I very first saw the viral “microwaving a turkey” picture on Instagram, whereby my friend had posted a screenshot of she hilarious conversation through her mom. (If you aren’t conscious of the trend, human being are text massage their moms asking how long it would take to cook a 25-pound turkey in the microwave in wishes of gaining a funny response, climate posting a photo of the conversation on society media.)

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To it is in honest, i was less concerned around the truth that she was planning on microwaving she turkey and much more upset that I believed I hadn’t been invited to her (fake) Friendsgiving. However after see a couple of more very comparable posts, I easily realized I had fallen food to a meme.

ns assumed the was all a joke. Girlfriend can’t actually chef a turkey in the microwave, right? yet although human being were play a hoax on their moms, the actual action of microwaving a turkey can be done successfully. According to the USDA, it’s among the numerous ways girlfriend can chef your Thanksgiving bird. Here’s just how long it would actually take.

First, a 25-pound bird won’t fit in a standard-size microwave. Begin with a 12- come 14-pound turkey, and, follow to the USDA, plan on food preparation it because that nine come 10 minute per lb on medium (50% power). That’s about two hrs for a 12-pound turkey. For comparison, roasting a turkey takes around 13 minutes every pound, making the microwave a slightly quicker option.

come ensure the bird cooks evenly throughout, the USDA recommends leaving three inches of clearance top top top and around the political parties of the turkey and to rotate it periodically during cooking. You can additionally place it in an oven cooking bag, which help evenly distribute heat. Don’t stuff the bird because — similar to roasting a stuffed turkey — the stuffing can not cook to a safe interior temperature before the bird is done.

Checking for doneness is also the same as if you to be roasting it: Insert a thermometer into the breast, external thigh, and also inside thigh. The meat must be at least 165°F in every case. And also although you have the right to use the defrost setup on her microwave come thaw her turkey before roasting it, don’t microwave a frozen turkey (it can not reach a safe inner temperature).

yet here’s the thing: comparable to food preparation fish in your dishwasher, just since you can chef a turkey in the microwave doesn’t average you should. The skin won’t crisp, the drippings will reason a mess, and also you’re running an ext of a threat that it won’t chef evenly. Chances are, you only cook a turkey once or twice a year. It’s worth it to carry out it right. Here’s our foolproof an approach for roasting a turkey — and if you’re short on time, you deserve to roast it directly from frozen.

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Grace Elkus

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