You open up your cupboard, or take a peek in her camping food preparation supplies, and also you uncover a bunch the old ketchup packets. Room they still an excellent to eat? how long perform they last? Let’s uncover out.

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Saving those single serving condiment packets is a pretty typical practice. After all, they give you a thousands ketchup packets because that one stimulate of fries in ~ the drive-thru. Why waste them? They’ll critical forever, right? Unfortunately, while your packaging might make it seem choose that’s true, they will certainly expire at some point. The folks in ~ the out Herbivore Blog did some digging, and asked manufacturers what their recommended “best by” dates were because that various varieties and brand of condiments. When they compiled every one of the data, they identified how long you should host on to that packet stash. Below are some instances from their findings:

Ketchup, Mayonnaise: One year for optimal flavor.Mustard, Taco Sauce, Parmesan Cheese: One to two years because that optimal flavor.Tabasco Sauce: 3 to 4 years because that optimal flavor.Honey, Salt, Sugar: Indefinite.

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To save on the for sure side of things, the probably best to throw away any packets the are beyond their “optimal flavor” allude (unless it’s a survive situation). Not issue what, though, constantly inspect the packaging first and examine the contents for any kind of odd coloring, texture, or odor prior to consuming it. If anything seems off, it’s better to it is in safe than sorry and toss it. That course, if you really don’t want to it is in wasteful, you can turn those packets into some tiny ice packs for little wounds and also bruises. You deserve to learn much more at the connect below.


Soothe Your little Wounds and also Bruises with Frozen Condiment PacketsChances room you've gathered a decent collection of soybean beans sauce, ketchup, and other condiments that