We have actually some Coors Light. Day on the beer is October 25 2010 - is the the sell by day or is it expired?
That is actually the "born on" date..meaning packaging date or brewed date..not sure. Yet the guy who delivers come our store claimed it is actually considered a freshness day not expiration. Hope the helps!
Strange, the guy who it is intended beer is the one that told me that. Wait till I check out him next time.Kelly
Date codes have actually been used internally by breweries for years to regulate inventory.

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For the most component beer has actually a long shelf life when left cold.I"m no saying years,but afew months.Let me include tho,if beer was cold at onetime and also aloud to gain warm and cold again,YUCK.I call this skunk beer and you will recognize you gotta organize of one in the very first sip,like freezer melted meat!!

The adversary of beer is light. The whole cold/warm/cold thing is a myth. All beer is bottled cold and also most is offered at room temperature. As soon as stored in a cool dark setting beer have the right to last for years.
I guess i will give my two-cents precious on this subject because I have been selling/delivering the product for virtually 20 years.To prize the OP question-it is yes, really the "pull date" or day the beer must not be on the shelf to sell. It has not expired, that is quality control mechanism to save the freshest product to offer to the public.Date codes have been supplied internally by breweries for years to regulate inventory. A an extremely small component at the distributor, not the brewery. The code days are again a quality regulate issue. I bring ago too much beer previous the code, it is in it someday past, ns can setup on being talked too or created up. I have actually seen in my years means too countless salesman obtain unpaid time off for not paying fist to code days on the product and also a few terminated. That is not tolerated for the 2 distributors i have operated with. Also, the out-of-date product, it is in it simply one day once picked up and returned come the agency was promptly opened and also poured out. My pay and bonuses have been based on that code day you see. I have brought a password date book everyday for all these years since if i don"t have mine top top me, I deserve to be sent home without pay because that the day. The is that important.The foe of beer is light. The entirety cold/warm/cold thing is a myth. All beer is bottled cold and most is marketed at room temperature. Once stored in a cool dark atmosphere beer can last because that years.

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Yes, the adversary of beer is light and it is no a legend regarding constant temperature change. The precise reason I would not drink draft beer in the summertime if I stayed in a hot/humid climate the the distributors van were not a/c. I know of plenty of instances wherein the beer had actually either dramatic temperature alters or was too hot for a longer duration of time than should have been for rarely reasons and also that beer to be promptly destroyed. As for temperature, ns don"t really consider 38-45 degrees room temperature. If i went to supply my product come an account through a damaged cooler (that is room temperature), no beer will be delivered. Temperature is very important.I guess it is much more than two-cent I put in. I will also include that A-B InBev commodities have provided me through a really comfortable living and allowed me come have plenty of nice trip to WDW.