Though we love new produce, it’s very easy come waste. We at Respect Food we space passionate around championing meals you deserve to make indigenous items that don’t conveniently perish. Box food is ubiquitous in kitchens across the globe. We bet there room a few tins knocking approximately your kitchen cupboard appropriate now: whether it’s a have the right to of sweet corn come brighten up a summer salad or some chickpeas because that a quick and also healthy hummus. The process of canning food is a great way to save it stored and also edible for anywhere in between two to five years. Incidentally, freeze-dried foods such together couscous or lentils can even be save safely for up to thirty years (so save them top top hand to chef up tasty dishes like this lentil salsa).

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Many civilization feel crate food doesn’t have actually the exact same nutritional attributes as fresh, but this isn’t necessarily true. A 1997 study revealed that many canned foods kept simply as much nutritional worth as your fresh and frozen counterparts. Tomatoes have also been displayed to increase in vitamin B and E throughout the canning process!


The reason for this is that almost all canning plants are located close come farms, or sometimes even at the farms themselves. This method that the food is choose at that is freshest and also immediately goes with the canning process. It’s placed in the can, sealed, and then the food inside is cooked to kill off any bacteria that could otherwise prosper into a fungus. Then the food is left in that sealed, airtight container v a very low level that oxygen to ensure any kind of bacteria left after the cooking procedure cannot survive.

Canning items is a great energy efficient different to store and also preserve her produce. Crate food have the right to be save on computer in a cabinet for years until you need it, yet it’s best to save tins out of the heat and out that sunlight. (particularly important for food preserved in glass jars). The very same goes for the tinned food you have for any furry little friends due to the fact that dog and cat food goes through the same process as ours food. In some cases, pets food can last also longer as result of the included preservatives.

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How to keep canned food after ~ opening? when open you can treat it together if it to be fresh, so friend don’t need to throw out what you don’t eat! You have the right to store anything you don’t finish in an airtight container for a couple of more work in the refrigerator. How long does canned food last as soon as opened? simply treat it together you would any type of fresh food. A couple of days come a week because that fruit and veg.

You need to not shot storing open metal cans in the refrigerator, due to the fact that the iron and the tin have the right to seep right into the foods and also taint the flavour and also in some situations cause an unfavorable health effects. Maintaining open cans in the refrigerator is particularly dangerous if the food is rather acidic, such together fruits and also tomatoes. Some world do store cat and also dog food in open up cans in the fridge: that OK for a little while due to the fact that this food has actually a really high-fat content, though we can’t recommend doing this for much more than 24 hours. You should always be sure to save the food in the brine or juices, too. We recommend having plenty of storage containers come hand, or maintaining some glass mason jars because that this purpose: pop her leftovers in there, and they will be for sure to eat for as lengthy as they would certainly be if they were fresh from the farmer market!


If you nothing think you can end up it off in the next couple of days, friend can always pop it in the freezer to keep it even longer. This functions brilliantly because that fruit, particularly if you setup to use it in cooking or for smoothies. The lesson below is don’t shy away from box goods. It’s a great way to have healthy meals easily easily accessible at any kind of time when cutting down your food waste and your carbon footprint. Just remember to recycle those cans!