Wondering how long her fruits and vegetables will certainly last, and also how to tell when create has gone bad? our storage guide is below to help.

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You’ve simply arrived residence from the farmers industry or grocery store laden with bags complete of plump blueberries, juicy peaches and bright leafy greens, all set to it is in made into fantastic meals. Save your bounty fresh v our handy food warehouse guide.

We’ll synopsis the shelf life of typical fruits and vegetables therefore you can smartly plan meals come eat your most fragile foods first. (No much more finding slimy lettuce in the crisper drawer in ~ the end of the week!) We’ll additionally share storage tips to help preserve your food longer and in its ideal condition. Finally, we share indications that her food is at top ripeness so you deserve to enjoy that fleeting summer peach or crispy winter cauliflower at its glory. Want more? check out up on our 12 an enig tricks to store fruits and vegetables new longer.

ProduceHow long It LastsTips because that Fresh Produce
Apples4-8 weeks in the fridgeIt’s ok if her apple has actually a couple of brown spots. Those have the right to be reduced away. Yet if that looks wrinkled or feel mushy, it’s time come toss.
Avocado4-7 days in ~ room temperaturePeel off the stem. If the skin under is green, the avocado is ripe. It’ll likewise give in to irradiate pressure as soon as squeezed.
Bananas2-5 days at room temperatureBananas are finest when they’re yellow and also have just started to develop brown spots. A ripe banana will be simple to peel.
Blueberries1-2 weeks in the fridgeMost blueberries you acquire at the save will be prepared to gobble down. They’ll have actually a blue-gray color. If they start to feel moist or look moldy, it’s time come toss.
Broccoli7-14 work in the fridgeYour broccoli should have actually a rich, eco-friendly color. It’s best to eat when the stems feeling firm, no limp.
Carrots3-4 weeks in the fridgeCarrots are previous their prime as soon as they feel limp or have occurred a white, grainy look. If girlfriend bought carrots through their greens on, it’s ideal to reduced the greens off and also store separately.
Cucumbers1 week in the fridgeYour cucumber should have a bright and also even green shade throughout. Discard if the has any kind of sunken areas, is yellow or has wrinkly skin.
Garlic3-6 months at room temperatureGarlic in the prime will feel firm and also have one off-white color. If it’s grown any type of sprouts, peel lock away prior to cooking. Happen up garlic that has actually turned tan or looks wrinkly.
Iceberg and also romaine lettuce7-10 job in the fridgeIf your greens look discolored, feel soggy or have actually a rotten smell, it’s time come discard.
Lemons3-4 main in the fridgeHealthy lemons will be shining yellow and slightly firm come the touch. It’s overripe if it has actually soft spots, dark blotches or is oozing juice.
Onions2-3 month at room temperatureA good onion will look clean and also feel firm. Moisture and soft spots deserve to be a authorize it’s unable to do bad.
Oranges3-4 mainly in the fridgeJuicy oranges will look bright and feel slightly firm come the touch. Examine to check out that there room no soft spots.
Peaches1-3 days in ~ room temperatureRipe peaches will have actually a deep golden color. They’ll additionally wrinkle slightly roughly the stem and also give in a little bit when tenderness squeezed.
Potatoes3-5 weeks in the pantryA an excellent potato will certainly feel firm and also smell prefer earth. It’s ok if it has tiny sprouts, but if the sprouts are much longer than a couple of centimeters, her potato may have gone bad.
Strawberries3-7 job in the fridgeFragrant and bright strawberries space the best to eat. Discard if over there is any type of sign of mold.
String beans3-5 days in the fridgeThe beans need to be slender and also firm without any visible seeds. You’ll understand they’ve gone negative if they’ve rotate limp or moist.
Tomatoes1 week at room temperatureReady-to-eat tomatoes will feel firm once slightly squeezed and seem contempt heavy compared with your size.
Watermelon7 to 10 days at room temperatureTap on the side. If the melon sound hollow, it’s great to eat. Also, it have to feel firm once pressed however not difficult as a rock.
Whole mushrooms7-10 job in the fridgeIf the mushroom feels sticky or slimy, it’s bad. Totality mushrooms will keep much longer than sliced mushrooms.
Zucchini4-5 days in the fridgeYour summer squash should be firm yet slightly flexible and also have glossy skin. If the zucchini look at gray, it might be overly ripe.

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No issue what-or when-you decision to cook, it’s finest to err ~ above the conservative side when judging even if it is food is safe. Trust her instincts. If something watch or smells off, your finest bet is to toss (or compost).

Looking for methods to usage up extra ingredients before they walk bad? inspect our guide for exactly how to usage fresh summer produce.

Taste the Home

Apples: Blue-Ribbon apologize Pie

This pie is special to me because I won a blue ribbon because that it in ~ the local fair and also was able to complete at the state farm show. —Collette Gaugler, Fogelsville, Pennsylvania

Arugula: Arugula Salad v Berry Dressing

My family enjoys this refresh salad during the spring and summer months. Sweet strawberries balance the slightly tart balsamic dressing. —Jennifer Kunz, Troy, Michigan

Avocados: Avocado Crab Boats

These watercrafts are wonderful with tortilla chips, bean or rice. Friend can additionally cover them, pack them ~ above ice, and take them come a picnic or potluck. Directly from the stove or cold, they"re always delicious. —Frances Benthin, Scio, Oregon
Taste that Home

Basil: Basil and Parsley Pesto

Toss this parsley pesto with pasta, spread out it over sandwiches or try it in one of these an innovative recipes making use of pesto. It"s also delicious stirred into an Italian-style soup, prefer minestrone. —Lorraine Fina Stevenski, land O’ Lakes, Florida

Beets: minted Beet Salad

We have actually neighbors that share vegetables from your garden, and every year mine husband and also I look forward to your beets. My interest in Mediterranean food influenced this sugar beet salad recipe—the vinegar and also oil dressing through fresh mint will tone under the sweetness of the beets, and the kalamata olives add a salty touch. —Barbara Estabrook, Appleton, Wisconsin

Blackberries: Sweet-Chili Salmon through Blackberries

My garden is frequently my cooking inspiration. Because I have actually a big berry patch, I particularly enjoy making use of just-picked berries in savory bowl to add natural sweetness and also sometimes a bit of tart. —Roxanne Chan, Albany, California

Blueberries: canned Blueberry Jam

Summer doesn"t feel finish without at least one berry-picking trip and a batch the homemade blueberry jam. Eat atop fresh scones or biscuits because that maximum enjoyment! —Marisa McClellan, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Cantaloupe: Cantaloupe A La Mode

This distinct dessert is a update finale to a warm-weather meal. —Nancy Walker, Granite City, Illinois

Carrots: Edamame Corn Carrot Salad

I came up with this easy salad when brainstorming light, protein-filled recipes. My vegetarian and also vegan friends room especially huge fans. —Maiah Miller, Monterey, California

Cherries: county Fair Cherry Pie

A homemade cherry pour it until it is full peeks out from a star-shaped pastry top. You can try different shapes for other occasions and also also add almond extract for an additional flavor. —Taste of home Test Kitchen

Chervil: Citrus-Mustard Roasted Chicken

Tender roast chicken is one elegant dish that"s simple to make. Us love the flavor of orange and lemon slices and also the subtle heat from mustard. —Debra Keil, Owasso, Oklahoma

Cilantro: Cilantro Salad Dressing

Use this zippy dressing over greens or hot or cold boiled potatoes. You"ll love it! —Sara Laber, Shelburne, Vermont

Cucumbers: Tzatziki Shrimp Cucumber Rounds

I produced this recipe v what I had on hand one night, and now it’s one of my husband’s favorites! The bacon-wrapped shrimp, garlicky sauce and also burst that cool cuke flavor make this a crowd pleaser. —Shannon increased Trelease, east Hampton, brand-new York

Dill: Dill Garden Salad

I love to reduced up whatever fresh vegetables I have actually on hand and also toss them with this delicious dressing and fresh dill. This salad mirrors up on our table regularly during the summer. —Bethany Martin, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

Eggplant: Spicy Grilled Eggplant

This next goes well with any type of meat girlfriend might also be grilling. Many thanks to the Cajun seasoning, the zesty aubergine gets much more attention 보다 an ordinary veggie. —Greg Fontenot, The Woodlands, Texas

Figs: Honey-Roasted Figs in Puff Pastry

I developed this recipe because that a national honey contest and also won third place! ns was thrilled, and you will certainly be, too, as soon as you try these tasty yet elegant desserts. —Kelly Williams, Forked River, brand-new Jersey

Grapes: Cheese/Grape Appetizers

These little bites space well worth the moment they take. Serve them as part of one antipasto platter or together a cheese food alongside your favorite wine. —Eleanor Grofvert, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Green Beans: bean "n" Caramelized Onions

Brown sugar, bacon and cider vinegar season this simple side. I regularly make it for family and also friends, and also it never stops working to please!—Jill Heatwole, Pittsville, Maryland

Honeydew: Honeydew & Prosciutto Salad

For parties, I revolve melon and prosciutto into straightforward salad v a honey mustard dressing. To include zip, line in new basil and also mint. —Julie Merriman, Seattle, Washington

Mint: minted Fresh Fruit Salad

This is a colorful, tasty fruit salad that permits for substitutions favor peaches, plums, watermelon, oranges or grapefruit, relying on availability. —Anne Keedy, Lebanon, Connecticut

Mushrooms: whole Wheat Veggie Pizza

A wonderful crust layered through herbed tomato sauce and also toppings encourages my family members of six to dig ideal in to this low-fat main course. —Denise Warner, Red Lodge, Montana

Nectarines: Berry Nectarine Salad

I"ve been making this recipe for years. At any time my family members has a summer get-together, anyone requests it. The nectarines and berries look at beautiful together, and also the topping is the perfect accent. —Mindee Myers, Lincoln, Nebraska

Okra: southern Fried Okra

Golden brown with a small fresh eco-friendly showing through, this fried okra recipe is crunchy and addicting! my sons like to dip lock in ketchup. —Pam Duncan, Summers, Arkansas

Parsley: Tenderloin v Herb Sauce

Tender pork is cure to a rich and creamy sauce with a slight kick, thanks to red pepper flakes. This hearty dish is very an easy to prepare and always a dinnertime winner. —Monica Shipley, Tulare, California

Pattypan: Garlic-Herb Pattypan Squash

The first time I flourished a garden, i harvested summer squash and cooked it through garlic and also herbs. Utilizing pattypan squash is a creative twist. —Kaycee Mason, Siloam Springs, Arkansas

Peaches: Peaches "n" Cream Raspberry Tart

Fresh peach slices and big, juicy raspberries crown this beautiful tart native Brenda Harmon the Hastings, Minnesota. One almond-flavored cream filling and also macaroon crust match the fruits. “It’s the perfect dessert for company during peach season,” says Brenda.

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Pears: sluggish Cooker Pear Butter

This is a tasty spread out for toast, muffins, biscuits or any kind of of her favorite breads. It is basic to make and has a affluent pear smell with ideas of cinnamon, star anise and lemon. —Geraldine Saucier, Albuquerque, brand-new Mexico

Peppers: mexican Stuffed Peppers

This nutritious yet economical summer meal makes the many of mine home-grown peppers. I choose to height it with sour cream and also serve through tortilla chips and salsa, yet it’s wonderful on the own, too. —Kimberly Coleman, Columbia, south Carolina

Plums: Ginger Plum Tart

Sweet cravings, begone: This free-form plum cake is done in only 35 minutes. It"s extra awesome as soon as served warm. —Taste of home Test Kitchen

Potatoes: potato Plus

On our busy farm, meals need to be ready fast. These herb-seasoned potatoes and vegetables covering in silver paper packets cook in only half an hour. They"re great with steak or chicken. —Jill Jellett, Leduc, Alberta

Radishes: Bok Choy and also Radishes

This is together a great-tasting, good-for-you bok choy recipe. The an easy dish capitalizes on the spices of spring. —Ann Baker, Texarkana, Texas

Rhubarb: rhubarb Berry Upside-Down Cake

I had leftover rhubarb and wanted to produce something fresh. V blueberries, strawberries and also dried cranberries on hand, I found I had a berry upside-down cake. —June Paul, Portage, Wisconsin

Rosemary: Strawberrry-Rosemary Yogurt Pops

We planted strawberries a few years back and this tangy-sweet frozen yogurt pops space my very favorite treats to make v them! The alternatives are endless. Try using various other yogurt flavors like lemon, raspberry or blueberry. Girlfriend may also substitute her favorite herb because that the rosemary—or simply omit it. —Carmell Childs, Ferron, Utah

Sweet Corn: Farmers sector Corn Salad

I love new corn on the cob, especially grilled, so ns am always looking because that innovative methods to offer it. This recipe takes the corn right off the cob and combines it through fresh basil. —Haras Cindie, Jupiter, Florida

Swiss Chard: Swiss Chard bean Soup

This hearty soup combine nutritious Swiss chard with other garden favorites. Its light broth is surprisingly rich in flavor, and the grated Parmesan packs secondary punch. Taste of residence Test Kitchen

Thyme: Thymed Zucchini Saute

Simple and flavorful, this recipe is a tasty and also healthy means to use up every those zucchini that room taking over her garden. It"s all set in hardly any type of time! —Bobby Taylor, Ulster Park, brand-new York

Tomatoes: Tasty Marinated Tomatoes

My niece introduced me come this colorful recipe some time ago. I make it when I have buffets or big gatherings since it can be prepared hrs ahead. This is a wonderful way to usage a bumper crop of tomatoes. —Myrtle Matthews, Marietta, Georgia

Watercress: Watercress through Fennel & Berries

I like to experiment as soon as I"m cooking. With watercress, fennel and also blueberries, this unique, fresh-tasting environment-friendly salad is a success. —Jim Rude, Janesville, Wisconsin

Watermelon: Grilled Watermelon Gazpacho

This is the perfect starter for a summer dinner or a lunch meal. It"s cool and tangy with a whole lot of good grilled flavor. If you like a little an ext spice, just add an ext jalapenos. —George Levinthal, Goleta, California

Zucchini: Skillet Zucchini and also Sausage

I lived on the Oregon coast for twenty years and had plenty of guests dropping by. I frequently turned come this quick and easy dish, serving it up through skillet cornbread or garlic bread. Judging by the requests for the recipe, everyone loved it! —LaBelle Doster, Vancouver, Washington
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