iMessage messages are queued for distribution to offline devices. Message are at this time stored for up come 30 days.

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Note this time duration has raised from a prior version of this guide, which stated that messages were queued for up to 7 days.

If, through "text message", girlfriend actually median SMS messages, those carry out not cross onto"s servers in ~ all unless you have actually SMS Forwarding enabled, to have actually messages from your iPhone forwarded come other devices such together a Mac or iPad. Forwarded SMS messages are encrypted in the same an approach as iMessage message (elaborated in the guide). It appears that the 30-day timeframe likewise applies come forwarded SMS messages.

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It"s unclear exactly how long the messages room stored after ~ transmission with iMessage. However there space plenty of locations to uncover the message if truly needed. For example, in any kind of iPhone backups, iCloud or local tough drive from iTunes backups: Both not-deleted messages (at the moment the back-up was taken) and many turned off messages are easily accessible in the backups. I work-related on the regime Decipher TextMessage which allows you to see these messages from the backups, and we"ve assisted many people recover messages required for court cases.

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iCloud makes multiple backups of her iOS gadgets over time, several of these backups are accessible to restore and some space not. Likewise you should be clear on messages that have been deleted and also messages that still exist, together both are still in the iCloud database.

To delete every data you would must wipe the iOS device (there space many choices on the market), wipe any kind of iTunes backups on her PC/Mac and also delete the iCloud backups the all gadgets that had that iMessage.

Even then, you can not delete all the copies if they to be intercepted while they were ceded or backed approximately a ar you cannot purge or control.

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