I like to eat my sandwiches as soon as I don't feel prefer preparing food at the moment. Since this occurs relatively often, I'm wonder if I can make roughly twenty sandwiches and also leave them in my refrigerator. How long will certainly ham/cheese/mayo sandwiches last? any kind of tips because that making them last longer?

EDIT: my roommate recommends saran-wrapping them.

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According to stilltasty.com, 2-3 days in fridge, 1 month in freezer. Absolutely freeze castle if you desire them come last more than a pair of days. However, freezer burn can be a far-ranging factor if not appropriately sealed, and they will dry the end in the time, leaving their texture/flavor possibly undesirable.


EDIT: eliminated layman speculation. Sorry, I'm new!

I would think it would count on how they to be wrapped, the temperature of the fride, and also how regularly you opened up the door. Have actually you tried freeze them? not sure just how it would certainly work, yet those Smuckers frozen PB and J's space pretty awesome from the freezer. You'd desire to let them thaw for 30 mins though, not sure if that's what you're looking for.

This is extremely dependent top top the methods of preparation and also storage, as well as the products used prior to hand. Ns will outline why each is important.

Methods that preparation: If you wear new latex gloves, cut/distribute the assets with a sterilized knife ~ above a disinfected cutting board in a dry, cool setting with a face mask on, you will certainly have diminished the possibilities of bacterial air pollution from an exterior source. Be especially mindful to use a different, completely cleaned knife for the mayonaise. There was an E. Coli epidemic connected to mayonaise in 1993

Quality of the products: Many products have preservatives, which room molecules that have the right to prevent destruction of the foods and stave turn off contamination. Many breads have actually anti-fungals existing to delay the beginning of bread molds. Some products do not have actually these ingredients. Due to the fact that your score in the impervious sandwich, it would certainly be best to select sandwich commodities with these ingredients. Sourdough bread can be a great choice for bread because fungal air pollution was not uncovered for at the very least 28 days. You should be cautious with what type of meat, cheese, and mayonaise you use as some strains of very dangerous bacteria can pose a serious wellness threat. Botulism is no joke.

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Storage: Ideally you want them to be stack individually in a extensively sealed container and then refrigerated. Saran-wrapping them before putting them in a extensively disinfected tupperware container will certainly be useful too. If her refrigerator is contaminated (more than likely) all of the prepare beforehand room useless and also you can't store the sandwiches for an ext than 2-3 days at most.

Technically because this thread could be thought about preventative medical advice, us shouldn't be suggesting you to perform anything. Yet, i can't assist but ask: why friend don't have the time to make yourself sandwiches as least once every various other day?