These Grilled Chicken Drumsticks space delicious, fast to make, and also are full crowd-pleasers. Ready in much less than one hour, and also with just 4 ingredients, these drumsticks deserve to feed your entirety family without breaking the bank.

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BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

Chicken drumsticks room awesome grilled on the BBQ hot and also fast making use of two-zone grilling. They’re likewise crazy basic to make! Simply location them on direct heat until they with an interior temperature the 165 levels F. Baste them v your favourite BBQ sauce, then move them come the indirect next of the grill till the inner temp get 175 levels F.

This cooking recipes is extremely versatile, and you can play around with various rubs and also seasonings as well as different BBQ sauces every time you make it.

Word come the wise: once seasoning your chicken, carry out not use a sugar-based rub due to the fact that the chicken will certainly be ~ above high warmth for a great amount that time, and you don’t want the street to burn. Other than that, get an imaginative with her seasonings and sauces. Patio Provisions is stocked complete with Hey Grill Hey Signature rubs and sauces for this reason you can enjoy Susie’s awesome flavors yielded straight to your door.


How come Grill Chicken Drumsticks

Remember how I stated these drumsticks to be a breeze come make? ns wasn’t lying. Here’s how to acquire amazingly juicy drumsticks the are all set in much less than an hour:

Grill on direct heat. place your chicken drumsticks on the direct heat side of her grill and cook them for 30-35 minutes. Upper and lower reversal them every 5-7 minutes till the inner temp of the chicken will 165 degrees F.Set the sauce. Grill for secondary 5-10 minutes till the sauce sets and also begins caramelize and also the internal temperature will 175 degrees F.

Give your drumsticks a moment to rest, and then dig in! My children love just how tasty these drumsticks are, and also they love the these are good and messy finger food. Save some file towels on hand, and you’re an excellent to go!

How lengthy to Grill Chicken Drumsticks

These chicken drumsticks take about 35-45 minute to grill. They require 30-35 minute over straight heat and an additional 5-10 minutes over indirect heat to set the BBQ sauce and also reach 175 levels F interior temperature.

My referral whenever you’re grilling or cigarette smoking meat? cook to temperature and also not to time. Invest in a good, reliable meat thermometer and check the thermometer an ext than the town hall the clock. It’s especially important to cook chicken to 165 levels F as this is the safe internal temperature because that cooked chicken. I constantly aim for 175 levels F once grilling drumsticks because they have much more connective tissue and also the meat will autumn off the bone if you cook them to this greater temperature.

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More Grilled Chicken Recipes

There’s nothing fairly as delicious as juicy chicken cooking on the grill. If you’re searching for more good chicken recipes, I have actually a couple of you’ll love on the site:

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Grilled Chicken Drumsticks Recipe

Follow the recipe,and ok teach friend the straightforward steps come making your very own grilled chicken drumsticks in ~ home. Hey Grill Hey is dedicated to assist you make far better BBQ, feed the human being you love, and also become a backyard BBQ hero. You have the right to find an ext of mine smoking and grilling recipes and videos on YouTube,Instagram,or ourFacebook Page.