once you’re looking to acquisition a brand-new water heater or as soon as you’re considering replacing your present one, the main thing you require to recognize is how long should a water heater last. The question is more facility than it may seem at the outset, as there space a number of factors at play.

In this article, we will certainly tell you every little thing you have to know around the median life that water heaters, how to broaden their lifespans, and also how to determine if you need a new water heater.

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Average expectancy of warm Water Heaters Compared

form of Water HeaterAverage Life expectations of Water Heater
Tank Gas8 come 12
Tank Electric10 to 15
Tankless Gas20 years
Tankless Electric20 years

How long Do Gas Water Heaters Last?


Water heaters that have actually a tank, no matter if they operation on gas or electricity, are considered timeless water heaters. More modern-day models have no tank at all. So, just how long carry out tankless water heaters last?

As you can see in the chart above, tankless water heaters (like typical heaters) are available as gas or electrical power powered. Unlike classic heaters, though, there is small difference in lifespan between tankless gas and also tankless electric water heaters.

In both cases, they last for about 20 years. With ideal care, however, they can keep providing you with hot water for much longer — even up come 30 years!

The factor for the much longer tankless water heater life expectancy is the difference in design. Together the surname suggests, quite than storing warm water in a tank, a tankless water heater only receives water at the moment a warm water tap is rotate on.

Over time, leaks can build in the warmth exchanger of a tankless water heater. Once this leader to corrosion, you’ll need a replacement. Luckily, these leaks don’t often tend to occur until a water heater is at least 15 year old.

Which type of Heater Is the most Reliable?

Simply knowing the answer to “how long do water heaters last?” doesn’t provide you the full photo of what type of heater is the best. You additionally need to recognize which type of heater is the most reliable — i beg your pardon water heater will administer you through the best service end the lengthy term? The answer come this will depend somewhat on your needs and also what you space looking to get from your water heater.

Amount of Water Heated

Tank water heaters and also tankless water heaters deserve to both provide the same amount of water heated.

With a tank model, the precise amount of water your heater will carry out you with relies on the dimension of her tank. It’s vital to select the appropriate size for her household. Because that particularly big amounts, gas tank water heaters are far better than electric heaters, together they warmth considerably an ext water every hour.

On the various other hand, tankless heaters heat the water top top demand. V tankless water heaters, you will must look in ~ the GPM capacity of the separation, personal, instance water heater come determine exactly how much hot water deserve to be created at one time.

Overall, tankless water heaters are far better for this specification since unlike tank heaters, they produce hot water continuously at the GPM amount they are able to. V a tank model, once you use every one of the hot water save on computer in the tank you operation out of hot water. If you purchase a tankless water heater that has a high GPM capability they will have the ability to produce the very same amount of boil water.

Heat Loss

The main issue with having actually hot water ready at all times is heat loss. This is the instance for both types of tank water heaters and not an issue at every for tankless heaters. You can mitigate the difficulty to an level by including insulation come the tank, yet there will certainly still be some warm loss.

Overall, tankless water heaters are far better in this specification.

Hot Water throughout a power Outage

Both tank and tankless gas water heaters deserve to supply friend with warm water throughout a strength outage. This have the right to be an benefit if girlfriend live in an area that suffers from electrical energy cuts an ext than just occasionally. It will certainly ensure the you have reliable accessibility to warm water at all times.

Overall, either form of water heater that is it is provided by gas is best for this specification.

Low danger of Accidents

All types of water heaters deserve to suffer from damage and wear if lock lack continual maintenance. However, some species of mishaps are far worse 보다 others. For instance, gas heaters lug the greatest risk — a gas leak in the heater or a pipe deserve to lead to an explosion.

The warehouse tanks of timeless heaters (gas or electricity) can likewise suffer indigenous water leaks. Corrosion deserve to mean anything native a small drip or a substantial amount of water escaping. If your water heater is indoors, this could an outcome in a flood.

For these two reasons, tankless electric water heaters are the many reliable in terms of safety.

Fast heater Capabilities

Tankless water heaters administer you with warm water in ~ the instant you turn on the faucet. Similarly, having hot water prepared in a warehouse tank method that yes sir no need to wait for the water to heat up. The problems only start as soon as you diminish the warm water supply in a tank — it can take a long time come replenish. Electrical heaters space slower come replenish your tank than gas heaters.

Overall, gas tankless water heaters room the best and most reliable for the fastest heater capability.

Using Multiple sources of Water

If lot of members the your family members want accessibility to warm water in ~ the very same time, a reduced powered tankless water heater may prove to be unreliable.

For instance, if you have more than one shower in her home, you might still uncover that just one human being is able come shower at a time if your heater isn’t sized correctly. Friend may additionally need to stop from taking a shower head while law a load of to wash using hot water — that is, if you want to avoid a sudden burst of cold water.

That being said, if you select a tankless water heater v the forced GPM because that your family members this do not do it be one issue and also a tankless heater have the right to work even better than a traditional unit because that multiple resources of water.

Need for Repairs

Tank water heaters have a less complicated setup than tankless models. This can often mean less need because that repairs and also other species of maintenance. Furthermore, as soon as repairs are vital for a traditional heater, it tends to be apparent where the problem lies, meaning the worry is faster to fix.

Overall, conventional tank models are easier to repair due to the simplicity however tankless water heaters last longer and also may not have actually as huge of repair issues.

How to increase Your Water Heater Lifespan

We’ve pointed out maintenance a couple of times when talking about how lengthy do warm water tanks last. Adequate, constant maintenance is an important whatever her water heater — it can mean the difference between needing to replace the heater best after your warranty expires and also being may be to store it because that several much more years.

There are a variety of basic things you have the right to do to save your water heater in peak condition. Simply bear in mind that all the complying with require transforming off the water heater very first and being mindful — the water friend release may be scolding hot. If you don’t have experience working through water heaters, we constantly recommend consulting with a top quality water heater technician for any kind of servicing and also repair issues.

Below, we will walk girlfriend through just how to determine the best tankless heater for your house water situation.

1. Inspect the Pressure-Relief Valve

Conventional water heaters have a pressure-relief valve. This is design to protect against pressure building up within the tank and also causing an explosion. However, it is just able to stop an to explode if it is working properly. For this reason, you need to check that the is functioning effectively on a continual basis.

To operation the test, ar a bucket under the discharge pipe. Then, progressive the lever of the pressure-relief valve. Water have to come out of the pipe. If nobody does, you need to replace the valve.

2. Take a Look at the Anode Rod

We’ve currently mentioned the the anode pole corroding is a significant cause of failed tank water heaters. Checking the your anode stick is in good condition is a simple method to broaden your hot water heater lifespan. Find the pole screwed come the peak of your tank gas or electrical heater. If there is any type of sign of corrosion, replace the stick immediately. This will protect against your tank from arising a leak. Instead of the anode rod regularly can help extend the water heater beneficial life come as lot as 12 years.

3. Eliminate Limescale

Even a small amount of limescale can stop your water heater from functioning efficiently. You have the right to clear away limescale buildup merely by flushing her heater v undiluted white vinegar. The procedure is various according to whether you have actually a tank or tankless water heater.

For a tank water heater, open a faucet simply slightly to avoid a vacuum occurring. Then, attach a water tap to the drain valve and turn off the it is provided of cold water. Eliminate some of the water indigenous the tank to make space for the vinegar. After ~ this, you deserve to turn off the faucet. Eliminate the anode rod and also pour in the vinegar. Placed the anode back (this is a great opportunity to change it through a brand-new one, if necessary) and also turn the cold water supply earlier on. Leaving the vinegar because that at least six hours prior to draining it and also refilling her tank v water.

For a tankless water heater, you should remove the lid and close all 3 water valves. Remove the purge harbor valve caps to release pressure in the heater. Then, affix hoses to every of the valves. Reopen the valves and flush the water heater v vinegar. Placed the valve caps ago on and also remove the filter. Clean the filter by rinsing it through water and then replace it. Finally, change the cover and also restart her heater. Her manufacturer’s hand-operated will provide you with instruction on how to execute this safely.

4. Flush the end Sediments

Tank water heaters require flushing as soon as or double a year. This removes any kind of sediment sit at the bottom the the tank. Keep flushing the water until no sediment is left — it must take about 2 to 3 gallons of water.

If you continue to flush your tank however there is quiet sediment or if the water has actually a rust color, her heater is likely no much longer working safely. In this case, it needs replacing as shortly as possible. One more indication that you require a brand-new water heater is rumbling noises. These have to go far after you flush the tank. If they persist, there is something seriously wrong with your heater.

5. Inspect the Gas Lines

If you have actually a gas water heater (of any type), you need to check the tube often. Look for indicators of corrosion and for cracks. In the situation you doubt that girlfriend do have a leak, seek a expert HVAC service. Also a little leak can be very dangerous.

6. Look because that Water Leaks

If her water heater is outdoors, you may not an alert that is leaking. Cracks in the heater or a puddle below the heater top top the floor imply severe damage — and also the need for a replacement.

Bear in mind, the an initial time you use a gas heater, the will create some condensation. Friend may notice a little amount that water in the drainpipe pan. This is typical — the water will certainly go away as shortly as the heater reaches the exactly temperature.

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This article has answered two questions: how long space water heaters an excellent for and how deserve to you make her heater critical longer. Through this knowledge, you’ll have the ability to choose the right type of water heater for her home and also increase her water heater lifetime.