TWELVE years after the Casey Anthony trial captivated the nation, the nation is gripped by one more murder trial after ~ the death of George Floyd.

In both the Casey Anthony and Derek Chauvin cases, the juries took a full of ten hours to deliberate.


Casey Anthony to be arrested ~ above July 16, 2008.Credit: AP:Associated Press

On average just how long do juries take to deliberate?

According to Poytner, "Quick verdicts normally favor the defendant. As hours stretch on, it signals the jurors space taking evidence seriously and also consider the proof to have actually at the very least some validity."

It additionally says the "says juries take longer to decide situations that indicate multiple charges."

A 2009 study performed by researchers at the college of Texas in ~ Dallas and Collin university concluded the a "12-person jury takes, ~ above average, just over two hours to reach a conclusion" but that cases involving severe crimes and also crimes versus people take juries much longer to conclude.

In 1987, a jury set the record for the longest jury consideration in American background taking 30 work to decide on a verdict.


Protestors in new York City storage the Derek Chauvin guilty verdict.Credit: EPA

How long did the jury intended in Casey Anthony trial?

During the Casey Anthony trial, the jury deliberated because that ten hours before acquitting she of felony charges and also convicting her of 4 misdemeanor charges.

Casey was collection with felony charges of first-degree murder, aggravated manslaughter, and also aggravated child abuse and also four misdemeanor charges of offering false details to a law enforcement officer.

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The jury choice for the situation took 11 days before Judge Perry swore in a jury of five men and also seven women, plus 3 men and two women as alternating jurors.


Casey Anthony was found not guilty of killing on July 5, 2011.Credit: AP:Associated Press

The jury ended their an initial day of deliberation with no verdict and also Judge Perry additional instructed jurors how to proceed in your deliberations.

He offered jurors the choice of finding she guilty the a lesser crime such together second-degree murder, manslaughter or third-degree felony killing which execute not bring a fatality sentence.

Why to be Casey Anthony top top trial?

The Florida mrs accused that murdering she 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, that was last checked out alive top top June 16, 2008.

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The defense described that Caylee drown in the household pool sometime throughout the day and that both Casey and George Anthony panicked when they discovered the body and also covered up she death.


Caylee Anthony was born on august 9, 2005.Credit: AP:Associated Press

The start painted a different collection of occasion alleging that Casey provided chloroform on she daughter and suffocated her by putting duct tape end the toddler's mouth and also nose.

The story very first broke top top July 15, 2008, once Casey's mother, Cindy Anthony, frantically dubbed police in Orlando, Florida, come report the she'd just learned the her granddaughter Caylee had actually been absent for 31 days.

Casey an initial claimed the Caylee was through a sitter called Zenaida Gonzalez "Zanny" which turned out to it is in the first of countless lies.

In December 2008, Caylee's decomposed continues to be were found in a wooded area not far from the Anthony home.


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Why is Casey Anthony trending?

As the country anxiously awaits the decision in the Derek Chauvin trial people are psychic the Casey Anthony trial to compare the jury's ten-hour consideration to the ten-hour deliberation for the Derek Chauvin trial.

One Twitter user Dr. Cosmopolitan wrote, "I haven't watched a verdict so intently because Casey Anthony and also OJ."

Twitter user Kisha expressed she relief because that Chauvin's guilty conviction saying, "Casey Anthony acquired Off. George Zimmerman obtained Off. OJ Simpson got Off. Not this day #DerekChauvin is NOT getting OFF top top TODAY!!!"

Another Twitter user Marcella tweeted, "if friend think around it... This is a large milestone. Like... Oj simpson? not guilty. George zimmerman? not guilty. Casey anthony? no guilty. Derek chauvin? #guilty. Three situations that ALL have to have had actually guilty verdicts. And didn’t. However this did. This is progress. #BlackLivesMatter"