Using the renowned 3-2-1 an approach for smoking ribs is very easy! Learn just how to smoke ribs choose a pro, and you’ll be the star of any backyard bbq!

Do you love exceptionally tender pork ribs? If you do, then you’re about to acquire reallllly excited! This 3-2-1 an approach for smoking cigarettes ribs will provide you the many flavorful, tender and delicious ribs ever!


This write-up sponsored by Ohio Pork, but as always, all opinions space my own.

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I can’t think it’s almost September, and also here i am posting a smoker recipe. But you know, I plan on using my smoker year-round, and also even have one of those smoker blanket things in my Amazon cart ready to go for the bone-chilling winter. The impressive deliciousness of acting meats and other foodstuffs just can’t be narrowed under to a few measly summer months!

Plus, in ~ the end of this recipe, I’ll share just how to chef these baby back ribs on a constant grill and in the oven. Obviously castle won’t have actually that standard smoked meat flavor, but they’ll still be tender and also yummy! Year-round ribs… comin’ up!



A fast Google find for acting ribs will present you a bunch of various ways to cook them. For a smoking newbie, like myself, it have the right to be overwhelming! I have actually a trusty mini cookbook that came v my smoker, and it has actually a recipe dubbed 3-2-1 ribs, and it piqued my interest. The seemed basic enough, and also promised autumn off the bone soft ribs. Here’s the basics:

The first 3 hours, you’re infusing the meat v smoke flavor.The next 2 hours, you’re “steaming” the meat, which makes it very moist.The last hour, you’re basting and also glazing the meat with a bbq sauce of your choice.


Here’s the rub…. Pardon mine shameless pun there… in bbq vain circles, loss off the bone ribs room terrible. For rib connoisseurs, a good rib must be tender, and also pull far cleanly native the bone as you bite into it, yet it shouldn’t be SO tender the the bones slide out super easily. However, for many people, and also myself included, fall off the bone ribs room the best method to enjoy ribs. So for probably 90-95% that people, this ribs would certainly be perfect.



I constantly smoke mine bone side down (so the meaty side is dealing with up), for 2 reasons. First, I want the smoke to permeate the bone next too, so each and every bite of the ribs is same smoky and also delicious. Secondly, if you chef them bone next UP, the juices will pool in the concave center of the bones. Which sounds favor it would keep the meat nice and juicy, and also it does, yet what it additionally does is produce a obstacle that block the smoke native penetrating the meat. So because that me, bone side down, always.


HOW to SMOKE RIBS making use of THE 3-2-1 METHOD

In it’s simpler form, you’re break the food preparation time right into 3 simple time blocks. A smoking cigarettes time, a wrapped food preparation time, and also a basting time.

Set smoker come 225 F degrees. Brush a glaze over the ribs, top top both sides. Sprinkle generously with rub, climate smoke because that 3 hours.Transfer ribs to aluminum silver paper sheets, season through sugar, wrinkles foil up on the sides and top with one more sheet that foil, wrap together to seal the top and also bottom sheets, leaving one finish open. To water in part liquid (apple cider, bourbon, etc), then seal totally and go back to smoker for another 2 hours.

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Remove ribs native foil and also place earlier in smoker and also brush with bbq sauce. Smoke for 1 hour, cranking increase the temperature the last 15 minute or for this reason to gain stickier ribs.


If you’re in the mood for amazingly tender ribs, girlfriend simply have to try these 3-2-1 ribs! my version uses a store-bought rub for convenience, and you can use any type of bbq sauce the you love. If you’re in the mood for something deliciously boozy, you’ve got to check out my bourbon bbq sauce!