Senator john McCain, the Vietnam war hero turned senator and presidential candidate, has died aged 81.

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He was diagnosed through an aggressive brain tumour in July 2017 and also had been undergoing clinical treatment.

His family members announced ~ above Friday that Mr McCain, that left Washington in December, had determined to cease treatment.

His widow, Cindy, tweeted: "My love is broken. I am so happy to have lived the adventure of love this incredible guy for 38 years. The passed the method he lived, top top his own terms, surrounding by the human being he loved, in the ar he loved best."

Mr McCain's daughter Meghan stated the job of her lifetime would now be "to live up to his example, his expectations, and his love".

Following news that his death, wellwishers waving flags inside wall the street together a hearse lugged Mr McCain's body from his ranch in Sedona, Arizona, come a funeral residence in Phoenix.

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The six-term senator for Arizona and 2008 Republican presidential nominee to be diagnosed after doctors discovered his tumour throughout surgery to eliminate a blood clot from above his left eye last July.

His household said he would lie in state in Phoenix, Arizona, and also in Washington DC prior to a funeral in ~ the Washington national Cathedral and also his interment in Annapolis, Maryland.

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The son and also grandson of navy admirals, mr McCain to be a fighter pilot throughout the battle in Vietnam. When his aircraft was shot down, that spent much more than 5 years together a sinner of war.

In politics, he take it a conservative line on countless issues, consisting of opposing abortion and also advocating greater defence spending. He backed the 2003 intrusion of Iraq and also criticised chairman Obama for no intervening an ext in the Syrian polite war.

However, he also gained a reputation as a Republican maverick that was willing to overcome party present on a range of issues.

In July critical year, just after his diagnosis, that took component in a late-night Senate session and gave the deciding poll - v a thumbs-down gesture - against partially repealing the contentious Obamacare healthcare law. The relocate reportedly infuriated mr Trump.

Mr McCain additionally criticised president Trump's hard-line rhetoric on illegal immigration and also his strikes on the media.

John McCain was born top top the eve of world War II, at the dawn of the "American Century" - a time when the united state was in ~ the height of the political, military and social power. He dies at what can be taken into consideration that age's twilight, together the nation turns inward and also contemplates walls, literal and metaphorical, to insulate itself from the remainder of this world.

As a young politician he was tempted by the attract of power and also money, captured up in one influence-peddling scandal that almost cost the his career.

In his an initial run for president in 2000, he capitalised on an anti-establishment sentiment and also longing for authenticity that would certainly later come to crest through Donald Trump's election. In 2008, he winner the Republican nomination, just to check out his wishes dashed through the phenomenon that was Barack Obama and a crumbling us economy.

McCain never ever won the optimal political office for which the longed. Throughout his life, however, he offered a full-throated defence of an America that was active and engaged in the world. In his final years that sparred with Mr Trump end the direction the the Republican Party and also the principles it need to embrace.

It's an open up question as to whether these views have a future in his party. McCain, however, battled for what he believed was ideal until the really end. Agree v him or not, that is undeniably a most suitable epitaph.

Former chairman George W shrub described mr McCain as "a patriot that the greatest order", adding: "He was a public maid in the best traditions of ours country. And also to me, he to be a friend whom I'll deeply miss."

Sarah Palin, that was grandfather McCain's running mate throughout his 2008 bid because that president, stated the civilization had shed "an American original", share a snapshot of herself with the man she referred to as her friend.

John McCain to be my friend. I will certainly remember the great times. My family and I send prayers for Cindy and the McCain family. - buy it Palin and also family

— buy it Palin (

Donald Trump, whom grandfather McCain has actually strongly criticised, tweeted his "deepest sympathies" to mr McCain's family but made no comment about his life.

Sources quoted by us media said President Trump would not be invite to the funeral and the current management would most likely be represented by Vice-President Mike Pence.

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Barack Obama, the Democrat that beat grandfather McCain to the presidency, said in spite of their differences, they shared "a fidelity to something greater - the ideals for which generations of Americans and also immigrants alike have actually fought, marched and also sacrificed.

"Few that us have been experiment the method John as soon as was, or forced to present the sort of courage that he did," mr Obama said. "But all of us can aspire come the vessel to put the greater an excellent above our own.