PetSmart is the go-to pet care retailer in the U.S. Because that customers feather to get exceptional grooming solutions for your cats and dogs.

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If you’ve chose to get your pet groomed from PetSmart, you might be wondering – what space PetSmart’s organize prices, and also what walk the company include? below is what I’ve discovered out!

PetSmart Grooming prices In 2021

The price of grooming small, medium, and huge dogs at PetSmart variety from $76 – $89.99 as of 2021. Alternatively, the price of a PetSmart bath because that dogs ranges from $40.99 – $49.99. Consisted of in a PetSmart dog groom business is nail clipping, teeth cleaning, shampooing, and more. Cat grooming is $15 – $60.

If you desire to learn an ext about what is contained in a complete groom in ~ PetSmart, just how to book a organize appointment, and also much more, save on reading!

What Grooming choices Does PetSmart Offer?

PetSmart uses a variety of to organize services, including bathing and also full grooming services for cats and also dogs, and also smaller services such as nail trimming because that pets.

The pets Expressions service at PetSmart offers unique, practice looks for her pet i m sorry is accessible upon request.

To achieve these looks, PetSmart offers temporary chalking, stenciling, and also feathering grooming approaches to transform her pet.

How lot Does It cost To Groom A Dog in ~ PetSmart?

Pricing because that grooming at PetSmart relies on the dimension of the dog or puppy.

The price of bathing a small, medium, and big dog in ~ PetSmart is $40.99, conversely, the expense of shower an extra-large dog or puppy comes to $49.99.

Similarly, because that a complete groom at PetSmart, the price when again depends on the size of the dog.

Customers will have to pay $76 because that a complete groom the a small, medium, or huge dog, and also $89.99 because that a full groom of an extra-large dog.

Note that the groomers in ~ PetSmart will be able to inform friend what dimension your dog is once you arrive for your grooming service.

From ours research, the price of grooming for tiny dogs (Chihuahua, Dachshund, Shih Tzu, Pug, etc) and medium/larger dog (Labrador, Retriever, Poodle, German Shepard, etc) room the same.

How lot Does It cost To Groom A Cat in ~ PetSmart?


For cats, prices start at $15 to have actually your kitten bathed and also brushed at PetSmart, and from $30 to have actually it bathed and also trimmed.

Along with that, you have the right to expect to pay $20 for a PAWdicure and also $26 for a PAWdicure Plus.

Alternatively, you have the right to opt for a complete grooming organization of a cat or kitten’s nails, paws, teeth, ears, and more by paying $60 for the entire service.

Is Petco Or PetSmart Cheaper because that Grooming?

PetSmart and Petco have comparable prices for the to organize of cats and dogs, through both retailers supplying the grooming experiences of a bath and a full groom service.

At PetSmart, while the price of bathing because that a small, medium, or large dog is $40.99, you will certainly be paying $25 because that a tiny dog, $35 because that a tool dog, and $45 for a large dog at Petco.

Additionally, the price of a bath because that extra-large dog at PetSmart is $49.99, whereas in ~ Petco it is $55.

For a full grooming service, it is $76 in ~ PetSmart because that a small, medium or big dog, and $89.99 because that an extra-large dog.

At Petco for a complete groom service, it is $45 for a small and medium dog, $50 because that a huge dog, and also $80 because that an extra-large dog.

This argues that the is cheaper come bathe and have a full groom of smaller sized dogs in ~ Petco, and also larger dog at PetSmart.

What Is had In A full Groom at PetSmart?

A complete groom at PetSmart is a good option because that those who desire to cover all locations of your pet’s health and hygiene.

The business includes a bath with oxygen-infused shampoo, or a special-coat shampoo such as shedding, and also a blow-dry.

Additionally, the full groom also includes 15-minutes of brushing, a light face trim, and nail trim at PetSmart.

If needed, PetSmart can additionally clean the ear of her cat or dog, remove hair, flush the ears, and address the paws by scissoring the feet and shaving the paw pads.

Other 보다 that, the PetSmart complete groom also includes a sanitary trim, as well as anal gland cleaning because that pets that need it.

Am I supposed To pointer PetSmart Groomers?

Online customers have actually recommended that it is great practice to tip your groomer to show respect and also value for their work, through $20 regularly being an acceptable amount.

Alternatively, girlfriend can consider offering 10% the the bill. Because that example, if you payment $89.99 to groom one extra-large dog, you might wish to leave a reminder of $8 or $9.

Do I must Pay because that A Grooming meeting At Petsmart?

PetSmart does not need an meeting fee or deposit for any grooming services. The facilities are open up for customers to walk in without a scheduled appointment because that free.

Customers room only required to pay because that the service that suits them, in addition to any purchased products.

Additionally, if you do not know what grooming business your pets requires, you deserve to speak through a pet groomer professional via a free consultation to identify prior to making her visit.

How long Does Grooming take it At PetSmart?

It has been reported that the grooming procedure at PetSmart takes 2 come 4 hrs to complete depending on her pet and the service you have chosen.

Keep in mind that you should plan your pilgrimage accordingly, i.e. Spare enough time for the grooming to be perfect comfortably.

What Is The Grooming process At PetSmart?

The grooming procedure at PetSmart often adheres to the exact same routine, i.e. One initial assessment of her pet will certainly be taken by the PetSmart groomer, which will last as much as 10 minutes.

After that, the PetSmart groomer will spend up to 30 minutes prepping her pet because that the bathtub by brushing and clipping, trimming her pet’s nails, and also cleaning that ears.

Once her pet is groomed, it will be cure to a relaxing bathtub at PetSmart which will certainly last as much as 30 minutes.

During this, the PetSmart groomer will usage a tailored shampoo and conditioner to fit the requirements of your pet.

Your pet will certainly then be dried in ~ PetSmart making use of the finest methods and techniques for your pet, which may take over 30 minutes.

Finally, the groomer will give a final haircut and tailoring to her pet come ensure they are thoroughly cleaned to your satisfaction, which may also take over 30 minute to complete.

What perform I need To bring To PetSmart Grooming?

For a PetSmart groom, you need a leash, harness, or container for her pet, and proof of compelled vaccinations administered at least 48 hrs prior come arrival.

Along through that, friend may likewise wish to lug treats to calm and reward your pet.

Note the you can specify a style or cut for your pet by offering a reference photo to PetSmart staff.

In addition to this, those the did not pay digital will need a valid kind of payment such as a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or uncover debit or credit card.

If you want to know much more about PetSmart services, girlfriend might likewise be interested in analysis up on whether or no PetSmart grooms guinea pigs, if PetSmart groom rabbits, and also if you tip PetSmart groomers.


PetSmart uses a range of grooming solutions at price to suit all budgets, consisting of grooming such as bathing and full organize to include bathing, drying, and styling for your pet.

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Other 보다 that, save in mind that PetSmart is able come groom both dogs and also cats, and also tailor the endure to suit the breed, age, and needs of her pet.