It"s safe to say the the abc sitcom Home advancement was one of the pivotal components of the "90s. Not only did the present air from literally 1991-1999, but across its eight seasons, the was among the most-watched TV shows in the entire country.

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Viewers loved watching comedy genius Tim Allen pat Tim "The device Man" Taylor. The was simply your day-to-day family male in Detroit v a wife and children and his very own home improvement show, device Time. End the years, the show won many awards consisting of a gold Globe because that Allen, and also People"s an option Awards every season it was on the air.

Over two decades since the beloved collection ended, what room its main actors members right now up to?

1. Tim Allen

Vince Bucci/Invision/AP

Al Borland is Tim"s best friend and also co-host of tool Time. He"s a little less hip than Tim, yet he"s also the much more responsible the the two. The makes less money together Tim"s assistant, however somehow, their connection works.

Karn has ongoing to it is in a effective working actor end the years. The has appeared on The Rosie O"Donnell Show, the "70s Show, The Bold and the Beautiful, and also PEN15 top top Hulu. The was likewise the host of family members Feud because that multiple years.

7. Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Jonathan Taylor thomas was among the greatest child stars of the "90s. He was the voice that Simba in Disney"s Lion King after ~ all. Middle child Randy Taylor is not only the smartest that the bunch however the many mischievous. Cutting board left the TV series early in season 8 but made appearances with the end of the series.

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Though Thomas mostly retired from acting, he appeared in Veronica Mars, one American Town, Smallville,and Tim Allen"s Last male Standing.