Tapeworms space flat, segmented worms that deserve to invade the digestive tracts of people and also animals. They’re parasites, which means they need a host body in order to survive.

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Tapeworms gain into her body once you eat raw or undercooked meat. Beef tapeworms space rare in the U.S., yet they can acquire into the food it is provided when human being live close to cattle and conditions aren’t clean. You’re more likely to obtain tapeworms native undercooked pork in the U.S.


When tapeworm eggs acquire into her body, they have the right to move to other places exterior your intestines, favor tissues and organs, and kind larval cysts. This is called an invasive infection. If they get in your cradle tract together larvae, castle turn right into adult tapeworms in her intestines. This is referred to as an intestinal infection.


Left untreated, adult tapeworms can live in a host body for as much as 30 years. Their size varies, however they can prosper to be almost everywhere from 6 to 22 feet.


Most people feel no various than usual once they have actually a tapeworm in their intestines. Symptoms that could show up include nausea, appetite loss, weight loss, diarrhea, ship pain, dizziness, or salt cravings.


The many serious symptoms happen when tapeworm larvae invade parts of your body exterior the intestines. You may have actually serious difficulties with your nervous system, consisting of seizures, or you can get headaches, masses or lumps, allergy reactions come the larvae, or difficulties with her vision.

A doctor can find out if you have a tapeworm through looking in ~ a sample of your poop under a microscope. You may need a CT scan, MRI, or blood tests to examine for invasive tapeworm larvae.

Your physician may also ask if you’ve seen any parts that a tapeworm in your poop recently. Periodically you deserve to feel a item of the worm move out when you go to the bathroom.

Prescription antiparasitic medications will death adult intestinal tapeworms. The physician will likely want girlfriend to take it these also if you’ve just seen a segment the tapeworm come out in her stool. If the head and also neck space still inside, the tapeworm can regrow itself.

If you have actually cysts native larval tapeworms, your physician may provide you a steroid medicine in enhancement to an antifungal. Surgery can be an alternative if a tapeworm cyst is impede the flow of fluid approximately your brain or spinal cord, or affecting her eyes.

To make sure you don’t get tapeworms, just eat meat cook to safe temperatures:

145 F for entirety cuts the meat160 F for ground meat

In general, washing your hands frequently -- specifically if you need to touch human poop -- is a good idea, too.

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If the believed of tapeworms makes you squirm, take heart. You most likely won’t ever get one. Less than 1,000 human being in the U.S. Acquire them a year. It’s exceptionally rare to pick one increase from her pet. And if you take it the right procedures to chef meat, friend shouldn’t gain one native it, either.

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