Apples have the right to last for one week at room temperature and also one month to a year in cold storage. Apologize are tiny pieces that heaven, for this reason here’s how to keep your apologize longer!


Apples room delicious, and also they have actually various wellness benefits, hence the renowned adage “An apologize a work keeps the medical professional away.” The fruit works marvels to keep you healthy, helping maintain an excellent cardiovascular health, fight diabetes, and control your weight.

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There room so many apple ranges that you have the right to eat a different one every day because that decades. In the US, the most typical are Red Delicious because that snacking, Granny Smith for apple tarts and also pies, or the crisp and sweet golden Delicious for making applesauce.

Whatever your setup is, learn about proper warehouse so you deserve to enjoy her apples in various ways and avoid wasting the fruit.


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Choosing new apples at the grocery save or farmer’s market

Buy the freshest bunch of apples you can, and also they’ll last much longer once you bring them residence with you.

1. Check the skin and firmness.

Some specks and unevenness in shade are natural, yet the skin need to feel smooth, with no bruising, wrinkles, and also brown spots. The apple need to be heavy in your hand, even when you press gently with your fingertips. Don’t acquire an apple that easily dents to the touch.

2. Odor it.

It should have a pleasant, fruity aroma.

How to keep apples properly

After buying your apples, you want to make certain they won’t go negative before you reap them! examine out the various storage needs for her apples.

First, to wash them.

Store-bought apples have wax applied to lock to do them look at shiny, which is a wellness hazard. Usage either of these techniques to eliminate the wax:

Hot water – dive the totality apples in warm water because that a few seconds. Take it them out and wash castle under running water.Lemon juice or vinegar – Mix 1 tablespoon that lemon juice or vinegar and 1 tablespoon the baking soda in a bowl of water. Dip each apple in it and use a vegetable brush to scrub the wax away. Rinse lock under running water afterward.

Wipe her apples dry through a clean dishcloth, and they’re all set to eat or store.


The basics of maintaining apples

Keep apples far from strong-smelling foods to avoid them from soaking up the odor.

Whole apples

On the respond to – Put whole apples in a wire key on her counter. They’ll last there for three to seven days.In the refrigerator Store the to apologize in a plastic bag with holes come let the ethylene gas out, or individually wrap castle in newspaper or baking parchment before placing them in the crisper drawer. They’ll critical up to 2 months.In the freezer – frozen the apologize to do them last as much as one year. Our tips on just how to freeze apples below.

Cut apples

Prevent the apples from turning brown by to reduce exposure come air. You can try any the the adhering to tips:

Brush or dip reduced apples in lemon juice – emboldened the open sides in a bowl of three parts water come one component lemon. Place the apple in the fridge in an airtight container.Use water – Submerge the apologize slices in a bowl of water and place a clean record towel over them to keep them submerged.Dip them in honey – row a mixture the 2 tablespoons the honey and 1 cup water for 30 seconds, then dip the sliced apples.Soak the slices in salt water – Soak the slices in 1/2 tespoon of salt per quart of water for 3 to 5 minutes.

Keep castle sealed – after ~ doing any type of of the above, use a tightly sealed container or a vacuum-sealed plastic bag to keep your reduced apples and keep moisture and also other contaminants out.


Can you save apples ~ above the counter?

Yes. Girlfriend should ar your apples whereby you and the household can view them and also easily seize one because that snacking.

Apples perform ripen much quicker at room temperature, for this reason they last just three to 7 days on the counter.

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Here’s exactly how to prolong their freshness:

Make certain your bowl of apples is far from heat sources. Use a wire key for waiting circulation.Check that all the apples room in good condition. One poor apple can reason the entirety bunch come overripen faster.A fruit bowl looks good, yet don’t location the apples v oranges, bananas, or avocados because they all create ethylene gas that makes them ripen and also rot quickly. Because that bananas, you deserve to wrap the stem through plastic or foil to seal turn off the ethylene.