Are friend confused around whether you should drink that expired beer sit in your fridge for months? You’re no alone. I’ve had actually many world ask whether beer goes poor or not, worried they would provide themselves and others food poisoning.

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To ultimately diffuse the confusion bordering the topic, i have decided to conference concrete answers come the most commonly asked questions regarding beer shelf life.

Does beer go bad? Yes, eventually, it does. However determining when it has actually gone poor is among the greatest puzzles of the beer-enjoying community.


Expiration Date

Almost every commercially produced beer has actually an expiry date. These room guidelines rather than absolutes for as soon as to discard her beer and also are sometimes recognized as the sell-by day or the best-before date.

Because no beer lasts forever and brewers desire to maintain their image by maintaining customers pleased, they put a date on beer come let grocery and also alcohol retailers recognize when come pull an item that is no longer of the best quality.

Like many products, beer has a recommended shelf life of six to ripe months beyond the use-by date.

Storing beer in a dark and cold place like a frozen fridge or a basement boosts beer shelf life to approximately 2 years.

How Long can Beer be Stored before It walk Bad?

Unopened beers with low alcohol through volume (ABV) will certainly go level after 6 months. Greater ABV beers are claimed to be aged, which way that relaxing them because that a few years will improve their taste.

Beer that has been opened has a lower shelf life. When beer is opened and also then refrigerated for an ext than a few hours, it i do not care flat. If you’re going come drink a beer, we advise you to take too long to finish your drink.

What causes Bottled Beer to ‘Skunk’?

When a beer is exposed to light for an extensive length of time, it gets “skunked” or ‘lightstruck.’ While drink skunked beer is no hazardous, that is fairly unpleasant come smell and also taste.

Only bottled beer have the right to be skunked due to the fact that UV rays deserve to only with the drink through glass bottles. Brown bottles safeguard the beer, eco-friendly bottles are an ext sensitive, and also clear glass bottles room the many prone to skunking.

Skunky beer is the repercussion of communication with light v a wavelength of 400-500 nanometers and UV light with a wavelength of much less than 400 nm.

If they space in a keg or can, these are both impenetrable and your beer is safe. Keep bottles with caps upright. Uneven wine v a cork, capped beer does not should be stored on that is side.

What causes Beer to walk Bad?

All beer eventually spoils. But there are ways of keeping it unaffected for longer periods, as questioned above.

Storing beer in the fridge will certainly make it critical as long as possible. This is because a dark place in a cool clues is the finest place to keep a beer to protect against the components that reason it to walk bad.

As lengthy as the door isn’t opened up too frequently, your refrigerator will continue to be both cold and dark.

As formerly stated, chilling slows herbal aging processes, allowing beer come taste good for increase to two years after its expiry date.

One of the components that might alter the condition of your beer is distance. The beer’s period is impacted by how far it travels in ~ its distribution area.

Long roadway journeys typical your beer is older by the moment it it s okay to you, which rises the likelihood the it to be disturbed, left in the heat or light, and also so on. Usually, fresh beer is a neighborhood beer.

Another defining element is temperature. Just how is the beer stored before you purchase it? that is necessary to keep it out of direct sunlight, and refrigeration will protect against aging and permit the beer to taste much better for longer.

You may additionally check to see if bottles and cans room stored upright due to the fact that this will alleviate oxidation much more effectively 보다 storing castle on your sides.

Corked beers, which space bottles sealed with a cork kept in ar by a wire cage, have to be taken on carefully. Corks are generally reserved because that Belgian beers, although they may show up on other wheat beers from microbreweries to provide the packaging a vintage flair.

A cork, in general, forms very tight seal since it extends to completely cover the bottleneck. Once it pertains to long-term storage, many homebrewers believe that corking is a better option than capping.

The extreme cold within a traditional kitchen refrigerator — commonly 38 levels Fahrenheit — creates extremely dry conditions, which can lead the cork to shrink a little.

How to understand the Beer has Gone Bad?

When you open an old can or bottle, you will certainly see obvious indicators that the beer within is no much longer drinking.

Always check the bottle and discard dusty and leaky bottles v discolored labels. In particular circumstances, you might detect powdery debris in ~ the bottom, i m sorry is a warning indication that you must avoid this beverage.

You won’t listen the characteristics sound when you open a party of sour or even rotten beer.

When beer smells like a skunk after being exposed come UV rays and light, it becomes unpleasant but not hazardous.

Light beers that have actually been aged will seem to have a darker color. When an aged beer loser its zesty flavor, it may become brownish or purple.

A lack of white foam rising instantly after opening shows that your beer has most most likely gone bad. When the party or container is not tightly shut, there will be no carbonation.

Your beer shouldn’t taste sour uneven you have actually a party of intentionally acidic beer. This feature is not pertained to aging, but to virus that have polluted it.

Another explanation is the stale flavor creates as a an outcome of oxidation. As soon as it comes into contact with oxygen, it emits a distinct cardboard-like flavor.

What happens If friend Freeze her Beer?

Whether the beer will certainly go negative or not when freezing, counts on numerous factors. First, your beer bottle have the right to endure the cold temperatures there is no bursting or removed the lid.

When liquid is frozen, it broadens somewhat, but the significant issue is carbonation, together the water pushes the carbon dioxide bubbles outward.

This add to pressure, which finally results in shambles that frozen beer and broken glass. Even before the complete freezing of the beer, the taste will still it is in destroyed.

If press were to eliminate the lid top top a bottled beer, waiting would rotate it right into a level beverage. Freezing is likewise bad because that a bottle-conditioned beer include live yeast, as the cold would kill the yeast and stop the beer from developing flavor.

How to make Beer walk Cold without Freezing it?

You deserve to cool beer conveniently without using your freezer by placing a couple of bottles or cans in a bucket that salted cold water.

By act this, you will reduce the freezing suggest of your water by using salt. That means the water you’ll create will it is in cooler 보다 freezing.

As a result, her beer will cool fast, and also you won’t have to leave that in the freezer overnight.

How to keep it Right?

Follow these an easy beer conservation recommendations come ensure that your beer big in a an excellent condition as lengthy as possible.

Refrigerate your beer to delay the aging procedure and to filter the end UV rays. Beer storage temperatures must be in between 50 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit, however, sealed bottles and also cans have the right to be maintained cooler.

A separate beer fridge enables you to adjust the degrees, allowing you to maintain it in ~ the appropriate level because that both storage and also pouring.

Locate a Dark Place. A kind beer cooler will provide UV protection, however if you want to keep your beer at room temperature, pick a cool area through low-temperature fluctuations.

The ideal location will certainly be dark, through no direct sunlight shining on her beer and beginning the skunking process. Storing her beer in the basement is fantastic option.

Make sure to save your beer upright. Maintaining bottles and also cans upright in your fridge or top top the shelf will avoid excessive oxidation.

This to reduce the beer’s surface ar area which comes in contact with the air to a minimum, slowly the aging process, whereas maintaining a beer ~ above its side boosts the lot of surface ar area for oxidation.

Final Thoughts

There are a couple of correct ways to keep beer, together advised by professionals. Expired beer no necessarily typical that the beer is spoiled, and there room multiple means to recognize if your beer has actually gone negative or not, and it is relatively easy to determine whether your beer is great to consume.

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If retained in suitable circumstances for a few months after the expiration day on the label, beer need to be it s okay to consume in terms of taste. If it tastes flat or stale, her beer has actually past the prime and you have to discard it.

If friend have any type of further questions, feel free to ask castle in the comment ar below!