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The Clinton Impeachment, aBasic Chronology--with links to some video clip on the affair


June 1995: Monica Lewinsky, 21, pertains to the White house asan unpaid intern in the office of chef of staff Leon Panetta.

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November 1995: Lewinsky and also President bill Clintonbegin a sex-related relationship, follow to audiotapes secretly recorded later by LindaTripp.

December 1995: Lewinsky moves right into a paid place inthe Office of legislature Affairs, taking care of letters indigenous members that Congress. Shefrequently ferries mail to the Oval Office.


April 1996: Then-Deputy White home Chief of staff EvelynLieberman transfers Lewinsky to a project as one assistant to Pentagon spokesman Ken Bacon.Lieberman called The new York time the relocate was due to "inappropriate and immaturebehavior" and inattention to work. At the Pentagon, Lewinsky meets Tripp, a careergovernment worker.

Summer 1996: Lewinsky begins to tell other Pentagonemployee Linda Tripp of her alleged relationship with Clinton.


August 1997: Tripp encountered catalen Willey coming out ofOval Office "disheveled. Her confront red and also her lipstick was off." Willey lateralleged that Clinton groped her. Clinton"s lawyer, invoice Bennett claimed in the short article thatLinda Tripp is not to it is in believed.

Fall 1997: Tripp to begin taping conversations in whichLewinsky details she alleged affair through the president.

October 1997: Lewinsky interviews v U.S. Ambassador come theU.N. Bill Richardson because that a low level publicly affairs position.

October 1997: Tripp meets through Newsweek"s MichaelIsikoff, Lucianne & Jonah Goldberg at Jonah"s apartment in Washington, according to aNewsweek report. The Goldberg"s hear to a tape of Tripp/Lewinsky conversations.

December 1997: Lewinsky leaves the Pentagon.

Dec. 8: Betty Currie, Clinton"s an individual secretary, asks presidential pal VernonJordan to assist Lewinsky discover a task in new York.

Dec. 11: Lewinsky meets through Jordan and also he refers she to several project leads.

Dec. 17: Lewinsky is subpoenaed by lawyers for Paula Jones, that is suing thepresident on sexual harassment charges.

Dec. 28: Lewinsky renders her last visit to the White House, according to WhiteHouse logs, and was signed in by Currie. Lewinsky supposedly met privately with Clintonand he allegedly urged her to it is in "evasive" in her answers in the Jones"lawsuit.


January 1998

Jan. 7, 1998: Lewinsky records an affidavit in the Jones casein i m sorry she denies ever before having a sexual partnership with president Clinton.

Jan. 9: Tripp delivers the tapes to her lawyer, Jim Moody.

Jan. 12: Linda Tripp contact the office that WhitewaterIndependent Counsel Ken Starr to talk around Lewinsky and the tapes she do of theirconversations. The tapes allegedly have Lewinsky detailing one affair through Clinton andindicate that Clinton and Clinton friend Vernon Jordan told Lewinsky to lie about thealleged to work under oath.

Jan. 13, 1998: Tripp, wired by FBI agents functioning withStarr, meets v Lewinsky in ~ the Ritz-Carlton Hotel bar in Pentagon City, Va., andrecords your conversation.

Jan. 14, 1998: Lewinsky gives Tripp a record headed"Points to make in one affidavit," coaching Tripp on what come tell Jones" lawyersabout catalen Willey, one more former White residence staffer. Willey recently had actually testifiedabout alleged unsolicited sexual breakthroughs made by the chairman in 1993.

Jan. 16, 1998: Starr contact Attorney general Janet Renoto get permission to broaden his probe. Reno agrees and submits the inquiry to a panel ofthree commonwealth judges. The judges agree to allow Starr come formally inspection thepossibility the subornation the perjury and also obstruction of justice in the Jones case. Trippand Lewinsky meet again in ~ the Ritz-Carlton. FBI agents and U.S. Attorneys intercede andtake Lewinsky to a hotel room, wherein they inquiry her and offer she immunity. Lewinskycontacts her mother, Marcia Lewis, that travels down from brand-new York City by train. Lewiscontacts her ex-husband, who calls attorney wilhelm Ginsburg, a household friend. Ginsburgadvises her no to accept the immunity deal till he learns more.

Jan. 17, 1998: Ginsburg paris to Washington come representLewinsky. Clinton provides his deposition in the Jones lawsuit, in which that denies having asexual partnership with Lewinsky. Newsweek magazine decides no to operation a story byinvestigative reporter Michael Isikoff top top the Lewinsky tapes and the alleged affair.

Jan. 18: Clinton meets with Currie, compare his memory through hers top top Lewinsky.

Jan. 19, 1998: Lewinsky"s surname surfaces in an net gossip column, the DrudgeReport, which mentions rumors the Newsweek had determined to hold-up publishing a piece onLewinsky and the alleged affair.

Jan. 21, 1998: number of news establishments report thealleged sex-related relationship in between Lewinsky and Clinton. Clinton denies the allegationsas the scandal erupts.

Jan. 22, 1998:Clinton reiterates his denial of the relationship and says henever urged Lewinsky to lie. Starr concerns subpoenas because that a number of people, and also forWhite house records. Starr likewise defends the expansion of his early Whitewaterinvestigation. Jordan hold a press conference come flatly deny he told Lewinsky come lie.Jordan likewise says the Lewinsky told him the she did not have actually a sexual partnership withthe president.

Jan. 23, 1998: Clinton assures his cabinet of hisinnocence. Referee Susan Webber wright puts off "indefinitely" a depositionLewinsky was scheduled to offer in the Jones lawsuit. Clinton"s personal secretary, BettyCurrie, and other aides room subpoenaed to appear before a federal grand jury. Ginsburgsays Lewinsky is being "squeezed" by Starr and also is now a target that the Whitewaterinvestigation.

Jan. 24, 1998: Clinton asks previous Deputy White residence Chief of employee HaroldIckes and former commerce Secretary Mickey Kantor to go back to the White home to helpdeal with the controversy. Speak continue in between Starr and also attorneys because that Lewinsky end apossible immune agreement.

Jan. 25, 1998: Ginsburg claims Lewinsky will "tell all" in exchange forimmunity. Clinton political torture James Carville says "a war" will certainly be wagedbetween Clinton supporters and Kenneth Starr end Starr"s examination tactics.

Jan. 26, 1998: Clinton forcefully repeats his denial,saying, "I go not have actually sexual relations with the woman, miss Lewinsky."Ginsburg provides Starr a an introduction of what Lewinsky is ready to say come the grand jury inexchange because that a grant of immune from the prosecution.

Jan. 27, 1998: Jones" attorney, john Whitehead, answersStarr"s subpoena with several documents, possibly consisting of Clinton"s deposition in theJones suit. Currie testifies prior to the grand jury. Very first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton saysin a transfer interview the a "vast right-wing conspiracy" is behind thecharges versus her husband. A Portland, Ore., man, Andy Bleiler, alleges he had afive-year affair with Lewinsky, and his lawyer guarantees to rotate over documents and itemsto Starr"s investigators. Clinton delivers his State the the Union address, make nomention that the scandal.

Jan. 29, 1998: The judge in the Paula Jones sue rules the Monica Lewinskyis "not necessary to the main point issues" that the Jones case, and has notified thatall evidence related to Lewinsky be excluded from the Jones proceedings.

Jan. 31, 1998: immunity discussions between Monica Lewinsky"s attorney, WilliamGinsburg, and Ken Starr"s office appear stalled. Ginsburg says Lewinsky to plan to walk toCalifornia in the comes week come visit her father.


Feb. 4, 1998: word comes that Independent Counsel Ken Starr has actually rejected thelatest created statement by Monica Lewinsky"s lawyers seeking immune from prosecutionfor her. Their on-again, off-again immune discussions room off.

Feb. 5, 1998: Ken Starr states his inspection is "moving an extremely quickly and also we"vemade very far-ranging progress."

Feb. 6, 1998: at a news conference, President invoice Clinton says he would certainly neverconsider resigning because of the accusations versus him. "I would never walk awayfrom the civilization of this country and the to trust they"ve inserted in me," the says.

Feb. 10, 1998: Monica Lewinsky"s mother, Marcia Lewis, shows up before the grandjury. Ken Starr and also his investigators doubt Lewis was mindful of she daughter"s allegedaffair with President bill Clinton.

Feb. 11, 1998: very first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton predicts the allegationsagainst she husband "will progressively dissipate with time under the load of that owninsubstantiality." A retired mystery Service uniformed guard, Lewis C. Fox, cases inan interview he witnessed Monica Lewinsky concerned the West wing on but on the weekend with documents shesaid were because that the president.

Feb. 18, 1998: one of President invoice Clinton"s the next advisers, Bruce Lindsey,spends the day prior to the Whitewater cool jury. The hear is quit briefly whenquestions of executive, management privilege room raised.

Feb. 19, 1998: Ken Starr"s chronology mirrors presidential girlfriend Vernon Jordanbegan seeking a private-sector task for Monica Lewinsky within 72 hrs of her being listedas a potential witness in the Paula Jones civil civil liberties lawsuit versus President BillClinton.

Feb. 20, 1998: Lewinsky attorney invoice Ginsburg says the former intern met withVernon Jordan much previously than was being reported.

Feb. 23, 1998: over there is more legal wrangling over as soon as Marcia Lewis, Lewinsky"smother, will certainly resume her cool jury testimony. She lawyer, Billy Martin, states she is"going with hell."

Feb. 25, 1998: White house lawyers room preparing legit briefs to safeguard theadministration"s position that executive, management privilege should shield number of of chairman BillClinton"s peak aides from specific questions in the Lewinsky investigation.

Feb. 26, 1998: White House an elderly communications aide Sidney Blumenthaltestifies prior to the cool jury, answering questions around any duty he may have actually played inspreading an adverse information around investigators in elevation Counsel Ken Starr"soffice. Fourteen democracy in the home write Attorney general Janet Reno complainingabout subpoenas issued by Starr. A non-profit group that research studies women in the workplacesays the will add $10,000 together seed money for a legal defense money for Lewinsky.

Feb. 27, 1998: White House communications aide Sidney Blumenthal refuse toanswer some of the questions posed prior to the cool jury, citing the conflict overwhether the elevation counsel can force aides to testify around conversations they hadwith the president.

March 1998

March 3, 1998: Vernon Jordan Jr. Testifies prior to the cool jury.

March 5, 1998: Lawyers for Monica Lewinsky fight with Ken Starr over whetherLewinsky has a binding immune agreement.

March 9, 1998: U.S. District Judge Susan Webber wright rejects a inquiry by Ms.Jones" attorneys to encompass evidence the a Monica Lewinsky affair throughout a Jones trial.

March 10, 1998: catalent Willey, a previous White house volunteer that accused thepresident the fondling her, testifies before the grand jury for four hours.

March 11, 1998: The cool jury safety the day listening come audio recordings,which resources say are tapes do by Linda Tripp of she conversations through Monica Lewinsky.

March 16, 1998: Clinton states "nothing improper"happened once he was alone v Kathleen Willey, responding to her accusations aired in aninterview top top "60 Minutes" the ahead night. The White home releases lettersWilley sent to the president, signed "Fondly, Kathleen" in an initiative to castdoubt on she story.

March 17, 1998: The White home charges that Kathleen Willey tried to offer herstory to a book publisher because that $300,000. Willey"s attorney denies the charges. A girlfriend ofLewinsky and the presidential diarist give grand jury testimony.

March 18, 1998: Julie Steele"s affidavit is released. In the she says she liedwhen she asserted Kathleen Willey had involved her home the night that the encounter and toldher about it.

March 20, 1998: chairman Clinton decides to formally invoke executiveprivilege.

March 25, 1998: Marcia Lewis, Monica Lewinsky"s mother, fails to persuade afederal referee to excuse her from a third day of testimony. Starr subpoenas records fromKramerbooks & Afterwords ~ above Monica Lewinsky"s purchases in ~ the store. Among herpurchases was reportedly Nicholson Baker"s "Vox," a novel around phone sex. JodieTorkelson testifies.

April 1998

April 1, 1998: referee Susan Webber light dismisses thePaula Jones case.

April 7, 1998: Presidential diarist Janis Kearney testifies before the grandjury. Harolyn Cardozo, daughter of multimillionaire fund-raiser and also Clinton pal NateLandow and a previous White house intern, testifies prior to the cool jury. She is questionedon kathleen Willey"s accusations of unwanted sexual breakthroughs made through the president.

April 9, 1998: A 2nd White home steward is dubbed to testify before thegrand jury in a supposed effort to discover of meetings in between the president and MonicaLewinsky.

April 14, 1998: Kenneth Starr papers a sealed movement in U.S. Ar Court tocompel testimony that uniformed mystery Service agents, according to the wall Street Journal.

April 16, 1998: Ken Starr withdraws from factor to consider for the deanship atPepperdine University regulation School. Starr claimed an end to the Whitewater investigation"was no yet in sight." bernard Lewinsky lashes the end at Kenneth Starr, callingthe treatment of his daughter "unconscionable." He additionally asks for assist in payingthe previous intern"s legit bills.

April 18, 1998: U.S. News & world Report says retired an enig Service officeLouis Fox testified prior to the cool jury that during a visit by Lewinsky to the WhiteHouse in the autumn of 1995, Clinton told him, "Close the door. She"ll be in here for awhile."

April 21, 1998: previous President George bush weighs in, challenging Ken Starr"sattempt come get an enig Service officers to testify prior to the cool jury.

April 28, 1998: Nancy Hernreich, director of Oval Office operations, testifiesfor the sixth time in the Lewinsky investigation.

April 29, 1998: A federal judge rules that Monica Lewinsky walk not have animmunity covenant with Ken Starr.

April 30, 1998: In his an initial news conference because the Lewinsky scandal broke,the president lashes the end at live independence Counsel Ken Starr charging the he heads a"hard, well-financed, vigorous effort" to undercut the president. Clintonrepeatedly decreases to sophisticated on his connection with Lewinsky.

May 1998

May 5, 1998: commonwealth Judge Norma Holloway Johnson rules against PresidentClinton"s insurance claim of executive, management privilege. Clinton confidant Vernon Jordan testifies for athird time before the grand jury.

May 6, 1998: Clinton"s an individual attorney, David Kendall, accuses Starr"s officeof "flagrant leaks," citing a Fox News report that claimed information onClinton"s executive-privilege decision came from the live independence counsel"s office.

May 8, 1998: Ken Starr and David kendal quarrel end leaks of cool juryinformation. Betty Currie testifies before the grand jury because that the third time.

May 13, 1998: Ken Starr seeks contempt charges against David Kendall, thepresident"s personal attorney. Starr accuses kendal of leaking cool jury testimony.

May 14, 1998: Starr says in commonwealth court the there space no legit grounds forSecret service agents that guard the chairman to refuse to testify before the cool jury.Betty Currie, the president"s personal secretary, returns for her fourth appearance beforethe cool jury testimony.

May 21, 1998: Walter Kaye, a retired insurance executive and prominentDemocratic contributor, testifies before the cool jury.

May 22, 1998: federal Judge Norma Holloway Johnson ruled that the mystery Servicemust testify prior to the cool jury in the Monica Lewinsky controversy.

May 27, 1998: Monica Lewinsky"s lawyer, bill Ginsburg to write an upset "openletter" to Ken Starr i m sorry was released in "California Lawyer.""Congratulations, Mr. Starr! as a an outcome of her callous neglect for cherishedconstitutional rights, friend may have actually succeeded in unmasking a sex-related relationshipbetween two consenting adults." the is reported that fatality threats to be made againstLinda Tripp when the Lewinsky scandal very first broke in January and also she was moved to a safehouse.

May 28, 1998: Ken Starr asks the supreme Court to expedite their ruling onexecutive privilege. Monica Lewinsky offers handwriting and also fingerprints samples come the FBIat Ken Starr"s request.

June 1998

June 1, 1998: Clinton"s defense team decides to drop theappeal top top the executive, management privilege ruling. Yet his lawyers will proceed to argue forattorney-client privilege to protect against close friend and also aide Bruce lindsay from answeringall that Ken Starr"s questions.

June 2, 1998: The outspoken invoice Ginsburg is replaced asMonica Lewinsky"s lawyer with a team of knowledgeable Washington litigators, Jacob Stein andPlato Cacheris. The split was stated to it is in by "mutual agreement."

June 5, 1998: Appeals court fast tracks attorney-client privilege dispute.Federal judge Norma Holloway Johnson rules that while Monica Lewinsky"s publication purchases didhave a bearing on she case, only Kramer books -- and not Barnes & Noble -- would berequired to hand over records of her purchases.

June 8, 1998: The can be fried Court hears oral disagreements in Ken Starr"s attempts toaccess notes take by the lawyer of late White house deputy counsel Vince Foster ripe daysafter the meeting in question. Foster"s lawyer, James Hamilton said the notes arecovered by attorney-client privilege, but Starr"s office claimed the privilege doesn"t alwaysextends past death.

June 9, 1998: Presidential girlfriend Vernon Jordan testifies prior to Ken Starr"sgrand jury because that the fifth time. Lewinsky"s brand-new lawyers speak they are upset by her photolayout in Vanity fair magazine.

June 10, 1998: previous White home Deputy chief of staff Harold Ickes appearsbefore the cool jury come testify about his involvement, if any, in the release ofinformation from Linda Tripp"s personnel records.

June 15, 1998: Deputy White residence Counsel Bruce Lindsey files an appeal offederal referee Norma Holloway Johnson"s decision to deny him attorney-client privilege inthe Lewinsky case.

June 15, 1998: The publication of an short article in the new magazine of mediacriticism, Brill"s Content, alleging the Ken Starr leaked information to the media leadsJudge Holloway to hold a private meeting with lawyers for both sides of the case toinvestigate the charges. The magazine"s editor and creator, Steven Brill, stated Starradmitted come the leaks in a 90-minute interview.

June 16, 1998: Ken Starr releases a 19-page strike on Brill"s article, callingthe editor "reckless" and "irresponsible" because that printing what the calleda misinterpretation of their interview.

June 18, 1998: resources tell CNN that three FBI agents have testified in secretaffidavits that a plan to cable Monica Lewinsky and also monitor her conversations walk exist.The mystery testimony refutes Ken Starr"s released denial of the plan, however does notspecify the the conversations Starr"s beginning wished come tape were through the presidentor Vernon Jordan.

June 22, 1998: Kramer Books and lawyers for Monica Lewinsky strike a deal inwhich documents of Lewinsky"s purchases are submitted come Ken Starr"s office by her lawyersand no the publication store, thereby allowing the book store to keep it stood up for thefirst Amendment.

June 22, 1998: CNN learns the Ken Starr may be willing to do an immunity dealwithout requiring that Monica Lewinsky plead guilty to some charge versus her if theydecide that she is cooperating totally with the prosecution.

June 25, 1998: The can be fried Court rules 6-3 that attorney-client privilegeextends beyond the grave, exempting Vince Foster"s conversations through his lawyers frombeing dubbed as proof in Ken Starr"s presidential investigations.

June 25, 1998: White House communications aide Sidney Blumenthal testifiesbefore Ken Starr"s cool jury because that the 3rd time. Blumenthal complains that Starr"sinquiry focused on what the White residence was saying around his prosecution rather thanBlumenthal"s conversations with the president.

June 26, 1998: Ken Starr presents disagreements to a federal appeals courtrequesting that mystery Service personnel be required to testify in the Lewinsky case.Linda Tripp is dubbed to show up before the grand jury top top Tuesday, June 30.

June 29, 1998: Attorneys for Dale Young confirm that the Lewinsky household friendtestified before the grand jury that Monica Lewinsky speak to she of one intimaterelationship in between herself and President Clinton. Follow to Young"s testimony,Lewinsky confided in she in 1996, detailing the limitations and also rules Clinton had placedupon their relationship.

June 30, 1998: Linda Tripp shows up before the cool juryfor her an initial day of testimony, accompanied by she children. She states that she did nottrick Monica Lewinsky as soon as she recorded conversations through her previous friend.

July 1998

July 1, 1998: Linda Tripp provides her second appearance prior to the grand jury,during i m sorry the Lewinsky tapes may have been played.

July 7, 1998: Linda Tripp returns for her 3rd day that testimony prior to thegrand jury, together the Maryland state"s attorney opens investigations right into Tripp"s taping ofher conversations v Monica Lewinsky. The examination is aimed in ~ deciding whetherTripp had damaged Maryland state legislations that call for both parties in a conversation toconsent to be taped.

July 7, 1998: The U.S. Court the Appeals rule that secret Service agents musttestify prior to the cool jury, upholding judge Norma Holloway Johnson"s previously decision.

July 9, 1998: Monica Lewinsky announces she is ready to cooperate in theMaryland investigation right into the legality that Linda Tripp"s tapes of phone conversations asTripp appears before the grand jury for the fourth time.

July 14, 1998: Ken Starr subpoenas Larry Cockell, head that the president"ssecurity detail. The justice Department, backed by the secret Service, inquiry a fullpanel very nice one of the an enig Service testimony decision native the U.S. Court that Appeals.

July 17, 1998: can be fried Court chef Justice wilhelm Rehnquist denies one extensionof the temporary continue to be on secret Service testimony. The subpoenaed mystery Service agentsappeared before the grand jury, although just three of them testify. Larry Cockell, that isnot among the agents to testify, spends the afternoon waiting.

July 21, 1998: The U.S. Court that Appeals hold a hearing on alleged leaks ofgrand jury info to the media by Ken Starr"s office. The hearings center on JudgeNorma Holloway Johnson"s secret sanctions versus Starr and his succeeding appeal. Thesanctions would require Starr to turn over documents and also other evidence related to thealleged leaks.

July 25, 1998: Word emerges the Independent Counsel Ken Starr has actually servedPresident Clinton with a subpoena that calls because that his testimony before the Lewinsky grandjury following week. Negotiations are underway top top the scope, timing and also format of Clinton"stestimony.

July 27, 1998: The U.S. Court the Appeals rules the attorney-client privilegedoes not safeguard presidential confidant Bruce lindsay from answering all questions placed tohim prior to the Lewinsky grand jury.

July 28, 1998: In a dramatic breakthrough, lawyers forLewinsky and also Starr work-related out a complete immunity commitment covering both Lewinsky and herparents, Marcia Lewis and also Dr. Bernard Lewinsky.

July 29, 1998: President bill Clinton agrees come testify voluntarily and also Starr"soffice withdraws the subpoena. Clinton"s testimony is set for respectable 17 in ~ the WhiteHouse.

July 30, 1998: resources say that as component of she immunity agreement, Lewinsky hashanded end to prosecutors a dark blue dress the she alleges may contain physicalevidence that a sexual relationship with President invoice Clinton. The dress is turned end tothe FBI lab for testing.

August 1998

August 6, 1998: Monica Lewinsky appears before the grandjury to begin her testimony.

August 7, 1998: A federal appeals court allows an investigation of alleged newsleaks native Ken Starr"s office continue.

August 11, 1998: Hollywood producer and Clinton girlfriend Harry Thomason testifiesbefore the cool jury.

August 17, 1998: President invoice Clinton becomes the firstsitting chairman to testify prior to a cool jury investigate his conduct. ~ thequestioning at the White house is finished, Clinton walk on national TV to recognize he had aninappropriate relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

August 18, 1998: previous Clinton political advisor cock Morris testifies beforethe grand jury.

August 19, 1998: Word that Starr has actually requested and received a sample ofClinton"s DNA becomes public.

August 20, 1998: Monica Lewinsky testifies before the cool jury for a secondtime.


September 9, 1998: live independence Counsel Ken Starr submitshis report and 18 crate of supporting records to the home of Representatives.

September 11, 1998: The home of Representative votes to get the Starrreport. The home Judiciary Committee takes possession that the 18 box of products andpromptly publication the very first 445 pages to the public.

September 18, 1998: end Democrats" objections, the HouseJudiciary Committee agrees to release President Clinton"s videotaped cool jury testimonyand an ext than 3,000 pages the supporting material from the Starr report, including sexuallyexplicit testimony indigenous Monica Lewinsky.

September 21, 1998: The Judiciary Committee publication andmany television networks instantly broadcast an ext than 4 hours of chairman Clinton"svideotaped grand jury testimony. Along with the videotape, the Judiciary Committee alsoreleases the appendix to the Starr"s report which consists of 3,183 pages that testimony andother evidence, including a photo of Lewinsky"s semen-stained dress.

September 24, 1998: The residence Judiciary Committee announces the committee willconsider a resolution to begin an impeachment inquiry versus President Clinton in an opensession on October 5 or October 6.


October 2, 1998: The house Judiciary Committee releases another 4,610 pages ofsupporting material from Ken Starr"s investigation, including transcripts of cool jurytestimony and also transcripts the the Linda Tripp-Monica Lewinsky tapes.

October 5, 1998: ~ above a 21-16 vote, the house Judiciary Committee recommends afull impeachment inquiry.

October 8, 1998: The home of representatives authorizes awide-ranging impeachment inspection of chairman Clinton on a 258-176 vote. Thirty-oneDemocrats sign up with Republicans in sustaining the investigation.

October 28, 1998: In the last week of the 1998 campaign, republicans shiftgears and begin pummeling the democrats in TV ads around Bill Clinton"s affair through MonicaLewinsky.


November 3, 1998: Democrats pick up 5 seats in the Houseof to represent in the midterm elections, and also held off a Republican super-majority inthe Senate.

November 5, 1998: Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde sends out a list ofquestions to chairman Clinton, asking him to "admit or deny" the significant factsoutlined in live independence Counsel Ken Starr"s report come Congress.

November 9, 1998: A residence subcommittee hears native legal specialists on whetherPresident Clinton"s actions in the Lewinsky work rises come the level of one impeachableoffense.

November 13, 1998: after ~ fighting Jones" sexual harassment lawsuit because that fouryears, Clinton agreed to pay Jones $850,000 to drop the case. However the deal included noapology from the president.

November 19, 1998: In a marathon session, live independence Counsel Ken Starr outlineshis case versus President Clinton before the house Judiciary Committee, speak Clintonrepeatedly "chose deception." democrats grill Starr about his investigativemethods.

November 28, 1998 republic express disappointment and also outrage at what somedescribe together President Clinton"s evasive and also legalistic answers come the JudiciaryCommittee"s questions.


December 1, 1998: ~ above a party-line vote, the house Judiciary Committee expandsits impeachment inquiry to include alleged campaign finance abuses, approving subpoenasfor Attorney general Janet Reno, FBI director Louis Freeh and federal prosecutor CharlesLaBella.

December 3, 1998: After 2 staffers watch at inner Justice room memos,Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde tells Republicans that campaign fund-raising willnot be part of the impeachment debate.

December 4, 1998: Lawyers for President invoice Clinton questioning the house JudiciaryCommittee for three to 4 days to make their defense presentation.

December 6, 1998: president Clinton"s attorneys room granted 30 hours over twodays to do his defense case before the Judiciary Committee.

December 8, 1998: In a daylong session, president Clinton"s lawyers and threepanels the witnesses testify ~ above the president"s behalf, speak Clinton"s behavior does notwarrant impeachment.

December 11, 1998: The residence Judiciary Committee approves three posts ofimpeachment, alleging the President Clinton cursed perjury and also obstruction the justice.The action comes despite another apology native Clinton.

December 12, 1998: The house Judiciary Committee approvesa fourth and final article of impeachment against President Clinton, accusing that ofmaking false explanation in his answers to written questions from Congress. A Democraticproposal come censure Clinton instead goes down to defeat.

December 15, 1998: In a punch to White home hopes, 11 moderate residence Republicansannounce they will certainly vote come impeach the president.

December 16, 1998: In a combination strike, U.S. And also British forces strike Iraqin retaliation because that its failure to cooperate with U.N. Tools inspectors. Due to the fact that of themilitary action, residence Republican leaders delay a to plan impeachment debate and also vote setto start Thursday, December 17.

December 17, 1998: republic reschedule the impeachment controversy for December 18over autonomous objections. Republican Speaker-elect Bob Livingston is compelled to recognize hisown marital indiscretions, but says unlike chairman Clinton, they to be not with a staffmember and also he was never asked to testify under oath around them.

December 18, 1998: The house of to represent engages ina fierce, daylong dispute whether come impeach president Clinton. A CNN survey argues thereare sufficient votes to give one or much more articles that impeachment.

December 19, 1998: after 13 1/2 hours of dispute over twodays, the home of to represent approves two articles of impeachment, chargingPresident Clinton v lying under oath come a federal cool jury and obstructing justice.Clinton vows to fill the end his term and also appeals because that a bipartisan damage in the Senate.


January 5, 1999: Senate majority Leader Trent Lottannounces chairman Clinton"s trial will start January 7, yet senators continue to wrangleover exactly how long the trial have to be and also whether to contact witnesses.

January 7, 1999: with ceremonial flourishes, the perjuryand obstruction of justice trial of President invoice Clinton starts in the Senate, through theswearing in of cook Justice william Rehnquist come preside and the senators together jurors.

January 8, 1999: The Senate unanimously agrees top top a processfor proceeding the trial, however puts turn off a decision ~ above a crucial sticking suggest -- whether tocall witnesses.

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January 11, 1999: chairman Clinton"s defense team deniesthe charges versus the president in a 13-page answer to a Senate summons. Houseprosecutors send a pre-trial memo outlining your case.

January 13, 1999: chairman Clinton"s lawyers file theirpre-trial brief, outlining the case for the president"s acquittal. Clinton speak reportershe wants to emphasis on the nation"s business, not the trial. "They have their project to doin the Senate, and also I have mine," Clinton says."And i intend to carry out it."

January 14, 1999: Thirteen house prosecutors begin athree-day opening statement, laying the end the situation for the Senate to judge PresidentClinton and remove him from office.

January 19, 1999: president Clinton"s legit team begins athree-day defense of the president.

January 22, 1999: Senators start two job of questioningof the prosecution and defense teams, passing written queries with Chief JusticeWilliam Rehnquist.

January 23, 1999: A referee orders Monica Lewinsky tocooperate with house prosecutors; Lewinsky return to Washington, D.C., native California.

January 24, 1999: Monica Lewinsky submits to a nearlytwo-hour interview with house prosecutors; they contact the session "productive"but Lewinsky"s lawyer states it included nothing new to the record.

January 25, 1999: Senators hear arguments around dismissingthe charges against President Clinton and also then intentional in secret.

January 26, 1999: Senators hear arguments about seekingdepositions from three witnesses -- Monica Lewinsky, Vernon Jordan and Sidney Blumenthal-- and also then intended in secret.

January 27, 1999: In twin, 56-44 votes, the Senate refusesto i disbanded the charges against President Clinton and agrees to seek depositions fromMonica Lewinsky, Vernon Jordan and also Sidney Blumenthal.

January 28, 1999: In a party-line vote, the Senate OKs aRepublican plan for the impeachment trial"s deposition phase, and sets February 12 as atarget date for the trial"s end.


February 1, 1999: home prosecutors question MonicaLewinsky in a closed-door deposition; Clinton"s lawyer reads a declare to she expressingthe president"s "regret" end what Lewinsky has gone through, yet asks noquestions.

February 2, 1999: residence prosecutors inquiry presidentialfriend Vernon Jordan because that three hrs in a closed-door deposition.

February 3, 1999: residence prosecutors question White Houseaide Sidney Blumenthal in a closed-door deposition.

February 4, 1999: on a 70-30 vote, the Senate decides notto speak to Monica Lewinsky to testify in human being at the trial, yet clears the means for Houseprosecutors to present excerpts the videotaped depositions.

February 6, 1999: Americans gain a possibility to see and also hearMonica Lewinsky as home prosecutors and also White home lawyers play video clip excerpts the hertestimony in their final summations.

February 8, 1999: home prosecutors and also Clinton"s lawyeroffer closeup of the door arguments.

February 9, 1999: Senate starts closed-door deliberationson chairman Clinton"s fate, after ~ rejecting a "sunshine" proposal to open theproceedings come the public.

February 12, 1999: chairman Clinton is acquitted that thetwo posts of impeachment. Rejecting the very first charge of perjury, 10 Republicans and all45 Democrats vote "not guilty." on the charge of obstruction of justice, theSenate is split 50-50. Afterward, Clinton claims he is "profoundly sorry" for theburden he enforced on the Congress and also the American people.

March 18, 1999: Deputy elevation Counsel Hickman Ewingtestifies at the Susan McDougal trial that he had actually written a "rough draftindictment" of very first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton after he wondered about her truthfulness ina deposition.

April 12, 1999: U.S. District Judge Susan Webber Wrightfinds President invoice Clinton in civil contempt that court for his "willfulfailure" to follow her repeated orders to testify truthfully in the Paula Jones case.Wright additionally orders Clinton to pay Jones "any reasonable costs including attorneys"fees resulted in by his willful failure to obey this court"s exploration orders," directingJones" lawyers to submit an bookkeeping of their expenses and also fees. She additionally rules Clintonmust reimburse the court $1,202 because that the judge"s travel expenses. Wright travel toWashington at Clinton"s inquiry to preside over what she now calls "his tainteddeposition."

June 30, 1999: in ~ the hit of midnight, the IndependentCounsel regulation expires. However Independent Counsel Ken Starr states there are still 2 ongoingaspects of his investigation.

July 29, 1999: U.S. District Court judge Susan WebberWright order President invoice Clinton to salary $90,686 for providing false testimony in thecivil sex-related harassment lawsuit filed against him by Paula Jones.

August 18, 1999: The federal court panel the appointedIndependent Counsel Ken Starr splits over whether to end the five-year live independence counselinvestigation, voting 2-1 to store it alive. Judge Richard D. Cudahy dissents native hisfellow judges, saying that v President bill Clinton already impeached and acquitted,and no prosecutions pending versus others, "this is a natural and also logical allude fortermination." CNN likewise learns the Starr has actually been affiliated in "theoreticaldiscussions" about stepping aside together independent counsel.

October 18, 1999: Robert ray is sworn in together the successorto live independence Counsel Ken Starr, inheriting a very controversial investigation and theduty to compose the unique prosecutor"s last report.


March 13, 2000: Whitewater live independence Counsel Robert Raybegins filing a series of final reports that detail the office"s six-year investigation ofPresident bill Clinton and first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton.

March 16, 2000: elevation Counsel Robert Ray"s officefiles a report stating over there is "no an extensive and credible evidence" thatPresident invoice Clinton and first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton seek confidential FBIbackground check of previous GOP White home personnel.

April 24, 2000: CNN learns that in the vault weekIndependent Counsel Robert Ray has subpoenaed records from the nationwide Archives in anattempt to identify whether the White home deliberately withheld digital mailmessages in an attempt to stymie investigate pertaining to the Monica Lewinsky affairand other Clinton administration controversies.

June 30, 2000: one Arkansas can be fried Court panel records suitto strip Bill Clinton the his patent to practice law. The Arkansas State supreme CourtCommittee on skilled Conduct encourage in might that Clinton"s Arkansas regulation licensebe withdrawn, in the wake up of accusations he gave misleading testimony under oath in thePaula Jones case. Clinton has 30 days come respond.

July 13, 2000: Charles Bakaly, the former spokesman forthen live independence Counsel Ken Starr, goes come trial ~ above charges that he misled a judge aboutnews leaks throughout the Monica Lewinsky investigation.

July 28, 2000: The final report top top the so-called"filegate" scandal is unsealed by a commonwealth appeals court, and also WhitewaterIndependent Counsel Robert Ray said the report mirrors no evidence of misconduct by firstlady Hillary Rodham Clinton or previous White house Counsel boy name Nussbaum.

August 17, 2000: CNN learns that in July IndependentCounsel Robert beam impaneled a new grand jury as part of one investigation right into the scandalinvolving President bill Clinton and former White house intern Monica Lewinsky.