The freezer is your friend! specifically if friend love steak. There are two straightforward ways come thaw frozen steak, in the refrigerator and also a quick-thaw method. Keep analysis for the best ways to thaw steaks.

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Omaha Steaks space flash frozen and vacuum sealed because that a couple of reasons:

Flash freezing doesn’t damage meat choose freezing at residence — that the only way to get perfect outcomes after thawing.Frozen steaks take the hassle and also timing out of “fresh meat.” girlfriend don’t have actually to arrangement your week around using beef before it goes bad.Thawing frozen steak is easy and also can even be quick!

Here space two recommended means to thaw steaks.

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How come Thaw Frozen Steaks

Refrigerator Thawing

The most common — and most recommended — method for thawing frozen steaks is in the refrigerator. It can not be easier, yet it calls for some forethought. A day before you’re walking to cook your steaks, just move them come the fridge, quiet in their vacuum-sealed packaging. When you’re all set to cook, so space your steaks.

If you’re refrigerator thawing, follow this chart:


Refrigerator Time (36-40 F)

Large Roast

4-7 hrs per pound

Small Roast

3-5 hours per pound

Whole Turkey

24 hrs per 4-5 pounds


24 hours per 1-2 pounds

1-inch Steak

12-14 hours

But what if girlfriend forgot, or you simply don’t have actually that kind of time?

Thawing in Cold Water (Quick-Thaw Method)

Frozen steaks, chicken, and also other meat still in vacuum-sealed packaging have the right to actually be quick-thawed in less than a half-hour. Here’s how:

Fill a big bowl or the tiny side of her kitchen sink through cold water and also drop her vacuum-sealed steaks in. Make certain the packaging is no punctured or compromised. Depending ~ above the size of her steak, it’ll be all set to chef in almost everywhere from 15-40 minutes!

The vacuum-sealing procedure takes every the air out of the meat, maximizing the circulation of the warmer temperature exterior of the packaging. They’ll it is in refrigerator temperature in no time.

An included bonus of thawing steaks and also other vacuum-sealed Omaha Steaks meat this way: anyone gets what castle want. Thaw one filet mignon, one brand-new York Strip, and a pair of gourmet jumbo franks because that the kids… head come the grill and you’ve got a meal the everyone loves!

Of course, there room a few general thawing tips the still apply:

Make sure you’re not thawing steaks stacked together: in the fridge or in water, this will considerably increase the time you need.Never thaw in ~ room temperature — this encourages bacteria growth and also may it is in unhealthy for you and also your family.

How to chef a Steak

Once your steak is fully defrosted, over there are numerous fool-proof methods for food preparation a steak. For a perfect steak doneness, usage our steak temperature guide and follow ours steak cooking charts or download the Omaha Steaks mobile application with integrated cooking timer.

Steak cooking Guides:

Whatever cooking an approach you prefer, make certain to constantly start with a totally thawed steak. This will permit the steak to cook evenly edge-to-edge because that a perfectly cooked steak every time.

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Editor’s Note: This write-up was initially published in July 2014 and has to be updated for freshness and also comprehensiveness.