Boxed alcohol or Botched Wine: Why does Boxed wine Expire?

I’ve been collecting samples of boxed wine for a while and also noticed the box all had actually an expiration date. Oh Snap! package wines were good for just 6 months! This appeared strange, so ns asked a couple of wine people what they thought of boxed wine and also a couple of the responses to be leery:


Is boxed wine far better than it provided to be?

Bag-in-Box wine or BIB absolutely has benefits, including being cheaper and more efficient to distribute. But what around the wine inside? i asked Leora Kalikow, who works in ~ Public house Wine , to collection the record straight.

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rapid Tips about Boxed alcohol Boxed wines space meant to it is in drunk in ~ 6-8 months, so drink up! Boxed wines last approximately 2 main in the refrigerator (chill your reds) never ever store your wine on optimal of the fridge

Good or Bad? What’s the dish on wine the end of a bag?

As boxed alcohol lovers, we get protective when human being start spreading rumors about it. One of the most repeated misconceptions about boxed wine is that plastic influence the safety and also taste the the wine inside. However, quality tests and also studies present –it’s simply not true. So I’ll failure the myths about bag-in-box (BIB) technology, and also the wine inside.Leora

Q: Why does boxed alcohol expire?

LEORA: Boxed wine (unlike bottled) has actually an expiration date. This is due to the fact that BIB’s are more porous 보다 glass. Boxed alcohol is not designed because that aging. Consume it within 6-8 month of purchase and the high quality will be as much as par. On the upside, open up a box and also the wine will continue to be fresh for six weeks, unlike a party that will certainly go sour after one.

Q: will certainly chemicals creep into my wine?

LEORA: Bisphenol-A, typically known together BPA, is a harmful chemical uncovered in plastic. Virtually all BIB’s space BPA free and made with polyethlene, among the safest plastics available. Polyethlene is among the many widely used products in the world, found in everything from water party to ziplock bags. Polyethlene doesn’t affect the taste, high quality or safety of the alcohol it holds.


Q: however isn’t plastic bad for the environment?

LEORA: Plastic might not it is in the most green material, yet boxed wine is a much superior an option to bottled when it concerns the environment. Cardboard boxes require less energy to develop than glass bottles, and also the BIB’s and also their boxes room both recyclable. Boxed wine is likewise lighter come transport, to reduce the carbon footprint that shipments. Since the wine remains fresh longer, you won’t throw away party you didn’t finish on time, reduce waste.

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Leora Kalikow has a degree in journalism and is researching to come to be a certified sommelier through American Sommelier Association. Leora stays in brand-new York City and also is the ar Manager of Public residence Wine.