Stink Bombs and Fart Spray Pranks Just gained Better

For numerous years, Stink Bombs and also Fart Spray have actually been the just stink prank commodities on the market. Now there is Liquid ASS. What complies with is a point by suggest comparison that Fart Spray, Stink Bombs, and Liquid ASS. But an initial we require to breakdown the attributes of a perfect prank.

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What is a perfect prank?

It should have the complying with characteristics: • reliable • Stealthy • Long-lasting • Observable • Repeatable


Effectiveness the Fart Spray, Stink Bombs, & liquid ASS

• Fart Spray is reliable with a sulfur chemical smell. • Stink Bombs are effective with a sulfur chemistry smell. • liquid ASS is efficient having an yes, really butt-crack/poo smell.

Customer Quote: The smell of liquid ASS

Liquid Ass is the most authentic smell ass product I have actually found. It combines both a bona fide turd smell with the gaseous impacts of a noxious fart bomb.

— Jen from Colorado

Two DJs comment on the smell of liquid ASS

Listen come a brief excerpt that WMMR"s Preston and also Steve (Philadelphia) commenting on the smell of fluid ASS i m sorry is transcribed below.

Steve: has substantially, accurately replicated a sweaty, rancid swamp-ass smell. Preston: you know, I"ve smelled those chemistry stink bombs before. Steve: Yeah, they"re no accurate. Preston: They odor like, choose you said, sulfur. They have actually kind of that egg smell. But this . . . Steve: not this. Preston: . . . This literally smells like it come out that somebody"s ass.


Customer Testimonial: The odor of liquid ASS

I to be blown away by liquid Ass. I could smell it through the bottle, but I had no proviso of the wrath the would quickly be unleashed. Ns knew it was going to be bad. Bad soon turned to horrible, which led to devastating. To me, it smells choose a turd in a frat–house toilet that didn"t acquire flushed and also got peed top top later, and still didn"t gain flushed. Rather it simply fermented and matured till someone couldn"t take it and also sent it down the drain.

— mystery Agent Toastman

Stealthiness: Fart Spray, Stink Bombs, & liquid ASS

• Fart Spray is no stealthy. Back it pipeline no traces, Fart Spray makes the sound of an aerosol can during application and also is more daunting to use without gift seen. • Stink Bombs space not stealthy. Stink Bombs room packaged in glass vials which should be broken. Return Stink Bombs have the right to be reduce in ar quickly and somewhat quietly, the broken glass continues to be behind as evidence. • fluid ASS is stealthy. The streams the end silently in a clear liquid. Properly used (see our argued Uses web page for proven methods) the is virtually invisible and no traces continue to be after 15-20 minutes because it evaporates.

Customer Testimonial: how Stealthy is fluid ASS?

I just wanted come say the getting earlier at a fellow coworker has actually never been so lot DAMN FUN! i purchased the 4–Pack thinking that ns would need the extra ass power!!! Boy, was ns wrong . . . 1 bottle is every that ns needed. You need to time these points out when there are others around. As soon as the time was right I obtained him good! i sprayed him for a an excellent 3 secs . . . ~ above HIS ASS! and also I calmly walked far . . . Divine COW! The smell had been so foul for him that he had to traction his shirt collar to his nose as a breath mask. And he had four of his friends come end to see if they could find the place of the smell and they pce 2 full cans of wait freshener to death the smell. The look on his stupid ass face was well worth the money I had actually spent for this product. Let him speak shit again and also I"ll pull my stash of liquid Ass the end so rapid he"ll think he had actually a 20–pound Tijuana bean burato stuffed increase his ass! thank you, fluid ASS!!!

— Tony

Longevity: Fart Spray, Stink Bombs, & liquid ASS

• Fart Spray does not last long at all. Since Fart Spray is applied in vapor form, it quickly dissipates. • Stink Bombs are relatively long-lasting. Due to the fact that Stink Bombs space in fluid form, numerous Stinks Bombs must last long enough to gain the job done relying on room-size and also ventilation. • fluid ASS, in general, will certainly last for 1-3 hours depending upon room-size, ventilation, and the lot applied.


Customer Testimonial: exactly how Long Does liquid ASS Last?

You guys are the shit (and I typical that literally)!!!! Yesterday i polluted a co–worker"s automobile early in the morning and also it stank all DAY. This little prick I work with is among those valuable jokers that doesn"t recognize when come quit, so I decided to cure him slowly. Because this guy has never smelled liquid Ass before, this is the perfect payback! I figure I will dribble a few drops in his firm truck as soon as or double a week till the smell becomes part of the truck. Ns was walking to use "Tink"s 69 Doe in Estrus" deer attractant yet it just smells like pet piss. Your stuff smells choose someone/something took a large dump in the back of the truck and that will certainly drive that nuts wondering that shat in the truck. Say thanks to you an extremely much indigenous me and also the males who work with this small turd we are paying back!!!

— Funky Fone–Man

Observability: Fart Spray, Stink Bombs, & liquid ASS

• Fart Spray reactions room observable if you were able to spray the Fart Spray without being heard. • Stink Bombs room observable if you room comfortable the the damaged glass indigenous the Stink Bomb vials won"t it is in discovered. • liquid ASS reactions are observable. You can apply it silently and discreetly and hang roughly to clock the reactions. The concern is — deserve to you contain her laughter?

Customer Testimonial: applying Liquid ASS and also Watching the Reactions

As soon as I got this stuff i was giddy, practically too giddy. Therefore the an initial place I want to shot it out? — my girlfriend"s house, because her parents have dealt an substantial amount of hell for her the previous year for living at home for free, I assumed it would certainly be a perfect ar to unleash my fluid Ass fury. I didn"t put that lot on — i sprayed similar to you guys said — in a sweeping motion. Man, that residence smelled choose ASS! It was the funniest point i"ve ever before experienced in my entire life. Her mother was asking everyone to inspect their shoes, and was getting into a fight with her dad speak he must have drug in dog shit. Ns swear, no laughing to be the hardest thing I"ve ever before had come do. your product is the biggest thing ever created.

— Ken D.

Repeatability: Fart Spray, Stink Bombs, & fluid ASS

• Fart Spray pranks space repeatable. But, as detailed above, Fart Spray is not really stealthy, therefore your opportunities of being captured increase. • Stink Bombs pranks are repeatable. But due to the fact that of the damaged glass, Stink Bombs space not an extremely stealthy, therefore your opportunities of being captured increase. • fluid ASS pranks room repeatable. Due to the fact that it is stealthy, you won"t obtain caught. Since Liquid ASS is a smell that reasons people to suspect sewer gas, dog poop, dead animal, etc., the idea that it might be a prank never crosses their mind.


How to pull an Over–the–Top Stink Prank

Using the streaming tip version of fluid ASS, squirt liberally through a sweeping motion over a big surface area.

On many carpeted floors, fluid ASS is not visible and also the smell lasts longer. On tile floors, squirt in the corners to minimize light reflection. (See illustrations below). A great rule of ignorance is to use Liquid ASS approximately the perimeter that the target area or around that exact same amount spread out over the middle area.


Several far-reaching variables will impact the power of your Liquid ASS operation. Results will vary due to ventilation, room size, and amount applied. In general (95% of the time), when used indoors with tool ventilation, a 3rd of a bottle will certainly generate dry–heave–quality stench native one to three hours.

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The indict given over combine simplicity, effectiveness, and entertainment value.

Customer Testimonial: repeated Applications of liquid ASS in ~ a university in Ireland

(This is a long read but well worth the time)

your product is the ideal stink new product on the planet!!! The very minute I obtained it in the post, I opened the box and also got a whiff turn off the bottle. That smelt choose ass! I"m having actually such good fun with this product. I never ever laughed so hard in my life. Ns was assing the college ns go come of an mean once a day! The janitor in the college is a an initial prize ass hole and likewise a lazy f***er the sits ~ above his ass and also gets paid good money because that it. That was all about to readjust when I acquired hold of liquid Ass! i assed the the men"s toilet cubicles and also down follow me the corridor; also squirted a couple of jets of ass ~ above the heater in the corridor. The odor of this stuff is therefore potent. Ns wasn"t expecting it come be the bad. It to be every little bit as negative as they stated it was on the assman sight. In my words, it smells prefer shit at it strongest ever! When used right in the best places, the shit–laden stench lasts for hours! Every day ns was laughing my ass off in college, evil the human being complain around the stench particularly the girls. Some overheard words native guys and also girls:

"Oooooofffff, yoooofffff, the smell of shit!""What"s that rotten smell!""What is walk on here!""Oooooooh, f***, the smell!""That"s dog shit!""The shitter blew up!"

One male said in the restroom cubical, "It is favor being in a brick shit home in 40 degrees Celsius desert heat!" that was leading to a large scene in the corridor and also in the toilets. The corridor smelt prefer ass! The girls were putting press on the janitor to sort the problem. I never ever seen the asshole job-related so difficult in my life with tonnes of various disinfectants because that the toilets! He was on his hands and knees scrubbing like never before! out in the yard he was lifting up the man hole covers. He was climbing increase the rafters in the ceiling in the structure to check out was there anything dead! His head was done in by all this. He has actually went thru the procedure of elimination and to his utter frustration, the couldn"t find the source. The watch on his stupid challenge every work - I found it nearly impossible to organize in the laughter. I just had to walk off and hide some whereby on my own and also burst my sides laughing! that disgusting smell of diarrhea in the university corridor and toilets was just a formality because that the students and also the stupid janitor. He had actually his work reduced out for him every day listening to civilization complaining about the odor of shit. I just can not store the grin turn off my face! I quit assing the location when the fumigators were at some point called! The janitor looked prefer some dumb ass explaining come the fumigators around the raw sewage smell in the men"s toilets and the corridor as soon as the fumigators discovered no resource in the building (ha ha!). The fumigators claimed to janitor, "We went thru the totality building and also checked the manholes and toilet pipes system and we found nothing the can reason the odor you room on about." among them claimed to him, "Are you sure it is nobody pissed taking with stink bombs or anything choose that?" "Oh, no, no, no. This smells like a pungent shit smell choose you would certainly smell in a brick shit house. I typical this is awful worse than dog shit. It stinks up the entirety place and it has being a consistent thing all week." that said. "I"m gaining f***ing noble of this. This is acquiring f***ing ridiculous. I don"t know what I"m going to do around it if the keeps up." he said in a very angry and also pissed off tone! "If the smell comes earlier give us a shout." the men said. "We may need to take up the floors in the toilets and also corridor if the continues." The college staff had actually to fork the end 400 euro because that the fumigator contact out. From a smiley confront cocky smart ass hole of a janitor, he was diminished to an upset and very frustrated stressed out man. All I could do by hearing and also witnessing the massive hysteria to be laugh my head off. Ha. I was bordering on the bit-2-much side on the college, so i will offer it a break because that a while. Just thinking come myself, if the stuff gets right into the dorn hands, that can reason a many damage. Ha. I have endless more prank and revenge assaults on my list. Over there is a never ending amount of people and also places come ass. It never ever stops! i pulled a not authorised prank on mine mate by placing some ass in his motorbike helmet. I nearly pissed myself ~ above the bike once I watched in mine mirror as he pulled over by the road side. I just had to avoid the bike and watch when laughing my head off. The ripped the helmet turn off his head the shouted, "There is a smell of shit in mine helmet and also there is no shit in it!" he franticly rubbed his hands thru his hair while looking at self in the mirror on the bike. After ~ the long 2 hrs driving residence on the bikes, i told him about the fluid Ass product. The said, "Ah, D, ya cunt." He to be a small annoyed, yet at the exact same time the laughed off the joke as he is just one of them easy-going males that have the right to take a joke. He was amazed through the product. He thought it was the ideal thing ever! i asked him what was the 2 hour drive like with that helmet on. He said, "It to be like having actually my head shoved up someone"s hole for 2 hours. That"s the best means I can define it. I felt like pulling over number of times to obtain sick. Ns did not understand what the f*** to be going on!" i think this is the best stink prank novelty product ever because: • The party is little and handy. • the is invisible and also silent - no noise. • the smells like pure shit in ~ its most potent. • even a little bit the this stuff deserve to go a lengthy way. • the is difficult to uncover the source because the is invisible - no mess. • the smells favor a appropriate realistic smell of shit, not favor them distinctive rotten egg sulfur stink bombs and fart gasses that almost everyone knows around and have the right to leave proof behind. When you usage Liquid Ass, no one suspects the anyone has let off a stink bomb due to the fact that it smells prefer real ideal shit and no one have the right to really prove that someone is joking around. • The the shit-laden stench deserve to last for hrs if provided right! A totality 24 hrs in part cases! • Works favor a dream in offices. Ha ha! ns really appreciate your product. Ns am a an extremely happy customer and I will certainly be buying more stashes of Ass turn off you in the close to future because that fun, laughter and also enjoyment. Keep up the great work. An up-market restaurant in Dublin is my following target. The owners are so rude and also such snobs the they should be assed badly. Ns will offer it come them v a vengeance! I will email you to let girlfriend know just how it goes. Thanks assman one and also two.

— Devious D in Ireland

Final Note: Stink Bomb security Considerations

The main ingredient of Stink Bombs is ammonium sulfide. According to material Safety Data Sheet because that ammonium sulfide, that is "Toxic if swallowed. Toxicity if inhaled." once the Stink Bomb glass vials space broken, the ammonium sulfide reacts with the water in the waiting to form hydrogen sulfide (which is the cause of the result sulfur stink smell). According to OSHA at moderate concentrations, hydrogen sulfide causes "more major eye and respiratory effects, headache, dizziness, nausea, coughing, vomiting and challenge breathing". However, liquid ASS has actually been experiment to it is in safe. The material Safety Data paper for liquid ASS notes the "No hazardous ingredients recognized to it is in present."