How long does box wine last?One that the large advantages that boxed wine is the it lasts because that a month or even more after gift opened. This provides it very practical for glass-a-day drinkers that would discover storing partially opened bottle wine problematic or wasteful. But, crate wines aren’t perfect – it turns out the the bag-in-box packaging is really slightly permeable to oxygen, and also after a period of time the wine will certainly oxidize and darken.

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Most box wine devices use about a year for their “sell by” date. If they bottle it, or, more accurately, bag it, in October, they permit it come be offered by the adhering to October. They do, however, assume the the wine will certainly be consumed soon after that. One interesting article in the Austin Chronicle quotes one bag-in-box supplier:

“Our top quality Con­trol department has run substantial tests on the 3L parcel (i.e. Box wine) which show that the wine remains fresh because that 14 months,” claimed Holly Evans, manager of windy rela­tions. “However, us feel it best to be conservative and also go through 12 months.”

Not anyone is that generous. Devon Broglie, a grasp som­mel­ier that works for Austin-based totality Foods, said that after whole Foods conducted considerable test the boxed wines, desired six months as the sell-by date.

What does this typical for package wine consumer? If the box is in ~ its sell-by date, it’s more than likely fine. If it’s countless months from that date, so lot the better. The crucial thing is to no pick increase a couple of boxes on sale and let lock sit because that a year. Boxed alcohol isn’t like fine wine in bottles – it’s not intended to it is in aged, and also it won’t get better. In fact, the nature that the packaging way that a crate that’s a couple of year old or much more has more than likely deteriorated to some degree.

So, once you shop, examine the dates, and also don’t stock up on much more boxes 보다 you will consume in a month or two.

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December 11, 2011 in ~ 12:17 pm

This is a really an excellent article. Ns didn’t recognize boxed wine is only good for 6-12 month after packaging. Exactly how long do you find that the alcohol tastes an excellent after you open it? The box says 45 days but I think it never ever tastes an excellent after 30.