Want to make someone’s day? Send lock a fresh fruit arrangement, chocolate-dipped strawberries, or various other baked items through Edible Arrangements. V same-day delivery and pickup, they make a great last-minute gift. Or girlfriend can plan ahead and save with totally free shipping deals. audioeditorfree.com Coupons put together this handy overview to assist you navigate Edible Arrangements’ shipping and also delivery terms. We’ll also assist you conserve the most with our savings tips and also collection the Edible plan coupons.

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Edible arrangements Shipping: exactly how Does it Work?

Local Deliveries from Edible kinds Stores

Edible Arrangements fees a $14.99 level fee per delivery location (which can be a home, business, hospital, or school). They supply through their neighborhood store (they have over 1,000 locations) by refrigerated van, or via DoorDash. For residential deliveries, Edible species recommends that you have actually someone there to obtain them. Many of your deliveries room perishable and should not be left the end for long periods.

Non-Local Deliveries via FedEx

If girlfriend don’t live in a zip password that Edible Arrangements it is provided to, you deserve to have their goodies shipped via FedEx (shipping rates vary). FedEx deliveries are just made Tuesday through Sunday. (Deliveries might not be made on specific holidays or on Saturdays in part areas.) Edible Arrangements also offers international delivery and also has locations in Canada, united Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar. Note: Edible arrangements won’t provide to PO boxes.

For shipments, if nobody is there to receive it, FedEx will certainly leave her package in a secure ar or with a neighbor.For non-residential deliveries, Edible kinds will execute their best to provide within company hours (before 5 PM) or before 3 PM neighborhood time because that schools. Deliveries will be left in accordance v the plan of the business, school, or hospital—which might mean being left in ~ the front desk, security, reception area, etc.

How come Track your Order

You deserve to track her order online here. Just enter your order number and also click “Track Order”.

Edible Arrangements distribution & In-Store Pickup

Edible Arrangements cost-free Delivery

Edible arrangements offers cost-free delivery on countless of your bundles, baskets, and also arrangements. Browse their choice of goodies the come with totally free delivery here.

Edible arrangements Same-Day Delivery

If you’re strapped for time to send a kind gift, Edible species has acquired you covered! pick a fresh and delicious arrangement and also have it delivered that same day. Browse their same-day delivery options here.

Edible species In-Store Pickup

Don’t desire to wait for a delivery or shipment? choose up your order from your local Edible species location—most items are even accessible for same-day pickup. Particular items (most under $20) room only available for in-store pickup.

Use the code 10PICKUP to gain $10 off choose pick-up items

Order Cancellations & Changes

If you have to cancel or readjust a shipment or pickup order, you deserve to as long as you contact Edible kinds at least 24 hours prior to your bespeak is prepared for distribution or pickup. Contact the local store the you ordered with to cancel or readjust your order. If friend did not order v a regional store, contact Edible plan customer business here.

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For dipped fruit shipments, you’ll need to cancel by noon EST the day prior to your reserved pickup or delivery. Speak to 1-877-DO-FRUIT come cancel.