Oct. 3 point out 26 years since O.J. Simpson was acquitted of the brutal murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and also waiter Ron audioeditorfree.comldman.

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Decades later, the well known crime remains unsolved.

From the televised criminal trial the captivated the nation to the kidnapping and also armed robbery fees that sent him to prison, right here is a look earlier at an essential moments in Simpson"s life.

A USC soccer star

In the 1960s, Simpson came to be a university football star together a running earlier for the university of southern California in Los Angeles. In 1968, he winner college football"s top award, the Heisman Trophy.

In this Nov. 9, 1968 file photo, southerly California"s O.J. Simpson runs versus California during a university football video game in Los Angeles.

NFL success

In 1969, Simpson was the very first pick in the NFL draft, and he do a surname for himself play for the Buffalo Bills.

AP Photo
Buffalo receipt running earlier O.J. Simpson (32), strides end teammates during a football game versus the Tampa bay Buccaneers in Buffalo, N.Y., September 3, 1977.
Simpson retirement in 1979 and was inducted right into the pro Football hall of fame in 1985.

From football come film

Simpson left football behind for Hollywood, certification in well-known Hertz commercials in the 1970s as well as movies, consisting of "Capricorn One" in the 1970s and "The nude Gun" films in the "80s and "90s.

O.J. Simpson is watched in a tho from "The naked Gun: native the documents of Police Squad!" which additionally starred Leslie Nielsen.

Simpson and Nicole Brown

Simpson, that had youngsters with ex-wife Marguerite Whitley, married Nicole Brown in 1985. They had two children, Sydney and also Justin.

O.J. Simpson and also his mam Nicole Brown Simpson to visit a party at the Harley Davidson café in brand-new York City, circa 1993.
In 1992, Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson divorced.

A gruesome double killing

On the night that June 12, 1994, Brown Simpson and also her family members had dinner in ~ a Los Angeles restaurant. Ron audioeditorfree.comldman, a waiter at the restaurant, saw Brown Simpson"s house that night to return glasses she mother had left behind.

Around midnight, Brown Simpson and also audioeditorfree.comldman were discovered stabbed to death at Brown Simpson"s home.

Simpson remained in Los Angeles the night of June 12 but took a late flight that night come Chicaaudioeditorfree.com. Once he went back to Los Angeles the following day, he was interviewed by police, yet not instantly arrested.

The white Bronco chase

On June 17, 1994, prosecutors bespeak Simpson to surrender, yet instead that fled in a white Ford Bronco through his girlfriend Al Cowlings, leading police on a slow-speed chase that carried Southern California freeways to a standstill and drew in a network tv audience of 95 million Americans.

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News helicopters hovered overhead, documenting the chase, and Angelinos gathered top top the roadways, and also in front of your televisions, to clock in real time.