Be careful—Thanksgiving is for this reason close the if you blink, it will be here. By now you"ve most likely hit the grocery save to pick out her turkey. If you decided a frozen turkey, you"re already thinking about how—and how long—you"re going to thaw it. Because you have actually absolutely no time come waste, us did every the research and also math for you come ensure you can thaw the quickly and safely.

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The frozen refrigerator Method

Any seasoned vacation host can tell you the there space two standard methods for thawing her bird. An initial is the frozen refrigerator method. As you can of guessed, this requires moving her turkey indigenous the freezer to the fridge, and allowing it come thaw (slowly) at 40°F or lower. The USDA recommends the for every four pounds of turkey, friend allot 24 hours for defrosting. This is generally taken into consideration to it is in the safest choice to avoid any kind of bacterial breakthrough that can take place when meat remains at room temperature for too long. Here"s the main breakdown:

4 lbs: 1 day come defrost8 lbs: 2 days come defrost12 lbs: 3 days to defrost16 lbs: 4 days to defrost

Pro tip: make sure the bird is in a big pan or on a cookie sheet so those melty, turkey juices don"t get anywhere your fridge. If you"re thawing in the fridge, your turkey deserve to stay in there for one or two days before it"s cooked.

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The Cold Water Method

If, however, your fridge is jam-packed with sides, cranberry sauce Jell-O shots, and Cool Whip pies, you can want to shot cold water thawing. This method, despite it is much faster, needs a bit much more work than letting her bird sit in the refrigerator for days.

First, you"ll require to double check come make sure there space no feet or cut in the plastic pave of your turkey. Next, to fill a huge bucket (or your sink) v cold madness water. Finally, submerge that sucker (still fully wrapped) in the water and also let that sit, changing the water every 30 minutes. According to the USDA, friend should allow 30 minute of soak time because that every lb of turkey. The main breakdown:

4 lbs: 1 hrs to defrost8 lbs: 4 hours to defrost12 lbs: 6 hrs to defrost16 lbs: 8 hours to defrost

A turkey defrosted by the cold water an approach should be cooked immediately after the is thawed. However the sooner the better, right? We"re already hungry.


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