As far as I recognize there is no concrete answer given within the film. There are indications that imply that it's an exceptionally high number; that mentions having seen a film in theaters over a hundreds times, as well as implying the he spent means longer than is actually shown trying to kill himself. Yet unless ns missed other there's no complete number thrown out. It could be that he was in there for so long that he actually simply stopped counting or forgot. I'm just curious what kinds of numbers people can come up with, or if someone can point to where a genuine number is given.

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Edit: here's a link to a video clip that runs that math:


Ramis as soon as said Phil to be trapped in Groundhog Day because that 10 years, even though the original setup was to have actually him trapped because that 10,000 years. Follow to the website wolf Gnards, i beg your pardon ran the numbers, Phil was in reality trapped because that eight years, eight months and also 16 days.

That sounds about right. 10 years would make sense in terms of both the learning brand-new skills while likewise being about the amount of time I would think it would certainly take because that someone to change as drastically as he does through the end of the film.

10,000 is a little much though.

Really renders you think when you see that crazy human being on the street swearing to themselves. They are simply stuck in a time loop is all.

I would say at least several years. I know of no concrete #'s given in the movie. That learns a international language (French) and to pat the piano, those alone would have taken a considerable amount that time.

That's a an excellent point. Ns forgot around him discovering French. Ns took French for 3 years and also barely learned anything, so world with an typical learning capability would more than likely still take at least a year or so come be completely fluent.

I'm fascinated through this film and also have done some pretty deep thinking about what was behind Phil's experience and also rebirth together a person being. I think I've come up v a workable concept on simply what was behind his time loop. Phil come under the spell of a Pooka.

Okay, an initial Phil Connors is an irish name for this reason its very feasible an ancestor of his was recognized to the Pooka. A Pooka is a celtic gift from Ireland. He sees Phil acting like a prat so he decides to have actually fun with him, possibly teach the a lesson and torture him, or probably he desires to aid him revolve his life around and it would take a lot of time . And also if girlfriend recall the movie " Harvey" ( an ext of this ties into it in a bit) , the Pooka had actually mastery the time control and also space. He can stop time by looking at a clock. It would be reasonable to i think he might replay the exact same day over and also over if he wished.

And if you look at "Harvey", the star of the film, Jimmy Stewart, his hometown of Indiana Pa. Is quite close to Punxsutawney. And in the town's museum committed to Mr. Stewart hangs the famous painting from the film. Wouldn't a Pooka be attracted to that place out of curiousity, even an ext so if human being still thought in the Pooka's visibility thru the film? and the event of Groundhog's day itself, if German, is a pagan belief and Holiday. The Pooka, a pagan being itself could be attracted to watch the festivities and celebration( through the much drinking and revelry). And so it might have i found it Phil and collection the story's occasions in motion.

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So did it at some point tire the Phil's ordeal, particularly once it witnessed he to be at tranquility with his life and was act his finest to help those roughly him? Perhaps. Yet I think it to be genuinely impressed through him and also think he earned to it is in released and maybe want to aid him every along. I check out the Pooka together a six foot tall groundhog, though, no a white rabbit.