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There is nothing worse 보다 seeing her dog or cat in distress, scratching chin furiously to try to get rid of their fleas. Does this sound like your furry friend? You space not alone, and the an excellent news is that you don’t have to use any type of toxic chemicals to death these fleas. Coconut oil is a fully safe, effective and also very an effective solution because that flea control.

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Why use coconut oil instead of regular flea treatment products?

While spot-on treatments are supplied by millions and also are generally effective, they perform contain some relatively toxic ingredients and are used directly to your pet’s skin. Obviously, the service providers make certain that the composition will not kill your pet, there are potential health concerns (just take it a look at the record insert the lists them, ranging from skin irritations, vomiting and also even seizures) which would certainly be nice to try avoid.

In distinguishable contrast, the option of making use of coconut oil as a flea therapy is totally safe and also actually beneficial for her pet. Together I will describe further in this article, it additionally works really quickly, the is affordable and you deserve to make a coconut oil solution for her pets indigenous the comfort of your home.

Do all species of coconut oil death fleas on her pets?

Although the coconut oil equipment that i will display you how to do doesn’t involve actually eating it, it will certainly be applied to your dog’s fur and skin. Through this in mind, the is best to purchase something the is together organic as feasible and to avoid refined, blended or deodorized oil, even though all varieties will death fleas.

The an excellent news is the the brand that sell these unprocessed coconut oils are not much an ext expensive (based on my research, that will cost you about $5-8) and as mentioned, it’s precious it.

PRO reminder 1: if I suggest you purchase coconut oil from a dependable brand, friend don’t have to uncover the many expensive one just because you “want to it is in safe”. Simply make certain that it’s not refined, and then find the cheapest one.

How for sure is the to use coconut oil on your dog or cat?

Coconut oil is fully safe for your dog or cat, as it no contain anything that will placed a stress, overload on their immune mechanism or have actually a negative impact on their in its entirety health. In fact, the “side effects” (if you desire to contact them that) are actually helpful to her furry friend!

If her dog or cat has a chronic disease, coconut oil is totally safe to use because it will certainly not place any type of load on your body. As pointed out already, the is reasonably common understanding that advertising flea commodities will placed your pets under a bit of internal stress, i m sorry is destructive if your pet has actually a health and wellness problem.

Coconut oil have the right to safely be used on dogs and cats of all ages and sizes, and the application an approach is pretty lot the same. This way that girlfriend can apply a coconut solution directly on puppies or kittens (or really old pets) with finish confidence that it won’t affect their health.

At specific times the the year, as soon as the weather is particularly hot and humid, creating really ideal flea reproduction conditions, you can happily reapply her coconut oil therapy on her pet there is no the fear of ‘overdosing’ her pet.

A significant problem the pet owners have actually with spot-on treatments is the opportunity of them gift licked turn off (especially by an additional household pet), which deserve to cause major liver problems as that is handle by the body. In contrast, if your pet licks off the coconut oil, no injury will involved them as it is totally safe when ingested.

If girlfriend are providing your pet any medication for other health and wellness issues, you might be involved that this oil can cause negative interactions v them. In researching the services of coconut oil, i was can not to find any kind of drug or food interactions.

Coconut Oil poses no injury to humans, so even young children can safely cuddle their fluffy pet that has actually been treated with this oil. The worst that can happen is some of the oil it s okay onto your clothing, which come off easily in the wash. If the oil gets onto their skin, that poses no problem at all, together coconut oil is also used on babies for a daily body massage!

PRO guideline 2: are you worried that your pet loves rojo on your carpets or on her bed and you find that the oil is comes off? acquire a small jacket indigenous your regional pet shop and put that on. This will even stop those few fleas that have escaped from jumping off!

How does it occupational to kill fleas and also how lengthy does the take?

Coconut oil death fleas due the lauric acid content, which coats your exoskeleton and also causes your doom. The will additionally limit your mobility once they come into call with the oil, which is very likely if you usage a jacket as mentioned in the agree tip over this section. I recognize this sound a little dark, yet don’t forget about the health difficulties that excessive flea bites can reason your pet (not to mention your own sanity).

Once the fleas come into contact with the coconut oil, they will certainly die soon (less than 10 seconds). They i will not ~ suffer, and also I deserve to assure you the this is just as “humane” as using a spot-on therapy containing chemicals that reason hyperexcitation of their nerve cells.

PRO guideline 3: Fleas will conveniently die as soon as they come into anything that includes oil or soap (such together Dawn dish soap), together their respiratory system has actually holes in your exoskeleton. However, you re welcome don’t just use any oil (besides coconut) and don’t use too much, as they can cause problems (especially through cats) and also make a chaos in your house.

How to use coconut oil effectively (Three various options)

Alright, enough learning around coconut oil and much more about, well making use of it to kill those cursed fleas on her dog or cat! There room a couple ways to usage it on her pet, feel free to choose the alternative that suits you. They space all effective and I have tested lock extensively, but I would personally usage the “bath” method. However, if you have a cat, it could be worth applying it by hand (unless you have a fit of armor lol).

Option 1: using coconut oil directly on her pet

It is precious noting that if you don’t apply the oil to all areas, that is possible that part fleas i will not ~ come into contact with it, which means they will certainly not it is in killed. This is the most common reason why human being say “this solution” doesn’t work, vice versa, in reality, that is very effective.

step 1: Massage a tiny amount that the coconut oil solid between your hands. If you live in a rather cold climate, you might need to obstacle it a little until the is totally melted. Prior to you relocate onto the next step, make certain that her hands are entirely coated with the oil and also it is an extremely “runny”.

Step 2: operation your fingers through your pet’s fur, making sure that you with all areas (foot pads, in between the toes, behind the ears, etc.). Make sure that you spend enough time doing this, as you don’t want to miss out on any an essential areas whereby fleas might be hiding.

Option 2: making a coconut oil spray for her dog or cat

A major benefit to this choice is the you deserve to make a contempt bigger party (just increase the quantities while maintaining the ratios the same). Also, if you space using this choice for a dog, girlfriend can add a few drops that lavender or tea tree oil come the spray party as it is a really effective means to store the fleas away. However, perform NOT use any essential oil on cats, together their liver cannot properly process it and it have the right to cause major health problems.

Step 1: Add about 1oz (30ml) of her organic (preferable) coconut oil and 1oz (30ml) of heat water to an north spray bottle and also shake vigorously. The heat water will certainly melt the coconut oil (much choose the warmth of your hand go in alternative #1) and also will permit the mixture to be sprayed.

Step 2: speak of spraying, that is the just thing that is left to do. Keeping in mental the pro tip pointed out above, you will still need to make certain that girlfriend reach every the crucial areas, and also you will additionally need to usage your hands to obstacle it into the fur.

step 1: provide your pet a quick bath, preferably utilizing a soap-free product. Do this action as rapid as feasible as you just want to eliminate excess dust and dirt and to completely wet her pet’s fur, which makes it less complicated to obstacle in the coconut oil.

Step 2: obstacle a thick layer the coconut oil into your pet’s fur, mental to obtain to every those problem locations that us have currently discussed. Her pet will usually gain this coconut “massage”, execute it slowly and also carefully so that your pet feels relaxed and also pampered. Try to store the coconut oil on your pet for at least 5 minutes, perhaps offering your furry friend a treat or 2 to reinforce the satisfied experience.

Step 3: climb off the overabundance oil using heat water and a cloth, nothing worry around getting it every off, the residue oil will be perfectly useful to your pets coat and skin and will plot as terrific flea repellent. Dry your pet off through a towel and also use a brush to smooth out the fur.

A pair additional benefits of coconut oil (besides flea control)

Lastly, let’s have a watch at just how using coconut oil can assist your pet (besides death fleas the course). This presumes that you are using the organic, non-refined brand that have not to be processed, which frequently strips the oil that various helpful nutrients.

Your pet will enjoy a shiny, moisturized coat – this will quickly become obvious once girlfriend have offered your pets a coconut bath or two!! Coconut oil is packed full of vitamin C i beg your pardon moisturizes dry skin and also promotes a healthy, shining coat.

It will leave your pet through a lovely odor – of course, there may be several of us who hate the odor of coconut oil, others who discover it an extremely appealing yet either way the ‘stinky dog’ smell we have all competent is certainly not, in my opinion, a far better option!

Coconut oil can help ease the ache of flea bites – it includes anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory nature that protect against existing bites from coming to be infected and inflamed. The will even promote the heal of things like warm spots and also bites and stings from various other insects.

Coconut oil helps with assorted skin worries that her pet may be experiencing – a constant application of coconut oil deserve to clear increase skin difficulties like dry, itchy skin, dermatitis and also eczema. It will also assist with dry, cracked paws and also elbows and if her pet suffers from allergies and also is constantly nibbling in ~ the paws, the oil will certainly soothe and heal them.

It have the right to kill fungus, tiny flea larvae and also various parasites – The Lauric acid found in coconut oil, as well as being rich in nutrients, has antibacterial and also antifungal properties which renders it a an excellent natural topical product that can treat fungal infections and also get rid other pesky parasites. Coconut oil helps to rise lipid level making it very effective in helping her pooch through dandruff.

I’m sure that you will certainly agree that utilizing this fantastic product has no adverse side impacts (unless us count part slightly greasy pet bedding or a dog that smells a small like it’s been vacationing at the Bahamas). You have the right to have tranquility of mind that you room using a totally natural product that is safe for your pets and your family. Coconut oil will certainly wipe out your pet fleas while likewise providing other great health benefits, making this is a potent and cost-effective treatment.

On a side, a lot of of civilization have asked about treating fleas in the yard (which is an extremely important), so check out my article on using valuable nematodes for flea manage if you need a systems for that. I hope friend have appreciated reading this article and also I look front to hearing just how you have personally experienced trying out few of the suggestions given. If girlfriend have any questions, I will certainly be an ext than happy come answer them for you.

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