Travelers planning to rise Mount Kilimanjaro generally ask exactly how long go it require to climb mountain Kilimanjaro? it takes about five to ripe days ~ above the much longer routes to with Mount Kilimanjaro Summit Uhuru peak and descend come the finish point. The an ext days you invest on the hill acclimatizing, the much better your possibilities of getting to the top. Trekkers that spend only 5 days have the lowest Summit success rate.

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Trekkers who spend 8 or 9 days have actually a much better chance of summiting. Read an ext about the best routes to climb Kilimanjaro and the job they take.


Factors affecting just how long it takes to climb Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is a “walk-up” mountain, meaning there is no technological climbing involved. Just how long it takes to with the summit is mainly dictated by how well you room able come acclimatize to the absence of oxygen in ~ altitude.


The main reason why rockclimbing fail to reach the summit that Kilimanjaro is merely that they have not acclimatized come the altitude.

How badly carry out you desire to gain to the summit? If she serious about completing the climb, the main variable standing in your means is acclimatization.

The good news is the going slow and taking your time, allows your human body to progressively adapt to the lack of oxygen.

The more days you spend on the mountain acclimatizing, the better your chances of reaching the top. Trekkers who spend only 5 days on Kilimanjaro have actually the shortest success rate, when those who spend 8 or 9 days have a much better chance of was standing on the Roof of Africa.


The Wilderness Medical culture Practice Guidelines for the prevention of Acute Altitude disease says the co

controlling the price of ascent, in regards to the variety of meters obtained each job is a “highly effective way of preventing altitude illness”.

A slow and steady ascent gives your body time to readjust to the altitude, and while physics fitness does not seem to have actually an impact on how well girlfriend acclimatize, you’ll build-in enough time for rest and recovery after ~ the day’s hiking.

It’s daunting to gain up to date data native the Kilimanjaro national Park, however in 2006 approximates of the success rate based upon the variety of days spent on the mountain were clear. At the time:

27% that those that opted for the 5-day trek do it come the summit,85% that trekkers who spent 8 days on your climb to be successful.

Those numbers have no doubt improved because then thanks to much better guides, boosted gear, and a better understanding of how to successfully hike the trail. But, they provide you one indication of the prestige of taking your time on the mountain.

Being an extremely fit does no correlate v increased ability to acclimatize. Being physically fit will certainly make the trekking easier, alleviate fatigue and stress, but it won’t aid you acclimatize.

According come Dr. Hackett indigenous the Institute because that Altitude Medicine, claims physical fitness will provide you no protection from altitude sickness. Sometimes, countless young, fit world will push through the discomfort, ignoring vital symptoms.

How long does it take to climb mountain Kilimanjaro on every route?

There space a complete of six various routes you can use to rise Mount Kilimanjaro.

The shortest possible means to the summit is by the Marangu or the Umbwe Route. This routes have the right to be completed in 5 job (but us don’t introduce it for most hikers).

The longer treks, Lemosho, Machame, Rongai or north Circuit route take 6-10 days.

The key reason you’d want to take a much longer route is to provide your body time come acclimatize come the altitude, however there are various other considerations together well.

Unless girlfriend are an extremely fit, extending the very same amount of ground in a much shorter time-frame have the right to increase your chances of fatigue and also injury – and compromise her enjoyment that the environment.


Climbing Kilimanjaro recommends Trekkers who have actually a flexible schedule to take into consideration a longer route or build-in one or two acclimatization days and have an less complicated time reaching the summit.

Each course is varied in the term on the mountain, the species of accommodation, the level that difficulty, the form of scenery, and other factors.

The table listed below lists every route, sorted by the number of days usually handled each route.

RouteNumber of DaysRoute Length
Marangu Route564 kilometer (40 mi)
Umbwe Route637 kilometre (23 mi)
Rongai Route6 or 765 kilometer (23 mi)
Machame Route6 or 749 kilometer (30 mi)
Lemosho Route7,8 or 966 kilometre (35 mi)
Northern Circuit8 or 966 kilometre (35 mi)

You can climb Kilimanjaro in 5 or 6 days but is it precious the risk?

You can definitely climb Kilimanjaro in 5 or 6 days. Many clients we’ve talked to are attracted come the much shorter routes because that these reasons:

Cost savingsLack of holidays timeDon’t want to hike for so countless days

In all Climbing Kilimanjaro an unified years of suffer as mountain guides and also trek organizers, we encourage a longer, steadier climb as it’s safer, and also increases our clients’ summit success rate dramatically.

Additionally, offering yourself time to reap the distinctive mountain environment, with sufficient rest and recovery, will make because that a much more enjoyable experience.


These space the inquiries we ask and encourage you to ask yourself:

How would certainly you feel if you booked a path with the minimum days, only to need to turn ago on day 3 because the price of climb was also quick and you go not have actually time come acclimatize?Wouldn’t you rather include a pair of days to your expedition to offer yourself a much better chance the summiting and to take it it easier on your body?Were the ‘savings’ you got for not taking additional days precious the expense of cutting your climb short, no making it to the summit, or worse still, placing your wellness at risk?

When is that a great idea come opt because that a shorter Kilimanjaro climb?

If she a really experienced climber and also have to be to too much altitudes prior to (>18,000ft) and are i was sure of your ability to acclimatize.

It’s one undeniable fact that much longer routes increase summit success rates.

How lengthy Does it take to descend Kilimanjaro?

It takes roughly two days to descend Kilimanjaro native the Uhuru height Summit come the finish point. The descent have the right to take as much as 5hrs to reach to Camp because that overnight and the adhering to day 4hrs come 6 hrs depending on the route and also trekkers experience.

Quick Facts: Fastest time to the Summit of mountain Kilimanjaro by upstream athletes

Current record holder:Karl Egloff, a Swiss climber made that in 4 hours, 56 minutes. He’s gone on to break documents on Aconcagua, Cotopaxi and also others. You can read an ext about his extreme training and also pre-acclimatization regime here.

Other noteworthy times:

Fastest mrs Kristina Schoo Madsen (from Denmark): 6 hrs 52 minute Mweka routeKilian Jornet, the previous record-holder made that in 7 hours, 14 minutes.

How lengthy will it take YOU?

Climbing Kilimanjaro is a as soon as in a life time experience: you’ve trained for it, paid because that it, don’t deteriorate your safety or possibility of success.

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