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Fire damages in the main compound villa in i beg your pardon Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens suffered the asphyxiation that killed him at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya ~ above October 3, 2012. Michael Birnbaum/The Washington write-up via Getty photos
Day of September 11, 2012: Demonstrators gather external US diplomatic structures in a number of Muslim-majority countries, even climbing the wall surrounding the united state Embassy in Cairo, to protest The Innocence the Muslims, an amateur anti-Islam film, clips the which had been recently interpreted into Arabic by Egyptian media.

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Between 8:30 and also 9:00 pm, Benghazi time: An armed mob assembles approximately the gates of the us mission in Benghazi. This is a map:

wall Street newspaper 9:42 pm: The attackers breach the mission’s gates, “easily” (according the Senate knowledge report) overpowering the small American and Libyan protection detachments. After ~ gaining access to the building, they collection fire to it.

10:00 pm: American protection attempts come evacuate Ambassador Stevens and also Officer Smith, yet loses castle both in the smoke. A diplomatic security agent attempts to locate them, but is forced to retreat to the roof that the building after suffering severe smoke inhalation.

10:10 pm: A CIA assistance team arrives at the mission to safeguard the diplomatic staff and also assist v the evacuation.

11:15 pm: ~ one last search because that Ambassador Stevens stops working to uncover him, the combined American pressures leave for the CIA Annex (about a mile away) under heavy fire. They come 15 minutes later.

11:56 pm: Militants strike the CIA annex v rifles and rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs). The sporadic fire claims no casualties.

5:15 am, September 12: The Annex is fight by mortar fire because that 11 minutes. Agents Woods and Doherty are killed attempting come return fire, and another unnamed certified dealer is serious wounded. The severity that the mortar assault convinces the chief of base that they should abandon Benghazi altogether.

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6:00 am: local Libyan forces lastly arrive and protect the Americans throughout their journey to the airport and exit from the city.

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