If it’s any comfort best now, you space by no way the first mama to suffer postpartum gas, and also you absolutely won’t it is in the last.

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Bloating, constipation, and gas room all contained in her membership come the postpartum club.

(You may currently be offered to this kind of digestive drama through this point. Gas throughout pregnancy is likewise a very real thing.)

The postpartum phase, AKA the 4th trimester, is filled with new challenges.

Not only are you navigating life with a newborn, however you are also going v a organize of physical changes as her body it is adapted to that post-pregnancy form.

From depression and also anxiety, to bleeding and swollen breasts, the postpartum period comes with all sorts of discomforts.

And yes, postpartum gas and also bloating is absolutely on the list of usual woes.

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So what causes all this hot air—and when is it something to concern about? stop dive in.

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