While there are exceptions, most DVDs come out about three to four months after the movie"s theatrical release. In the past, the home window between theatrical release and a home video release was much longer.

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In the beforehand days the home video clip on VHS tape, the home window between a movie"s theatrical release and its home video clip release was normally at least six months. When the movies were released top top video, lock were no made available to the general public. Instead, castle were sold to video clip rental stores, with each individual tape costing about $100. It can sometimes take it years for a movie come be accessible to the basic public because that purchase. In part cases, the videos were never released come the public, and also either stayed at rental pricing or went the end of production.


DVDs are easier and cheaper to produce than VHS tapes, and also their introduction to the home video market changed the method companies sold movies come the basic public. Instead of pricing them because that rental stores, they started pricing them to buy, usually in between $15-30. Now, rental solutions are gift denied brand-new releases, through services prefer Netflix and also Redbox having to wait longer to get copies of brand-new DVDs. Studios enforce this practice as a means to rise sales to general consumers. They think that if a human being cannot rent a movie, they will certainly buy it.

Time Frame

Today, many movies are released top top DVD 16 come 12 mainly after their theatrical premiere, but this is no a steadfast rule. If a movie is act exceptionally fine in theaters, the DVD release might be delayed, and also if it bombs, the release might be pushed up. Independent movies, which usually open up in a few theaters before expanding slowly throughout the country, usually have actually longer windows between their theatrical release and their release on DVD. Various other factors, such together Academy compensation nominations or a crowded relax schedule can affect the release of a DVD.

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