As for the 24 hour time frame, let"s hear the from the horse"s mouth. This is taken from an email Apple sent to podcasters recently.

From to apologize Themselves…

Apple frequently checks each podcast RSS feeding to detect brand-new episodes and metadata or artwork changes. Our device will screen these transforms on apologize Podcasts in ~ 24 hrs after detecting them.

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You don"t have to perform added actions — simply confirm the brand-new episode or content updates are properly published on your hosting provider"s platform.

After 24 hours, if your new episode or content updates don"t show up on apple Podcasts, sign in to Podcasts Connect and also follow these steps:

Click my Podcasts.Check the Status ar to check your show is Active. If your show is in a failed Validation status, troubleshoot the issue and also resubmit your feed.Check the time and also date as soon as your display was critical refreshed.For artwork changes, make sure the brand-new image file:Has a various name than the vault one.Meets the artwork requirements.If you"ve evidenced the above items, and it"s been more than 24 hours since your podcast to be last refreshed, pick Refresh Feed. Podcasts attach will schedule an update. Please allow up come 24 hours for this procedure to complete.Note: Don"t update your present with every new episode or RSS feed edit.

Summary: how Long Does the Take for a Podcast to show up in apologize Podcasts/iTunes?

So if her podcast is totally new, allow for about a week between publishing that very first episode, and also seeing the show appear in apologize Podcasts for the very first time.

And for all other new content, updates, changes, and other tweaks, allow for 24 hrs for those to display up.

Avoid wasting her time monitoring these points each week. It all works smoothly 99.9% that the time, and also if something does break, you"ll soon hear around it.

Your podcast will benefit the most from your working on creating great content for your audience, or even promoting the illustration you"ve currently published. Let the automated stuff take care of itself!

Need much more Help?

It"s great to have the ability to get fast answers, advice, and guidelines when something mr up with your podcast. That"s why we operation weekly live Q&A sessions within The Podcast hold Academy.

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