Here space the most typically asked questions about buying, selling, and also owning a gun in Washington.

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What is the background inspect procedure in Washington because that purchasing a firearm?

Federal legislation requires federally licensed guns dealers (FFL) to run background checks on anyone who desires to purchase a gun.

In 2014, Washington ended up being the an initial state in the country to happen a universal elevator checks law. This regulation requires every Washington firearms sellers to conduct a guns sale v an FFL.

This way that an FFL will be to run a background inspect on a exclusive Washington buyer as if the FFL were straight selling firearm to the Washington resident.

Federal law requires an FFL to usage the FBI / National instant Criminal Background check System (FBI / NICS), i beg your pardon is a nationwide database that criminal history, security orders, and warrant. NCIS checks have the right to take almost everywhere from a few minutes come a few days.

You must pass a background examine to purchase a handgun and also a semiautomatic rifle.

Washington law additionally requires firearms sellers to usage the Washington State Patrol (WSP) electronic database and also the department of Social and Health Services digital database once performing lift checks.

How long does a background inspect take in Washington?

The state allows for 10 days to complete a background examine on a prospective handgun buyer, unless the person clears the background check sooner.

However, Washington state allows for as much as 60 work in the adhering to cases:

You do not have a valid Washington driver"s patent or State i would cardYou have actually not been a Washington resident because that the vault consecutive 90 days

Is there a obligated waiting duration after purchasing a handgun?


What is the minimum period to buy and also possess a handgun?

You have to be at least 18 year old to possess a firearm, uneven a specific exception applies.

You must be 21 year old to acquisition a semi-automatic rifle. Girlfriend must additionally be at least 21 years old to bring a concealed pistol.

Do I have to register a handgun in Washington state?


Do I require a allow to purchase a handgun?


What firearms can i possess in Washington there is no a license?

Pistols (revolver and also semi-automatic)


Assault rifles (semi-automatic or automatic)


You only require a license to carry a covert firearm.

Can I acquisition a semiautomatic attack rifle in Washington?

Yes,but the following problems apply:

You must have properly completed an approved weapons safety course in ~ the past 5 (5) years before making your purchaseLaw enforcement must notify the seller in writing that you are eligible to very own a firearm and that your applications to acquisition the semi-automatic rifle has been approved. Together of July 1, 2019, there is a obligated 10-day waiting period

Can I lug a invited weapon in public?

Washington is one “open carry” state.

That is, you have the right to legally bring a invited handgun in public without a permit if you space at the very least 21 year old.

Certain areas are off-limits, including public schools, state courthouses, and law enforcement facilities.

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You cannot bring a invited handgun in a vehicle, however, there is no a valid concealed pistol patent (CPL)

Can I bring a concealed handgun in public?

Yes, yet only if you have a precious CPL.

Otherwise, you deserve to only lug a surprise handgun at residence or at work.

Where deserve to you not possess firearms

Airports. Under federal law, you can not possess a firearm when you happen TSA checkpoints, yet many airports prohibit girlfriend from own a firearm anywhere in the airport. Correctional facilities: jails, prisons, detention and juvenile facilitiesOffice of administrative Hearings: structures in i m sorry the State is conducting administrative hearingsElementary and secondary schools (public and private)

What space the penalties because that unlawful possession that a firearm?

Unlawful possession the a firearm is a course C felony, punishable up to 5 years in state prison and a $10,000 fine, yet you confront a maximum of 10 year in jail if details aggravating factors are present.