Babies in helmets room pretty much the cutest things ever, aren’t they? native the outside, what’s viewed as just an beloved (or confusing) accessory, is in reality a really crucial piece of medical equipment. 

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But uneven you’ve gone v the helmet process with your own small one, it can be difficult to understand what they’re yes, really for. And also if you’re faced with potentially having to usage a helmet because that your very own baby, it deserve to be overwhelming to think around what it can be like. 

To help gain part insight, we spoke v Kim Lapides of Eat, Sleep, Wear on her an individual experience through baby helmets. This, the course, is simply one mother’s perspective. Us hope that it helps offer you a quick view on having actually a baby that wears a helmet and helps to ease her worries around the process.

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Meet the expert
Kim Lapides
Kim runs the blog eat/sleep/wear i m sorry is a personal blog the explores topics on fashion, lifestyle, travel and motherhood.

Editor’s Note: always direct all of your important questions to your pediatrician or a cranial technology specialist. This is not expected to replace medical advice or perspective. 

How common is it because that babies to wear helmets?

Once our son Otis acquired his helmet on, I started seeing helmet babies all OVER! i think the much much more common these days to see babies through helmets. A huge reason for the is likely since of the for sure sleep techniques of babies resting on your backs. Yet there are countless reasons why babies can develop flat spots. Ns think it’s great that there is such an efficient treatment choice out there, so it’s been more of a usual thing come see.

At first, it might be overwhelming but at the finish of the day, I had actually a healthy and also happy baby, and also he was just fixing his flat spot in his cool small magic hat. Otis was always all smiles and literally might not treatment less around the reality he was wearing a helmet which yes, really helped. No to mention, that helmet come in handy once he started to stand up and also pull self up on things and crawl around! 

It deserve to be together an emotional process dealing with the reality that you have something that adds some additional steps to your life and also changes it for a short period of time. Maybe obtaining baby dressed in the morning is a small harder due to the fact that his shirts doesn’t fit end his helmet. Maybe it damages that you can’t snuggle your little one’s head if you’re feeding them. But you adjust just favor your infant does. Just know there are lots of babies the end there resolving their flats spots, even if your parents aren’t sharing those photos everywhere their Instagram or Facebook. Everyone has their own means of handling these life transitions, yet you room not alone.


If the doctor puts the decision in your hands, what do you do?

This is such a personal decision. Ns think over there are numerous factors come weigh. Ns think your mother gut, in mix with the advice of remarkable doctors and also cranial modern technology specialists that you speak with, will constantly give friend the answer. 

Once we met v our cranial tech, they were able to measure up Otis’ flatness and also be maybe to location it top top a range of normal, moderate, severe. He to be on the sheet of the moderate/severe scale. By the time we began treatment, the was thrust over right into the severe classification in regards to his measurements. 

We inquiry a lot of questions that at some point helped united state to make an informed decision. My greatest advice is to always ask a the majority of questions. As an easy or dumb as you might think lock are, you need all the answers once it concerns making such a big decision about your baby’s health. I constantly had a Google Doc developed with an continuous list of concerns to keep me organized. This aided me feel informed throughout the process. 

Be an support for yourself and also for your baby. Ask questions. Get second opinions. Ns think all of these things will help you recognize what come do. Ns am so happy the we sought treatment and additionally successfully i graduated from our helmet.

What are they for?

The helmet chin is a custom-made helmet the basically has some extra space in it. While your baby gets bigger, your head then grows right into this extra room in the helmet. This, in turn, help to round out a flat spot or asymmetrical area the the head. Your physician can provide you a much more medical perspective on this. 

How high value is it? space there any alternatives? Is the necessary?

Honestly, the cost is outrageous. 

Our helmet cost $2200 which included the custom-made helmet and every one of our appointments. Our insurance did no cover it, and there was even a certain exclusion because that helmets. We appealed and also tried to fight it, but we had actually no luck. Then, the physical treatment appointments were $50 every visit. It was so expensive, and also we were fortunate to have the ability to put the on a credit transaction card. 

It’s yes, really unfortunate that the price has to even be a aspect in this decision, yet it’s very expensive, so it constantly is a factor.

I would not say there is an different to treatment, however as much as at an early stage intervention goes, there space some head-adjusting hats, etc. That you can find on the market. None of those interventions operated for us. We tried them. My son’s torticollis was as well strong. 

Whether or not a helmet is necessary is a inquiry for your pediatrician and your cranial modern technology specialist. In the end, all these health treatment providers can do their finest to diagnose and steer girlfriend in the best direction. We had a really positive endure with the helmet overall, and now being on the other side the a successful treatment, I would certainly 100 percent perform it again if I had actually to with an additional child. 


Was it an overwhelming to acquire your baby offered to the helmet?

Surprisingly, no! 

I was extremely worried about how he would readjust to it. Him being uncomfortable to be my biggest fear. Of course, over there is constantly an convey period. That very first week is EXTRA sweaty. Castle just acquire so sweaty v something brand-new on your head, yet that overcome pretty quickly. 

One point I learned to be to not placed socks on the and always dress the in one layer less so he would not overheat since of his helmet. So, we skipped socks a lot and skipped pair of shoes sometimes and just made sure he to be comfortable. 

The helmet did not really impact his sleep in ~ all. The course, the first few days there is a learning curve, yet basically, he seemed pretty unaffected by it. Babies space so sturdy and adjust so quickly. Ns think it also helps that both my husband and I had a confident attitude and approach.

Of course, us were nervous and excited and also emotional, yet we just tried to support our tiny baby as ideal as us could. And also he go great.

Do castle wear it 24/7?

They stay the helmet wear for 23 hrs a day. It have the right to be turn off 1 hour for bathtime and also cleaning the helmet. 

When you an initial initially obtain the helmet, there is a transition period where friend switch turn off wearing it because that 1 hour and off for 1 hour. Then, you slowly increase to assist your small one’s body adjust to it. This is mostly since babies gain super sweaty the first week in their helmet so this helps them to acclimate. 

It’s so necessary to in reality follow the rules her doctor gives you concerning your helmet since you room doing so much to help your little one resolve their flat spot. There is some flexibility too. We traveled to Maui throughout the summer, and also I to be concerned around pool time and also whether the helmet would affect our trip. We were may be to save it turn off for 4 hours during the day without affecting his treatment. Of course, this was simply for distinct circumstance of being on vacation, and it’s not something we ever pushed beyond what was advised to united state by specialists.

Talk with your cranial technology to come up with the best arrangement for your little one, yet typical wear is constantly 23 hours a day.


How have the right to you avoid it? Is it preventable?

I think this is a huge stress because that a most parents. You constantly blame yourself once you uncover out her baby has actually a level spot. You store asking you yourself what you might have done differently. That a sort of complicated answer.

When a newborn is so little, castle spent many of their day sleeping and that way most of their day is invested on your backs. That is the traditional for for sure sleep according to medical professionals. 

So, when they room awake, tummy time is your ideal friend. Babies don’t always tend come tolerate ship time well, yet it deserve to be a nice way to acquire them off the ago of their heads for part awake time during the day.

We captured Otis’ flatness early and basically eliminated all our swings and contraptions, so he constantly had come be proactively doing ship time or gift worn in a baby carrier. We didn’t enable ourselves come use any of his wake up time in a waver or seat. We tried wearing that for all of his daytime naps, as said by ours cranial tech since my husband and I both work-related from home. 

I assumed that for sure due to the fact that of every the diligent job-related we to be doing to save him off his head, his flatness would surely improve. But after a month that this, his flatness actually obtained worse. So, this just goes to show you that sometimes, you have the right to practice every the best things, and also it’s nothing we can have done to prevent it. 

If you are a mom who is recently going through this process, you re welcome be kind to yourself. It’s not your fault. We room all law the finest for our small ones, and some things space unavoidable also with the ideal intentions.

Does plagio influence development?

I am no a doctor, for this reason I deserve to only re-superstructure what i learned indigenous the health treatment professionals that we spoke with. We talked a lot through our cranial tech around the pros and also cons of helmet treatment and what would happen if we chose not to seek it. In our case, Otis’s head would have actually been flat, however he would have been healthy and also happy. 

What us learned is that in very, really severe flatness instances where there is excessive asymmetry, there is the potential to influence other components of the body development, like jaw growth and more. Together I said, ns am no a doctor, but in many moderate flatness cases, the does not impact development. 

I extremely suggest girlfriend schedule an appointment with a cranial modern technology professional if girlfriend have any type of concerns around your baby’s flatness. They space amazing and also can look at your baby’s head dimensions to get a better understanding of whereby the flatness lies ~ above the range of what is normal and also what is severe.


Are there lengthy term effects after treatment is done?

The an excellent thing around treatment is that as soon as it’s done, that done. 

The tough work of rounding out some of the early flatness can not be reversed. Since a baby is continually going through developmental milestones, they need to reach several of those milestones before graduating indigenous treatment. 

For example, they have to be resting on your stomachs, sit up independently, standing up, cruising furniture, also walking sometimes, until a doctor says the they room officially done. V each milestone, babies are naturally spending much less time on the back of your head and in turn, enabling their head to normally round out together time passes and also their head continues to grow.

I feel like a bad mom due to the fact that my baby has to wear a helmet. Exactly how do you gain past this?

You are not a poor mom!

Trust me, I had actually those feeling of guilt too. I felt favor I didn’t do sufficient to protect against Otis’s helmet treatment. That so tough when you space doing her absolute ideal to help your tiny ones. I understand for me, it was an emotional procedure at very first – you finish up having to make decisions pretty quickly since there is a little window for treatment to be effective.

I think the talking to our cranial tech really assisted to put things in perspective around just how common this is. She yes, really eased ours mind that we did everything we could do to avoid treatment. The a various journey for everyone, yet it also helped to talk to other parents who were taking their kids to physical treatment for torticollis and also were also considering helmet treatment. Some of them chose not to seek treatment and some of lock did. 

I recognize it’s therefore overwhelming, but you will get through it. I am below to tell you, from a helmet graduate, the it to be SO precious it and got much easier along the way.

Are most doctors aware of the issue? How deserve to parents support for your babies?

In ours situation, i really had actually to support for ours baby. 

Our doctor spotted his flat spot in ~ our two-month wellness visit and also said she no concerned around it and to just focus on more tummy time. In mine gut, ns knew I want to inspection this further. The an ext I looked at his head, the flatter that looked to me, and also I simply didn’t see exactly how this would gain significantly much better without intervention. 

After talk to a couple of mom friends, I decided it would certainly be proactive to get my boy evaluated through a pediatric physics therapist to check out if there were any kind of underlying issues. At our appointment, the PT instantly i found it Otis’s muscle tightness. She is trained to view those intricacies in the muscles, and also she diagnosed Otis v Right-Sided Torticollis. 

At the end of our first appointment, the PT also gave united state a referral to a cranial an innovation company. She indicate that if we were worried about his flatness that it wasn’t a negative idea to schedule a consult through them together they would be able to take head measurements and also let us know exactly how severe his flatness was to give us part treatment arrangement options. 

There is a small window for helmet treatment to it is in effective, and I want to obtain Otis on the ideal track. I eventually had come come back to my pediatrician and also talk about the findings from physics therapy and request a prescription because that a helmet as soon as we made decision to seek treatment. The was not the many fun chat, but it’s constantly important to support for your babies and seek out second opinions from other specialists if you are concerned.


Is there a allude where the becomes also late to exactly the issues?

I think every instance is uniquely different, yet it’s an extremely highly recommended to exactly flatness sooner quite than later. 

Since babies’ skulls are cultivation so quickly when they room infants, if you space pursuing treatment, the most efficient when their skulls room in a period of rapid growth. Something i didn’t recognize is that the helmet usually creates room for the head to prosper into. The helmet no reshape what is there however instead functions to correct development going forward. Your heads do many of their growing before one year, so mine specialist want to gain Otis right into his helmet at the latest at 5 month old come ensure us could catch that precious head growth to yes, really see an excellent results.

What perform you great you had actually known before your baby got a helmet?

I great I had actually known an ext about torticollis and also being able come spot it so I can start physical therapy earlier with the really hopes to aid with previously intervention. 

I think when you room in the throes of brand-new motherhood, you just want to emphasis on keeping your infant alive, and also you nothing really notification that their head is favoring one side. Now I feel like I would spot this kind of point in an instant.

I think one more thing i wish I had known is that period feels so emotional when you’re in it, however it really paris by. If girlfriend do need to do helmet treatment, that going to be over before you understand it. And honestly, ns am for this reason happy us did it. I would go back and phone call myself that these babies space so resilient and that he will certainly be may be to readjust so quickly.

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Whether or not you pick to seek helmet treatment, you are a good mom who is looking the end for her baby, and also there are lots of us out over there who have actually your back.