Recently, i came throughout this short article on the Huffington short article titled ‘Fast Food employees Tell you What not to Eat’. In it, one details story worrying McDonalds Chicken McNuggets caught my attention. Return it’s a rarely occasion, top top a liven day – I have been well-known to go v the drive-thru for a few happy meals for the kiddos. (I know, i know…) So, this one made me wonder.

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‘”When I worked at McDonald’s, ns accidentally left a totality bag of around 100 chicken nuggets the end on a respond to for means too long. Lock melted. Into a pool of liquid. Ns never construed why. However they were totally indiscernible together being the nuggets i once knew.”‘

Did you gain that?

Melted. Right into a pool of liquid.


So, I wanted to check out this for myself. However, because I didn’t have accessibility to a totality bag the frozen McNuggets, i did the next ideal thing.  I went v the drive-thru.

I purchase a 4-piece McNugget and brought it home. Checked it out, they looked favor chicken nuggets.


So, I placed them right into my fridge and left lock there because that 10 days.

When the 10 days were up, ns pulled them the end to research them.


Looked dry, yet otherwise ok.

I chose to check the within by break it in half. Break it in fifty percent was not basic feat. I pressed in v my thumb to find my finger collapsed into a crusty nothingness.



It to be hollow. And nasty.

I got a spicy knife, and also cut open up a second one to gain a much better look. However, there was yes, really nothing come look at together this one to be hollow together well. All 4 of the chicken nuggets to be hollow.

My inquiry is – where walk the chicken go?

It went POOF.

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As in disappeared. That was like magic… really, yes, really gross magic. As come why – i dunno. Yet I am pretty grossed the end by the entirety evaporation factor here.