Medically the review by Deborah Weatherspoon, Ph.D., R.N., CRNA — written by Noreen Iftikhar, MD ~ above December 19, 2019

A wound is a cut or opening in the skin. It can be just a scrape or a reduced that is as tiny together a document cut.

A big scrape, abrasion, or cut could happen since of a fall, accident, or trauma. A surgical reduced made by a medical care provider throughout a clinical procedure is additionally a wound.

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Your body has a complex system to patch increase skin wounds. Each stage is essential for suitable wound healing. Wound heal takes a number of parts and steps that come with each other to repair the body.

Your body heals a wound in 4 main stages.

The stages include:

preventing too lot blood lose defending and cleaning the area repairing and also healing

Keeping the wound clean and also covered can assist your human body repair the area.

Stage 1: prevent the bleeding (hemostasis)

When you acquire a cut, scratch, or other wound in your skin, it usually starts bleeding. The very first stage that wound healing is to avoid the bleeding. This is called hemostasis.

Blood starts to clot secs to minutes after you acquire a wound. This is the an excellent kind that blood clot the helps to prevent too lot blood loss. Clotting also helps come close and also heal the wound, do a scab.

Stage 2: Scabbing over (clotting)

Clotting and scabbing phase has three main steps:

Blood vessels approximately the wound narrow. This helps to protect against the bleeding.Inflammation, which involves cleaning and healing

Once her wound no bleeding any type of more, the human body can begin cleaning and healing it.

First, the blood vessels roughly the wound open up a little bit to allow an ext blood flow to it.

This might make the area watch inflamed, or a tiny red and swollen. It might feel a bit heat too. Don’t worry. This means help has arrived.

Fresh blood brings an ext oxygen and nutrients to the wound — simply the best balance to aid it heal. White blood cells, called macrophages, come on the step of the wound.

Macrophages aid clean the wound by fighting any kind of infection. They also send out chemical messengers referred to as growth components that aid repair the area.

You could see clear liquid in or approximately the wound. This method white blood cells room at occupational defending and also rebuilding.

Stage 3: Rebuilding (growth and proliferative)

Once the wound is clean and also stable, her body can begin rebuilding the site. Oxygen-rich red blood cells concerned the website to create new tissue. It’s favor a building site, other than your body provides its own structure materials.

Chemical signal in the human body tell cells approximately the wound to make elastic tissues referred to as collagen. This help to repair the skin and tissues in the wound. Collagen is favor a frame that other cells deserve to be developed on.

At this phase in healing, you could see a fresh, raised, red scar. The scar will gradually fade in color and look flatter.

Stage 4: mature (strengthening)

Even after your wound looks closed and also repaired, it’s quiet healing. It might look pink and stretched or puckered. You may feel itching or tightness end the area. Her body continues to repair and also strengthen the area.

How lengthy it takes to heal a wound relies on how large or deep the cut is. It may take as much as a couple of years to completely heal. An open up wound may take much longer to heal 보다 a close up door wound.

According come Johns Hopkins Medicine, after about 3 months, most wounds room repaired. The brand-new skin and also tissue is about 80 percent as strong as that was before it was injured, every the university of Rochester medical Center.

A big or deep cut will heal faster if your health care provider sutures it. This helps to make the area her body needs to rebuild smaller.

This is why surgical wounds frequently heal faster than various other kinds of wounds. Surgery cuts typically take 6 to 8 weeks to heal, follow to St. Joseph’s healthcare Hamilton.

Wounds may additionally heal quicker or far better if you save them covered. According to the Cleveland Clinic, wounds require moisture to heal. A bandage likewise keeps the wound cleaner.

Some health conditions can cause very slow heal or stop wound healing. This have the right to happen also if your reduced is because of surgery or a clinical procedure.

Blood supply is one of the many important determinants in wound healing.

Blood carries oxygen, nutrients, and also everything else your body requirements to heal the wound site. A wound can take twice as long to heal, or no heal at all, if it no get enough blood.

Risk factors

Almost 6.5 million people in the joined States have actually wounds the don’t cure well. There are several factors why a wound might not heal properly. Age can affect how girlfriend heal. Elderly adult may have actually slower heal wounds.

Some health problems may lead to poor blood circulation. These problems can cause bad wound healing:

obesity vascular condition

A chronic wound heals very slowly or not at all. If you have a chronic wound, you may need to check out a specialist.


Treatments because that slow-healing wounds include:

medications and other therapy to improve blood flowtherapy to minimize swelling unique skin ointments to aid wounds healspecial bandages and other skin coverings to aid speed up healing

A wound may heal gradually if that infected. This is because your human body is busy cleaning and protecting the wound, and can’t gain to the rebuilding stage properly.

An epidemic happens as soon as bacteria, fungi, and other germs get into the wound prior to it completely heals. Indications of an infection include:

slow heal or doesn’t seem to be healing at allswelling rednesspain or tendernesshot or warm to touchoozing pus or liquid

Treatment because that an infected wound includes:

cleaning the woundremoving dead or damaged tissue approximately the woundantibiotic skin ointments for the wound

See your medical care provider if friend think you have actually an infected wound, no issue how little it is. An epidemic in a wound may spread if it’s no treated. This can be harmful and also cause wellness complications.

Tell your health care provider if you have slow-healing cuts or wounds of any size.

You may have actually an underlying condition that slows down healing. Treating and also maintaining a chronic condition like diabetes can aid skin wounds cure better.

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Don’t disregard a tiny cut or scrape that heals slowly.

Some human being with diabetes and other chronic conditions can get a skin ulcer native a tiny cut or wound on your feet or legs. This deserve to lead come serious health and wellness complications if you don’t obtain medical treatment.