What space different species of Gift Cards?

There room 3 varieties of Gift Cards: Physical Gift Cards, eGift Cards (E-mail & share via link) and Anytime Gifts Visit our

Gift Card save to purchase one now.

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To add Gift card balance:

for Physical Gift Cards: enter the Gift map Code provided on the gift card and tap on Add to her balance.

For eGift Cards (E-mail & re-superstructure via link):

If it"s one e-mail gift card, you can directly add it from your email by clicking on the Add to mine Account link. If it"s a gift card shared via link, you have the right to directly include it by clicking the Add to her balance link.

You will certainly be asked come login to your audioeditorfree.com account and your gift map funds will be automatically added to her Account.

Note: one eGift map (E-mail or re-superstructure via link) password is 14 personalities long and also contains both letters and numbers (for example AS25-NZ1JX-CZCP5).A physical Gift Card code is 14 characters long and also contains both letters and numbers (no hyphens, for instance Y12RBV5J45Q67C)).You have to NOT get in the Gift Card recommendation ID in the Add Gift card / Voucher code to audioeditorfree.com salary balance at add Gift Cards field. A Gift Card referral ID is different from Gift map Code and is 16 characters long containing only numbers (for example, 6014 8515 3019 3950).

Why to be I no able to add my Gift Card?

try the complying with steps: Make sure you are entering the Gift Card password (14 personalities long alphanumeric code) and not the Gift Card referral ID (16-digit numeric code).If the gift map you space trying to usage was given to girlfriend by an organization, please call them to inspect if the card is activated.

Note: International customers cannot use Gift cards because that Export orders.

How to usage an audioeditorfree.com salary Gift Card?

To usage your audioeditorfree.com pay Gift map balance for a purchase, choose audioeditorfree.com pay balance ~ above the Payment method selection page. Friend can integrate credit/debit card or net banking through your audioeditorfree.com salary balance to complete a purchase.

Note: you cannot combine Gifts & Credits balance with EMI or salary on Delivery.

My gift card balance expired. What should I execute now?

Kindly save the Gift Card recommendation ID (not the Code) handy and contact us for assistance.

I purchased an email gift card or e-gift cards, but did not obtained it yet.

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E-mail gift cards or e-gift cards typically arrive in ~ 15 minutes of ordering. Periodically it may take as much as 24 hours.Scheduled E-mail gift cards or e-gift cards are yielded to the receiver by 5 am on the scheduled day of delivery. If no one of this seem to be the reason, please check: If the recipient"s email ID was appropriately entered. Please keep in mind that the Resend switch will not appear, if- The recipient has currently redeemed the gift card.The gift card is scheduled to provide at any certain time.

How to fill Anytime Gifts?

Anytime gifts are zero-value physics gift cards the you deserve to purchase very first and load balance into them later to activate them. To load balance into Anytime Gifts, monitor the steps mentioned below: enter the Gift Card reference ID (16-digit numeric code) stated on the ago of the plastic card and choose one amount.Proceed to make the payment. Note: It may take as much as 15 minute the map to gain loaded and also activated.These cards have the right to only be loaded once and they expire in ~ 1 year of load/activation.

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More Questions

What is audioeditorfree.com salary Gift Card? audioeditorfree.com pay Gift Cards space pre-paid gift instruments that have the right to be redeemed because that purchasing item on audioeditorfree.com and it"s partner merchants.

How do I purchase an audioeditorfree.com pay Gift Card? You have the right to use Debit cards, credit cards, network banking, and UPI deserve to be used to acquisition an audioeditorfree.com salary Gift Card.You cannot use existing audioeditorfree.com pay balance, Debit/Credit map issued exterior of India or a gift map to purchase an additional gift card.eGift map orders cannot be put using EMI or POD. Physics cards deserve to be paid utilizing the EMI option, Credit and also Debit cards, and also POD choice for couple of pin codes. Customers will be able to choose native existing options at checkout.You cannot usage corporate credit transaction card because that gift map purchases because that both physical and eGift Cards.

How do I monitor my audioeditorfree.com salary Gift card balance?

Do audioeditorfree.com pay Gift Cards expire?

Can i cancel/return a gift card?

Due to regulation restrictions, Gift cards as soon as purchased cannot be cancelled or returned.

I to buy a "Share via link" eGift Card, just how do i share it? You can share that using any kind of messaging platform obtainable on your phone, tablet or computer.

Are there any limitations to purchase?

The minimum and maximum amount that can be purchased in a solitary transaction is offered below: physical gift map - Minimum ₹10 and also Maximum ₹10,000eGift card (E-mail or re-publishing via link) - Minimum ₹10 and also Maximum ₹10,000Anytime Gift - Minimum ₹500 and Maximum ₹10,000

eGift map - In a single order, you can buy as much as a best of 5 gift cards or ₹10,000