Given the appropriate conditions, porcelain toilets must last in between 15 to 30 years and can even last as much as 50 years. Some human being might even say the expectation is indefinite.

Most toilet bowls and tanks space made of porcelain, and have been because that a long time. Porcelain, also known together vitreous china, is a clay the is inexpensively and also easily molded and is very sturdy when put through the kiln.

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It is likewise non-porous, meaning that there space no holes in the product for bacteria and moisture to gain into, making the much simpler to clean.

While the toilet bowl and also tank made from porcelain have the right to last a an extremely long time, over there are other considerations when thinking around how long a toilet can last.

Things That mitigate the expectation of a Toilet

As you can expect, the more often a toilet gets flushed, the faster it’ll reach the end of the lifespan.

When cleaning a toilet, it’s likewise important to consider cleaning assets that will certainly be for sure for the toilet bowl, tank, seat, and also smaller parts. As convenient as it may seem, shot to prevent toilet water tablets (also well-known as in-tank cleaners).

Many kinds of these tablets contain chlorine bleach, which might damage components in your toilet and also reduce its lifespan. Some huge toilet manufacturers, such together American Standard even say that they i will not ~ cover damages led to by these cleaners in their warranties.

People living in locations with hard water may also find the their bathrooms don’t last together long. Over time, mineral store in difficult water can damages toilets. To prevent tough water buildup in her home, friend might consider installing a residence water softener.

As you deserve to see, there are several problems that could arise for her toilet over time. Now let’s revolve our attention to a few signs that you have the right to use, to tell if you require a new toilet.

5 signs It’s Time for a brand-new Toilet


1. Cracked Porcelain

While porcelain is a sturdy material, it’s no impervious come the facets (like my husband to trust he is). Cracks can occur from anywhere between bolts being on as well tight to someone accidentally dropping a heavy object ~ above the toilet.

Depending ~ above the kind of crack and how early you catch it, you may be able to repair it. Anything major will call for you to get a brand-new toilet.

2. Constant Clogging

It’s fully normal because that a toiletto get clogged every now and then. If you find that the trouble occurs ~ above adaily basis, very first of all, i am for this reason SORRY. That have the right to be so frustrating,embarrassing, and also time-consuming.

This problem can stem from an issue with her pipes. If you don’t know just how to examine that, you can want to consult a plumber. Then, if yes no problem with her pipes, you could need to obtain your restroom replaced.

3. Old Toilet

If you have actually a toilet that wasmanufactured prior to 1992, possibilities are the you have toilet that supplies 5 come 7 gallonsof water per flush (gpf).

In 1992, a plan was spreading (which was brought out in 1994) that borders the do the washing up of a toilet to 1.6 gallons of water. Commodes that use much more water 보다 this will have to replaced. Top top the shining side, you’ll save an ext on her water bill.

To inspect how lot water your toiletuses, check out if there’s anything marked outside of your toilet key or within yourtank the can provide you a clue.

We have actually a 1.6 gallon Kohler toilet, and also I to be able to easily identify this info near the hinge of the restroom seat.

For those that still can’t discover anyinformation on the toilet itself, there’s a way to determinehow lot water your toilet supplies yourself.

4. Rust or Corrosion

Seeing a little rust on just one part might be okay, and also it might be the you require a replacement because that a piece.

And if you have a rust trouble within the bowl, then you may just need to acquire a little an innovative to clean the up. For example, cleaning your toilet bowl through WD-40 deserve to work how amazing well for rust.

However, if there are rust and also corrosion on every the steel parts of her toilet, it could be a authorize that you need a brand-new toilet.

5. Discomfort

We invest a most time top top toilets, for this reason it makes sense for you to want a comfortable toilet. If you have actually a ring toilet that you nothing like, then you might consider getting an elongated one if you have actually the space for it.

Next, stop clarify as soon as a toilet must be repaired and when it need to be totally replaced.

When to repair vs replace a Toilet


1. When to Repair?

1.1 Water around the Base

Water pooling roughly the basic ofyour toilet, where it meets the floor, can mean the the wax ring needs to bereplaced.

1.2 Cracked toilet Seat

There’s nothing together awkward ascracking the restroom seat as a brand-new visitor in someone else’s home, however I managedto do that in the Philippines.

Luckily, a toilet seat have the right to easilybe swapped without having actually to change the whole toilet. That a quick projectthat involves removing the bolts in ~ the sheet of the old restroom seat close to thetank.

1.3 constantly Running

You definitely need to payattention if your toilet won’t protect against running. Toilets already use a many ofwater, and this trouble can price you much more money.

If this is the case, you have actually aproblem somewhere in the tank. Check your flapper for any damage. This is therubber item at the bottom of your toilet tank supplied to control water walking intothe toilet bowl.

Also inspect to watch if you need toadjust the water level in the tank. The water need to sit an inch listed below the topof the overflow tube.

There might be a few other reasonswhy this is happening, so certainly check (and get a plumber if she notcomfortable) if you must replace any type of of the parts in the tank beforeconsidering a new toilet.

1.4 Occasional Clog

If her toilet is clogged, and also itdoesn’t occur 24/7, you’ll simply need to take treatment of everything is prevent thedrain pipe. For plenty of clogs, you’ll simply need come plunge the toilet.

1.5 Tank bring away a lengthy Time come Fill

For this problem, discover your watersupply valve, and also make sure it’s fully open. This is generally on the pipe underyour toilet tank.

If you nothing have any kind of of these problems (and there’s most likely some others we’ve missed), then you can need to replace your toilet.

2. When to Replace?

Depending on her needs and also taste, a restroom can expense you anywhere between $90 to over $3000. In addition to that, the average cost for toilet installation ranges in between $122-$228.

Don’t forget to budget plan in around $50 to eliminate your old toilet. And also if you’re considering relocating your restroom yourself, then you have to take a look in ~ this review of median toilet weights.

While that sounds favor a many money, constantly do toilet repair is no cheap. If you uncover yourself perhaps spending thousands of dollars on repairs, consider replacing your toilet.

Related Questions

How long do toilet seat last?

Toilet seat will usually last because that 5 or an ext years. Precisely how long a certain toilet seat will certainly last counts on a number of factors, including the product the toilet seat is made from, the top quality of the hardware, and also the quantity of use it receives.

Will a restroom Unclog Itself?

A clogged toilet will typically unclog itself end time. Many things the clog a toilet are water-soluble which means they will eventually dissolve in the toilet water. Once the clog is given enough time to rest down, the push of a flush need to be sufficient to clear the pipes.

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How lot Does it price to replace a Toilet?

It frequently costs in between $125-$225 to install a new toilet. This walk not incorporate disposal that the initial toilet, i m sorry adds second cost of around $50. There are several factors that can adjust toilet instead of costs, which might be less $100 or end $3000 in particular situations.