I used to Chipotle around 2-3 mainly ago, I'm 16, no prior work experience. Ns got referred to as for one interview 6 days back and ns was rental 3 days ago. I set up workday and completed every my get mailbox tasks and now i am supposed to wait for further call from my manager to carry in records for scanning. (I referred to as twice already concerning issues ns was having actually with workday, so ns am doubtful to call as i don't desire to come off together annoying before I also meet the staff). An extremely excited and eager to work here, I'm wonder if anyone has actually advice, a similar situation, and/or an estimate of exactly how long I must expect come wait before training/my an initial day of occupational will start? I've heard world say it took them over a month from hire to working & i hope it's not choose that for me, Thanks


It's all dependent ~ above the GM or Apprentice... Once you finish all the onboarding work on Workday, they get a notice and need to schedule you come come in and scan documents. ~ 2 weeks, Workday ESC will certainly auto-terminate friend if records is no scanned. The average turnaround time from gaining hired, completing Workday tasks, scan documents and start functioning is around 4-5 days.

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Not OP, but do you have any type of idea what to do if I never ever received the workday email? I called the GM today and also he claimed he it is registered it appropriate after mine interview 3 job ago.

It bring away a while sometimes. I referred to as like a million time lol don't worry about being annoying. Job like when someone is persistant v wanting a job

Hey, daddylongestfoot, simply a fast heads-up:persistant is in reality spelled persistent. You have the right to remember the by ends v -ent.Have a pretty day!

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Your GM may have missed his/her Workday notice that you room ready. (Some enlarge GMs are not good with computers, because it was’t a skill they learned in institution or entering the restaurant world.) take it your papers to the store as soon as the store is no busy. The GM have the right to scan your documents if he/she has actually time, or he/she might schedule the appointment.

If you usage a Social defense card or birth certificate as one of your documents, make sure to bring the original rather of a copy.

i would certainly call and also notify your gm that youre excellent with all of the workday assignments. I waited a main after mine assignments being completed come call since i didnt understand i required to call them once i could come in to perform paperwork, once i probably can have unable to do in the next day.

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