Many of us hesitate to take the plunge of the real tattoo. And also for great reason: it’s permanent. Yet we walk through different stages transparent our lives. They space the persons that shape us, develop us and readjust us. Fashion is also an extremely changeable and does not help to certain an attachments to ours tattoo till the end of ours life. That’s why the momentary tattoo the 6 months makes an ext and an ext people curious. In this special article I describe the “magic” an approach with part tips and a good warning!

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1 exactly how do I get a semi-permanent tattoo the lasts 6 months?
2 short-term tattoo 6 months, tips and also warnings
3 favor semi-permanent tattoos the last 1 month
3.1 Semi-permanent henna tattoo
3.2 The short-term Inkbox tattoo the lasts 2 come 3 weeks.
4 exactly how do I remove a semi-permanent tattoo?
5 commonly asked questions about semi-permanent tattoos

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5.1 ⌛ just how long does a semi-permanent tattoo last?