that influences the lifespan of bottled water relates come the problems it was maintained in. Come avoid any type of potential hazards, and to keep you bottled water as long as possible, you must be sure to save it properly.

You need to store bottled water in a cool, dried place. This prevents any type of dangers associated with warmth exposure, and also keeps the water itself from fluctuating in temperature as well much.

As an included safety note, be certain that girlfriend don’t keep the bottled water near any kind of hazardous family chemicals.


Thanks for discovering our overview to the shelf life that bottled water. Together you deserve to see, when the water itself might not expire, there space still issues worth looking out for. We hope our overview has helped shed some light on this common household issue. The bottom line is that, with proper storage, your bottled water need to last girlfriend a very long time.

And for an ext information on clean drink water, inspect out substantial guides come the finest water filters and best water dispensers top top the market.

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