Medically the evaluation by Cynthia Taylor Chavoustie, MPAS, PA-C — composed by Jon Johnson top top April 5, 2018

Whether because of a busy day at work-related or suspenseful movie, it is normal for people to stand up to the urge to urinate indigenous time to time.

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The common bladder volume is around 16 ounces (2 cups) that liquid and even much less for a child. The bladder have the right to stretch to hold much more than this, however doing therefore too regularly can it is in dangerous.

Regularly putting off going come the bathroom is no recommended.

In this article, we look in ~ the feasible effects of holding in to pee too lengthy or too frequently.

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In a healthy and balanced adult, occasionally holding in pee will certainly not reason problems, yet there might be part unwanted results if it becomes a habit.

When the bladder fills about halfway v liquid, it sends out a signal come the mind that the is time to pee. The mind creates the advice to urinate while informing the bladder to organize on.

Sometimes it is necessary to hold in urine. It might be an overwhelming to accessibility a restroom, or a human being may be practicing exercises to retrain their bladder.

There room no hard rules because that how and also when that is for sure to hold in pee. Some human being may be much more prone to side effects than others.

Possible side effects

Below, we look at 5 potential side impacts of holding in pee:

1. Pain

People that regularly ignore the urge to pee may feel ache in the bladder or kidneys. When a person finally does with the bathroom, urinating may also hurt.

The muscles may additionally stay partially clenched after ~ the pee is released, which can lead to pelvic cramps.

2. Urinary street infection

In part cases, hold in pee because that too lengthy can cause bacteria come multiply. This may bring about a urinary tract epidemic (UTI).

No research has presented that hold in pee causes UTIs, yet many doctors recommend avoiding it, especially if a person has actually a background of constant UTIs.

People who perform not drink enough liquids may be much more likely to develop a UTI since the bladder is not telling the human body to pee often enough. This can reason bacteria to spread out through the urinary tract, resulting in infection.

Symptoms that a UTI include:

a burn or stinging feeling during urinationpain in the pelvis or lower abdomena constant urge to north the bladderstrong- or foul-smelling urinecloudy, off-colored urineconsistently dark urinebloody urine

3. Bladder stretching

In the lengthy term, on regular basis holding in pee can cause the bladder to stretch. This might make it challenging or impossible for the bladder to contract and also release to pee normally.

If a person has a extended bladder, extra measures, such as a catheter, may be necessary.

4. Damages to pelvic floor muscles

Frequently retaining urine may damage the pelvic floor muscles.

One of these muscles is the urethral sphincter, which keeps the urethra closed, to avoid urine native leaking out. Damaging this muscle can lead come urinary incontinence.

Doing pelvic floor practice such together Kegels may assist to strengthen these muscles and also prevent leakage or fix muscle loss.

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5. Kidney stones

Holding in pee may cause kidney stones to form in people with a background of the condition, or people who have actually a high mineral contents in your urine. Urine often consists of minerals such together uric acid and calcium oxalate.