The most an overwhelming decision the every fry-lover needs to make is even if it is to eat the leftover french fries or throw them in the trash. Numerous things come into consideration when making this decision.

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Were lock cooked? were they uncooked? to be they frozen? to be they sit at room temperature? walk you put them in the refrigerator or the freezer?

Today, we’ll talk about how lengthy french fries last, while considering all the possible scenarios and also some ways you can prolong their life. Let’s “chip” in!


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How long do cook french fries critical in the fridge ?

As a general dominion of thumb, a fill of cooking french fries will continue to be fresh and also edible for 3 come 5 job if the is in the refrigerator.

However, this time expression does rely on part factors. For example, if you have personally set your fridge’s temperature, it has a significant impact on how long or brief this time duration can be.

Moreover, if girlfriend leave your fries uncovered in the refrigerator they will dry out faster and also they really won’t be any good.

How lengthy do frozen, uncooked fries last in the fridge ?

If you decision to remove frozen fries from the freezer and also put thawed and also defrosted french fries in the refrigerator, you have the right to keep them there for 2 to 5 days. After ~ that, girlfriend must cook them immediately.

Keep in mental that when they thaw they relax a the majority of moisture. This ca significantly influence the last texture of her fries, so do your best to prevent this scenario.

Also, remember that if girlfriend defrosted and also thawed the french fries in cold water or a microwave, friend should chef them and also eat them instantly as your shelf life is significantly smaller.

How lengthy do frozen, uncooked fries critical in the freezer ?

All frozen, uncooked french fries deserve to last in your freezer for up to 12 months yet it’s ideal to usage them in ~ 3 month of buying. However, this time duration likewise depends on your freezer’s temperature and also how regularly you open the freezer and the fries bag itself.

If you generally take the end the bag native the freezer to remove a portion of those fries and also then return the bag come the freezer, girlfriend are commonly exposing it to the room temperature. Thus, act this may result in a few fluctuations in the fries’ as whole lifespan in the freezer.

If you recognize you only need a few fries in ~ a time, no the whole bag, friend can part the entirety bag into smaller containers. This method you only take out a solitary serving in ~ a time.

How long do cook fries critical at room temp ?

If her room temperature varies in between 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 140 levels Fahrenheit, the maximum safe time duration come leave your fries the end on the respond to is 2 hours.

The reason behind this ascendancy is the bacteria tend to proliferate in between this temperature range, and leaving cooked fries out in the open can entice bacterial growth very quickly.

However, this time duration have the right to vary relying on how you have placed or save the fries. Because that example, if you retained them in a sealed container, the temperature will accelerate sensibly quickly and also humidity.

These increasing components can lead to quicker bacterial growth and decrease the for sure time home window even further.

It’s best to not leave fries in ~ room temperature, at all because they will lose all structure and also texture.

How long do frozen, uncooked fries last at room temp ?

When you remove frozen, uncooked french fries native the freezer and also place them on the counter at room temperature, they room safe and also edible for a maximum of 6 hours. After that, you should discard these french fries together they space no longer good enough come eat.

Remember that this time duration is applicable for room temperature is in between 40 degrees Fahrenheit and also 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The reasonable explanation behind this is that, as pointed out before, bacteria begin to proliferate within this temperature range.

Can you store cooked fries in the fridge ?

Given the cooked french fries execute not survive long on the counter at room temperature, that is best if you refrigerate them immediately. Come store and refrigerate cooked french fries, here’s what you can do:

Store the french fries in one airtight container. Make sure it’s a shallow box. You can also wrap the container tightly utilizing plastic wrap or heavy-duty aluminum foil.Place the french fries into the refrigerator whereby the temperature would not conveniently fluctuate as soon as you open the door. This clues is usually the far end of the fridge and also not close to the door.

How to tell french fries have actually gone bad

The first thing you must do is to smell and also the french fries. If they offer off any type of offensive or unexplained odor, discard them ideal away.

Another way to check that her french fries have actually gone poor is by check the appearance. If friend see serious discoloration or mold, litter the french fries away.

Remember never to taste the fries to examine if they room edible. If the fries have gone poor or have captured a bacterial infection, tasting the food is the last thing you desire to do.

How to do french fries critical longer

You can make her french fries last longer by storing castle the appropriate way. The correct method to refrigerate or keep your uncooked french fries is to cook them first. Here’s what us mean:

Precook your reduced potatoes in cook water for approximately 5 minutes. Law this helps reduce the impacts of the enzyme that cause discoloration and cause her fries to walk bad. Once you have actually slowed or deactivated these enzymes, your fries will instantly last longer.

Then, remove them native the pot and also drop them straight into a key of ice-cold water. Law this will certainly halt the food preparation process.

Now, spread them on a sheet pan and freeze them. Make sure no slice of potato touch the other and that there is sufficient distance in between each fry.

If the fries’ amount is method too lot to keep in a sheet pan, you deserve to pile the potato slices on height of each various other by utilizing parchment file in in between the layers. Now, location them in the freezer.

If you want to keep these fries for longer, take them the end of the freezer in about an hour and separate them right into sealed packages. Then, put the cut and also stored fries earlier in the freezer to keep for increase to 3 months.

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Final thoughts

Every food enthusiast loves french fries and wants come know exactly how long they can keep castle safe and edible. As delicious as these potato masterpieces are, everyone knows how fast they have the right to go bad. Hopefully, currently you know just how long do french fries last and how you can store them correctly!

If you’ve got any type of other food curiosities be certain to inspect the related short articles below, we’re always adding more food truth to make your life that lot easier.