If you’re thinking of visiting Windsor Castle v a tourism guide, this post is for you. We’ll cover everything there is to know about Windsor castle tours from London, consisting of tour prices, the ideal tours available, combo tours, how to uncover discounted deals online, and also much more.

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Windsor lock tours indigenous London space hugely popular, thanks to a location simply 25 miles far from England’s capital. The official residence of the Queen is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world and sees much more than one million human being visit each year.

If friend feel like skipping ahead, however, uncover the finest Windsor castle deals and book her guided tour best now!

Windsor castle tours indigenous London – Is it precious booking a guided tour?


Windsor castle has an ext than 950 years’ precious of background to discover, not to point out plenty of different places come see about the castle. Indigenous the State Apartments to St. George’s Chapel, visiting Windsor lock is an suffer you will certainly relish.

It’s worth acquisition a guided tour if you want to obtain the many out the this historic attraction. Travel guide expertly navigate tourism of Windsor Castle, ensuring that you view the best parts while keeping a peaceful pace. Walk on a guided tour provides plenty that benefits, together as:

Simplicity: Booking a guided tour means you don’t must worry around the young details. Simply go to the conference point, at which allude your overview will take care of the rest.

You won’t miss a thing: A guide’s job is to administer you v the finest experience, consisting of making certain you check out the ideal of the castle and also don’t miss aspects like the transforming of the guard.

Q&A: Having accessibility to a guide method you can ask questions throughout the tour and also get particular answers, which offers you through a an ext personalized experience.

What are the most well-known Windsor castle tours from London?


They speak that selection is the spice of life, and also Windsor castle tours indigenous London come in many options. Native half-day tours to audio-only trips, girlfriend can choose a Windsor Castle suffer that’s best suited come you.

Here are the primary options:

Half-day guided tours

Half-day tours encompass pick-up and drop-off in London, to add a pair of hours to check out Windsor Castle. It’s sufficient time to watch the best of the lock while quiet planning other tasks in the day.

Audio guided tours

Audio tours carry out a comprehensive guide of every room in Windsor Castle and come in many languages. It’s a good option if you desire a different language native English or would prefer to walk at your own pace during the tour.

Private guided tours

If you’re ready to pay a small bit extra, a personal guided tour offers a truly an individual experience. Your overview will curate a bespoke tour, arguing how to maximize your trip to Windsor Castle.

Combined guided tours including other attractions

Some that the most renowned Windsor lock tours native London incorporate combinations with other trips. This involve access time to historic landmarks favor Stonehenge, Buckingham Palace, roman inn Baths in Bath, and Oxford.

How lot do Windsor castle tours from London cost?


The price you pay for a Windsor Castle tourism from London counts on the form of pilgrimage you book.

Half-day guided tourism -expect come pay between £50 (US$ 63) and £90 (US$ 113) per human being for half-day guided toursAudio tour – you will pay roughly £23 (US$ 28) because that an audio tour, which is among the lowest prices for Windsor lock visits. However, it typically doesn’t incorporate travel native LondonPrivate guided tour – private tours space the most expensive and also typically include much more than one attraction. Expect to pay in between £500 (US$ 628) and also £900 (US$ 1,100) because that a combination private tourism of approximately eight people.

How do you book a Windsor Castle tourism online?

There are several online tour agencies offering Windsor Castles tourism such together Viator, GetYourGuide, or Headout.

These companies offer a range of online options, and also you can use the audioeditorfree.com find engine to find the cheapest tickets and also best-reviewed tours that fit well her itinerary and also budget.

How long does it require to reach Windsor castle from London?


Windsor castle is located approximately 25 mile from London, and also it commonly takes 45 minutes to obtain from the facility of the capital to Windsor if you’re walking by auto or coach. Train times from London come Windsor take in between 35 minutes and one hour, depending upon which organization you use.

How long does it require to visit Windsor Castle?

Give yourself between two and also three hours to watch Windsor Castle. Two hours is sufficient to watch the major attractions prefer the State Apartments and also St. George’s Chapel, if three hrs should market plenty the time to explore the castle thoroughly.

How long does it require to visit Windsor Castle?

Give yourself between two and three hours to view Windsor Castle. Two hours is enough to watch the primary attractions choose the State Apartments and St. George’s Chapel, when three hrs should market plenty of time to explore the lock thoroughly.

What will I see?


There is plenty come do and see at Windsor Castle, and also who knows, you might even bump into the Queen!

Here are some of the ideal attractions in ~ the Castle…

State apartments

The State Apartments are offered by the Queen to hold official visits, but they’re additionally open to the public. Discover rooms prefer the grand Reception Room, the Waterloo Chamber, and the Semi-State Rooms. They room the most renowned attraction in ~ the castle, and there is typically a long queue to view them.

St George’s Chapel

Historic style is on show at St George’s Chapel, which attributes tombs of the 10 monarchs. It’s a location of worship however is included with the admission ticket for Windsor Castle. It’s closed every Sunday.

Changing the Guard

The changing of the safety is perhaps most commonly connected with Buckingham Palace. However, it also takes location at Windsor lock (usually at roughly 11 am) and is a major highlight through everyone clamouring to check out the guards marking their changeover duties.

Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House

The most famed doll’s house in the world, Queen Mary’s Doll’s house was built in the 1920s and designed by british architect sir Edwin Lutyens. Discover miniature delights, such together a library v over 700 books and also contributions from over 1,500 that the best artists the the 20th century.

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The Moat Room

The Moat Room is where you deserve to learn about Windsor Castle’s 950-years-plus history. The room attributes three bronze models the depict just how the castle has changed from its inception under william the conqueror to the humble abode the the Queen.

Travel tips


Photography or video clip recordings aren’t enabled in the State Apartments or St George’s ChapelThe chapel is additionally closed every SundayYou will execute plenty of walking throughout the tour, for this reason make sure you stay comfortable shoesAirport-style protection checks take it place prior to entry into the castleThe royal Standard flag will fly if the Queen is remaining in the castleLast entry is one hour prior to closing time