Medically the review by Imashi Fernando, MS, RDN — created by Ashley Marcin — to update on October 4, 2021

Foods the are simple to digest can assist with several symptoms and conditions. This may include:

Whatever the case, selecting the right foodstuffs may it is in the an essential to avoiding potential triggers and feeling better.

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1. Toast

2. White rice

3. Bananas

4. Applesauce

5. Eggs

6. Sweet potatoes

7. Chicken

8. Salmon

9. Gelatin

10. Saltine crackers

11. Oatmeal

Foods the are basic to digest have tendency to be low in fiber. This is due to the fact that fiber — if a healthy component of the diet — is the component of fruits, vegetables, and also grains the isn’t digested by her body. As a result, the fiber passes with your huge intestine and may cause a variety of issues, from gas come bloating to difficult-to-pass stool.

Eating foodstuffs that room low in fiber lessens the lot of undigested material and may ease her symptoms.

Canned or cooking fruits

Whole fruits contain high amounts of fiber, yet cooking them helps malfunction the fiber significantly, which renders it simpler to digest. Skin the skin and removing the seeds from fruit and also vegetables will aid lower the amount of fiber.

Good choices in this food classification include:

very ripe bananacantaloupehoneydew melonwatermelonavocadoapplesaucecanned or cooked fruit without the skin or seeds

When eating any type of of the over fruits, consume them in tiny amounts as they room raw and larger section sizes may still trigger abdominal discomfort.

Canned or cooked vegetables

Just prefer fruit, whole vegetables have actually a the majority of fiber. When they’re cooked, the fiber will be partially broken down and also easier come digest.

You can cook your vegetables at residence or uncover canned arrays on the shelves at your regional grocery store. Potatoes without skin and tomato sauces room other alternatives for low-fiber vegetables.

Both fruit and vegetable juices the don’t save pulp are also low in fiber.

Good options of canned or cooked ranges of vegetable include:

yellow squash there is no seedsspinachpumpkinbeetsgreen beanscarrots

Meat products and also protein

Main courses of lean protein favor chicken, turkey, and fish have tendency to digest well. Tender cuts of beef or pork and ground meats space other great options. Vegetarians might try incorporating eggs, creamy seed butters, or tofu for included protein.

How girlfriend prepare meat deserve to also impact how easy it is to digest. Instead of frying it, shot grilling, broiling, baking, or poaching.


You may have heard that hearty totality grains are healthiest come consume in her diet. If you’re in search of easy-to-digest grains, you’ll have to stick to:

white or refined breads or rollsplain bagelswhite toastwhite crackers

You can likewise find low-fiber dried or cooking cereals at the grocery store store.

Processed cookies that nothing contain dried fruits or nuts might be gentle on your system. Plain pasta or noodles and also pretzels make with sleek flours also fall in this category.

Refined flours (grains) have been amendment to eliminate the bran and germ, make them simpler to digest. This is in comparison to unstable flours, which go through less processing and also contain greater fiber. Typically, polished flours room not recommended in huge quantities as component of a healthy and balanced diet.

Dairy products

If you’re lactose intolerant, dairy might upset your digestion or reason diarrhea. Watch for commodities that are lactose-free or short in lactose. Otherwise, dairy is low in fiber and also may be basic to digest for plenty of people. Shot drinking plain milk or snacking top top cheese, yogurt, and also cottage cheese. High-fat dairy foods items like ice cream cream room not easily digestible.

Other foods

Herbs and also spices need to be provided with fist in cooking. Entirety spices might not digest well. Ranges that room ground have to be OK. Spicy foods and big quantities of chili pepper in foodstuffs may trigger abdominal discomfort and also acid reflux.

The following foods are additionally safe on a low-fiber or soft foods diet:

sugar, honey, jellymayonnaisemustardsoy sauceoil, butter, margarinemarshmallows

Cutting any food girlfriend eat into tiny pieces and chewing every bite well prior to swallowing can also assist with digestion. Make some time for your meals so you aren’t eating in a hurry.

When eating a diet that’s short in fiber, girlfriend may an alert that your stools are smaller and your bowel motions are less frequent. Make certain you drink lot of of fluids — such together water and also herbal tea — throughout the work to avoid constipation.

High-fiber foods loss on the other side of the spectrum. In enhancement to fiber, certain cooking methods, prefer frying, might upset her stomach. Carbonation and also caffeine, and also excessively spicy foods, may cause issues as well.

Here are some foods items to avoid since they may not be simple to digest.


Most fresh fruits contain a hefty lot of fiber, especially if they have the skins or seeds. Instances of fruit that are much easier to digest encompass bananas and also avocados. Fruit to protect against include:

dried fruitscanned fruit cocktailpineapplecoconutfrozen or fresh berries

Stay far from any kind of fruit or vegetable juices that contain pulp. Tomatoes and citrus fruit may cause issues especially for world with GERD.


Raw vegetables have to be avoided together they save on computer much more intact fiber 보다 cooked or canned. In addition, you might want to avoid:

cornmushroomsstir-fry vegetablesstewed tomatoespotato skinsdried beanspeaslegumesbroccolicaulifloweronioncabbagebrussels sproutspeppers

Fermented foods

Some civilization may desire to skip sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickles as well. If these fermented foods items don’t stroked nerves you, lock do have actually the potential to help digestion. This is since some brand or homemade version of these foods contain “friendly” bacteria prefer probiotics and also helpful cradle enzymes. These valuable bacteria predigest food and assist you much better absorb the nutrients.

Check labels very closely on commercial assets to certain the food does undoubtedly contain probiotics and other helpful bacteria and also does not contain too much included salt or sugar.

Meat products and also protein

Any meats the are hard or fibrous might be hard to digest. This include:

meats v casings, such as hot dogs, sausage, and kielbasalunch meatsmeats with totality spicesshellfish

Beans, chunky peanut butter, and also whole nuts are other protein resources that may offer you some trouble going through your digestive system.


Most refined grains are easily digestible. That method that whole-grain breads, rolls, and also bagels are not necessarily great choices.

Look the end for grain commodities that save on computer raisins, nuts, and seeds, such together multigrain crackers. Likewise avoid cereals the contain nuts, dried fruits, and also bran.

Granola, brown or wild rice, and whole-grain pasta might not digest easily either.

Dairy products

While civilization who are lactose intolerant may want to avoid many dairy products, they might tolerate yogurt or kefir. The healthy and balanced bacteria in these foods assist to break down the lactose sugar, making them less complicated to digest.

You have the right to make your own yogurt or look at for varieties that specifically contain probiotics.

Also, avoid any dairy products that are combined with new fruit, seeds, nuts, or fabricated sweeteners.

Other foods

Other foods items you may want to prevent include:

jams and also jellies that contain seeds, popcorn, and whole spicescarbonated drinks (like soda)caffeinated drink (like coffee)alcoholspicy or fried foods items (may provide you heartburn or indigestion)

It’s a great idea come talk v your doctor or dietitian if you plan on making significant changes to her diet. Before you cut out all possibly hard-to-digest foods, friend may discover it beneficial to save a food diary.

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Record what you’ve eaten, what time of job you’ve eaten it, and how the food provides you feel. The way, you have the right to identify and also avoid foods items that cause gas, bloating, stomach pain, or other discomfort.

You deserve to also administer this information to your doctor to assist diagnose and also treat any type of medical worries you might have.