As a one-stop-shop, Amazon is amongst the most convenient solutions on the internet. What makes Amazon even an ext accessible is the capacity to to buy gift cards. However, as with any kind of other store or digital service, gift cards have terms and conditions that frequently come with specific limitations.

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Amazon gift cards perform not expire. I shown this by contacting Amazon client service and speaking come a representative. You have the right to redeem one Amazon gift card at any kind of time and include it to your account balance there is no worrying about expiration. Amazon account balances have the right to only be used to purchase commodities sold top top Amazon.

Amazon says the terms and also conditions pertained to account balances and gift cards on your website. This terms apply to customers in the U.S, therefore if girlfriend live in another country, inspect out the neighborhood Amazon website.

This post will walk friend through how to redeem an Amazon gift card and answer several of the various other questions you might have around returns, business exemptions, and more.

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Do Amazon Gift Cards Expire If no Redeemed?

No, Amazon gift cards do not expire even if they are not redeemed. You deserve to redeem her Amazon gift map at any kind of time. When you activate the gift card and include it to your account balance, you have the right to start utilizing it come purchase assets sold top top the Amazon website or the app.

Although Amazon gift cards perform not expire, the a an excellent idea to activate her gift card right away once you obtain it come avoid any kind of possibility that misplacing or shedding your card.

Once friend redeem it, you will certainly not need to use it right away. Instead, the funds will certainly sit in the gift map balance, and you will always have the option of using it when you checkout.

So even if you don’t usage it best away, the money will be secure, and also you i will not ~ risk shedding the value.

How to Redeem an Amazon Gift Card

Once you receive your gift card, you can either redeem that on her mobile machine or a desktop. Both monitor a similar procedure but vary slightly depending on the do of her device.

If you space redeeming the Amazon map on her mobile, right here are the actions you will should take:

Once you log in in, navigate come the menu either by clicking the “Hello” next to the dare or the triple heat pop-out menu on the leftScroll down till you discover the ar labeled “Payments”Select “Your Payments”Scroll previous your added payment techniques down to whereby you watch “Amazon Gift Card”You will certainly then click “Redeem a gift card”Enter her gift card number and also pin, and the value will it is in loaded into your payment center.

If you would like to redeem your gift card on your desktop, right here are the measures you’ll should take:

Once you sign in, top top the right side that the browser, friend will view “Hello”, click on “Account” ideal underneathUnder the dropdown, click “Account”It will certainly navigate you come a web page where you will certainly see several options; in the center of the screen, girlfriend will see “Your Payments”Once you click that, you’ll be able to scroll past your saved credit cards to whereby you view “Amazon Gift Card”Click “Redeem a gift card” and enter her card information

Whether you monitor these steps on your mobile or desktop, girlfriend will find the process similar and also pretty right forward for including your gift map balance into your payment section of Amazon.

Does anyone know how to cash out a Amazon gift card?

— F̶l̴y̴i̸n̷g̶ ̴S̵p̶a̵g̷h̶e̵t̴t̸i̸ ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一 (
nuudleboi) December 29, 2020

Can you Cash the end Amazon Gift Cards?

Unfortunately, Amazon gift cards can not be cashed out. Unequal cash cards, they room paid directly to Amazon and therefore are only redeemable on Amazon merchandise. They space non-transferable to other stores and also are no redeemable because that reimbursement.

The only way to acquire cash for an Amazon gift card is to offer it come an separation, personal, instance buyer; however, also if you use online services like eBay, over there are service fees that will deduct the lot you’re able to make.

Therefore, your best bet is to merely use the gift map on Amazon merchandise.

I can not return one Amazon gift card once it’s invited onto mine account.

— Chris10 (
Circuitouslife) march 14, 2019

Can you Return an Amazon Gift Card?

Once one Amazon gift card has actually been purchased, it cannot be returned or exchanged for cash. If friend have already redeemed your gift card and also care come un-redeem it, just Amazon customer company can go into your account to finish this process once did you do it redeemed the funds.

Keep in mind the an Amazon associate will usually just do this for the gift card funds to be moved to a various account the yours.

Often, they will un-redeem the funds and also move them directly into a various account because that you. This go not give you much of a means to acquire the money earlier on a card to resell or regift it.

It is outside Amazon’s plan to return gift cards, so while there might be extenuating scenarios that warrant a map being reverted for cash, this is highly unlikely and should not be count on when buying an Amazon gift card.

amazon I’d favor to give you feedback. Throughout checkout any type of gift card in my account is immediately deducted native an bespeak (difficult to see on phone). I dislike the automatic setting and would prefer to check out an choice to eliminate this automatic selection. Thx.

— plunder Jager (
RobJager) may 31, 2018

How to remove an Amazon Gift card from her Account

Once you have actually redeemed her gift card, the worth cannot be removed from her account until the value is used. However, if you are shopping ~ above Amazon and also do not want to usage your gift card amount, you have the right to remove the from automatically using itself by complying with these steps:

Once you’re signed right into Amazon, include the items you are looking for to her cartNavigate come “Cart” or “Proceed to checkout”When you view the subtotal of your order, under the “Gift or Promo Code” box, friend will check out if your Amazon gift card has actually been used to the orderYou will have the ability to see the amount applied and also underneath that, girlfriend can pick “Remove” if you perform not wish to usage the gift map for the purchase

Keep in mind the you will have to inspect this between every acquisition you do to avoid accidentally placing an order with on your gift card.

Once you usage up the full amount top top the card, the will instantly be eliminated from your account.

We found that if girlfriend order native
amazon gift card … friend can’t add a tip to the order. Since Amazon wants 100% of the full to go earlier to them. One of two people don’t usage a gift map to pay for grocery distribution or leave some cash the end for the driver.

— roadway (
Lanie524) January 17, 2021

Can You usage Amazon Gift Cards for Amazon Fresh?

Any gift map purchased v Amazon can be provided for any kind of item sold through the Amazon website in your offered country. Amazon fresh does not have actually its very own gift card because any type of Amazon gift map will work-related for Amazon Fresh as well. You will even uncover Amazon new themed Amazon cards online.

Since Amazon new is an expansion of the Amazon website, your gift cards can be offered for both. So, if you desire to stimulate groceries with Amazon Fresh, you have the right to use your Amazon gift card to pay because that the order.

However, keep in mind that if you desire to include a tip to her order, you will need to use money indigenous your other saved credit cards on Amazon to leave a reminder for your distribution driver!

Unfortunately, when using a gift map solely, over there is no space in the checkout window to transform the lot or include a reminder to the purchase.

Since each shipment driver depends on advice to increase their income, try using component of her Amazon gift map for your Amazon fresh order and put the remainder of the price on a credit card to include a tip.

Final Thoughts

Like so plenty of other virtual retailers, Amazon has certain rules and also regulations for their gift cards. Once a gift map is purchased, it can not be returned or traded because that cash. Amazon gift cards execute not expire, and also that provides customers great flexibility once spending their gift card balance.

If you ever before have any issues through your Amazon account or gift card, call Amazon’s customer organization team due to the fact that they will have an ext ability to transform your account than you will.

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