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Miranda Marquit
Written by
Miranda Marquit
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Miranda Marquit is a contributing writer because that Miranda writes around topics concerned investing, saving and also homebuying.

Miranda Marquit
Dec. 23, 2020/3 min read
Dec. 23, 2020/3 min read
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When looking into “safe” investments, many human being like the idea of using federal government bonds since they are considered reliable.

One the the well-known vehicles is the series EE bond, i beg your pardon is a to save bond the pays a fixed price of interest until maturity. To save bonds offer you a means to earn a little extra on your cash, many thanks to the power of absorption returns.

“These bonds space considered fairly low risk, and also accessible,” states Jim Pendergast, the senior vice chairman at altLINE, a division of The Southern financial institution Company. “The minimum investment required to buy series EE bond is just $25.”

When friend choose series EE bonds, you have the opportunity to dual your invest if you organize them because that 20 years. However, the nominal price is often less than what you’d see with the finest online savings accounts. Realize, too, the you can only purchase series EE bonds through Treasury Direct.

Let’s take a closer look in ~ how series EE link maturities work, and also what you can expect as soon as you invest in them.

Maturity days for series EE bonds

The maturity days for series EE bonds depend on once they to be issued. Earlier bonds actually had maturity terms that were shorter than today’s 20-year maturities. The maturity day is the allude at i beg your pardon the U.S. Federal government promises to pay you dual the face value that the bond, regardless of the yield.

“All collection EE bonds expire in 30 years,” Pendergast says. “This means that the most you have actually is 30 years to permit interest add up and also compound, also though, theoretically, you deserve to redeem her bond at any type of time.”

As long as friend cash in her bond at the maturity date, you can guarantee her investment will certainly be double. So, if friend buy a collection EE bond now for $25, and also hold it because that 20 years, you have the right to cash the in for $50. The Treasury Department renders an adjustment come the interest earnings if needed.

Here room the current maturity dates for series EE bonds:

January – October 1980: 11 yearsNovember 1980 – April 1981: 9 yearsMay 1981 – October 1982: 8 yearsNovember 1982 – October 1986: 10 yearsNovember 1986 – February 1993: 12 yearsMarch 1993 – April 1995: 18 yearsMay 1995 – may 2003: 17 yearsAfter June 2003: 20 years

How lengthy to wait to cash collection EE bonds

While girlfriend can’t cash series EE bonds within a year, you deserve to redeem them any kind of time ~ that. Pendergast points the end that the longer you organize your bond, the an ext likely you space to advantage from it. Just remember, the says, the you’re just guaranteed to see twin the face value once you hold the bond until maturity.

You can receive years of “extra” interest by hold the bond past the maturity date, but once 30 years have actually passed, girlfriend won’t accrue any kind of extra interest.

If girlfriend want complete value, girlfriend should organize the collection EE bond at least until maturity, and if you desire extra, you deserve to hold them till 30 years. However once 30 years have passed, it’s a great idea to cash them in because you won’t get any extra benefit.

In some cases, you could actually be better off cashing them in prior to maturity, Pendergast clues out. If you have the right to move the money right into a more liquid investment auto with greater returns, it might make much more sense depending upon your goals for the money.

Interest accrual and also compounding on series EE bonds

Series EE bond issued after 2005 accrue attention at a addressed monthly rate, which is compounded semi-annually. If you have bonds bought before that, especially document bonds, the U.S. Treasury supplies a savings link calculator that can aid you number out what you’ve earn — and also what her bond is precious today.

When deciding as soon as to cash in your collection EE savings bonds, wait till after the compounding date. Girlfriend can get an idea of when to expect your attention to be included to your bond with this chart:

Month of series EE bond issueMonth (first day) interest will be added
January or JulyJanuary or July
February or AugustFebruary or August
March or SeptemberMarch or September
April or OctoberApril or October
May or NovemberMay or November
June or DecemberJune or December

Are series EE Savings bonds a good investment?

Whether collection EE Savings bonds make an excellent investments relies on her individual circumstances and goals.

“EE bonds are one of the lowest-risk investment selections out there,” Pendergast says. “Its Treasury backing guarantees that the bond’s value will in ~ a minimum twin by the maturity rate, which these days way doubling in about 20 years.”

However, two decades to see only two times your initial investment can not help you meet details goals. “Other vehicles like a 529 savings plan for education and learning or even particular mutual funds offer better returns with only slightly much more risk,” Pendergast says.

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Carefully take into consideration what you setup to use the money for and its place in your portfolio. If you want a cash component and aren’t concerned around immediate liquidity, collection EE bonds could be the best choice. However, if you’re searching for growth, adding other assets to your portfolio can make sense.