Check out what the cast has to be up to because the last call at the bar wherein everybody knows her name.

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Cheers, the sitcom around a team of quirky, everyday people who work and also meet routinely at the titular Boston watering feet ran 11 periods on NBC and took final drink orders might 20, 1993, after 275 episodes. The display racked up 117 Emmy award nominations v 28 wins and also launched the careers of numerous beloved actors. Let’s reopen the bar tab and also tally what the cast has been approximately over a quarter-century.


Ted Danson

Photos: (Left) NBC/NBCU Photo financial institution via Getty images (Right) Ron P. Jaffe/CBS via Getty Images.

Ted Danson’s character, Sam “Mayday” Malone, was an ex-baseball player turn bartender with a roving eye because that female patrons and also staff alike. The role was a breakout because that the actor v viewers tuning in every week to witness the crossfire banter in between Malone and also his co-stars. Danson jumped to the large screen in movies such together Three Men and a Baby (1987) and Getting also with Dad (1994), yet it's been television job-related that has been consistently maintaining him in the public eye. Write-up Cheers he starred in Becker (1998-2004), Damages (2007-2010), Bored to Death (2009-2011), CSI: Crime scene Investigation (2011-2015), The an excellent Place (2016-2018) and played self on Curb your Enthusiasm (2000-2017). Offscreen Danson divorced Casey Coates in 1992 after 15 years of marriage and also embarked top top a very publicized but short-lived relationship with Whoopi Goldberg. The married actress mary Steenburgen (Book Club) in 1995 and they have actually two daughters together.

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Shelley Long 


Shelley Long

Photos: (Left) Herb Ball/NBC/NBCU Photo bank via Getty photos (Right) Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic.

As Diane Chambers, Shelley long was the perfect counter-balance to Danson’s Malone. A highly educated snob, waitress Diane loved nothing much more than come prove she on-again-off-again suitor wrong throughout the show’s an initial five seasons (Long do a guest figure on the series finale in 1993). After ~ Cheers lengthy landed the lead role of Carol Brady in The Brady Bunch Movie (1995) and also A very Brady Sequel (1996). She has operated consistently ever because in one-off television roles consisting of Murphy Brown (1995-1996), Diagnosis Murder (1998), 8 straightforward Rules (2003), Retired in ~ 35 (2011) and also has appeared regularly together DeDe Pritchett top top Modern Family (2009-2018). Lengthy married invest advisor Bruce Tyson in 1981 and also they have actually one daughter together. The couple divorced in 2004.


Playing kind however slow-witted Woody Boyd, Woody Harrelson take it on the assistant bartender role following the death of actor Nicholas Colasanto that played Coach during the an initial three seasons of Cheers. During his time top top the sitcom, Harrelson also appeared in movies such together Wildcats (1986), L.A. Story (1991) and also White men Can’t Jump (1992). That went on come land lead movie functions in Indecent Proposal (1993), Natural Born Killers (1994) and was nominated for a lead actor Academy Award for The civilization vs. Larry Flynt (1996). Other noteworthy films incorporate Wag the Dog (1997), The slim Red Line (1998), Anger Management (2003), No nation for Old Men (2007), The Hunger Games collection (2012-2015), The Glass Castle (2017), Three Billboards external Ebbing, Missouri (2017) and also Solo: A Star battles Movie (2018). One outspoken environment and also marijuana advocate, Harrelson is additionally a longtime vegan. Summary married to Nancy Simon (1985-1986), that wed Laura Louie in 2008 and also the pair lives in Maui, Hawaii.

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Rhea Perlman 


Waitress Carla Tortelli had actually an opinion or wisecrack for every situation that arose at Cheers. Deep superstitious however fiercely loyal to friends and also family, Carla to be a fan favorite character over the food of the series. Complying with Cheers Rhea Perlman starred in the short-lived TV collection Pearl (1996-1997) and appeared on the huge screen in Matilda (1996). She returned to TV alongside Cheers costars Kirstie Alley in Kirstie (2013-2014), Danson in Becker (2001) and Kelsey Grammer in Frasier (2002), and also featured functions in Hung (2009-2010), Getting On (2015) and also The Mindy Project (2014-2017). Perlman married actor Danny DeVito in 1982 and they have actually three children together. The pair announced lock were separating in October 2012 however reunited following a three-month separation.


Five-time Emmy-winner Kelsey Grammer will certainly forever be linked with the erudite, if hapless, psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane, who he portrayed for two years on Cheers (1984-1993) and also the spinoff sitcom Frasier (1993-2004). Various other sitcom roles included Wings (1992), Just shoot Me! (1998) and as the voice that Sideshow Bob top top The Simpsons (1990-2017). A Juilliard School-trained performer, Grammer do his Broadway debut in the 2010 musical resurgence of La Cage Aux Folles for which he to be nominated because that a Tony Award, and originated the duty of Captain Hook in the Broadway manufacturing of Finding Neverland in 2015. A dad of 7 children, the divorced very first wife Doreen Alderman in 1990 following eight year of marriage, to be then wed come dancer Leigh-Anne Csuhany from 1992-1993, prior to marrying dancer Camille Donatacci in 1997. They divorce in 2011 and also Grammer went on to marry British trip attendant Kayte Walsh the very same year.

Kirstie Alley

Photos: (Left) Paul Drinkwater/NBC/NBCU Photo financial institution via Getty pictures (Right) Steve Mack/FilmMagic

Selected to change the departed Long, Kirstie Alley depicted Rebecca Howe, the fiercely independent Cheers organization manager that Sam Malone at first tries to seduce. Adhering to Cheers, she winner an Emmy for her role in David’s Mother (1994) and also starred in sitcoms Veronica’s Closet (1997-2000) and Kirstie (2013-2014). Alley to be the only significant Cheers character the did no go ~ above to appear on the spinoff sitcom Frasier. After ~ a much-publicized battle with her weight, she showed up in the unscripted comedy collection Fat Actress (2005) and the same year released a book, How to lose Your Ass and Regain her Life, i beg your pardon chronicled her an individual experiences v weight loss. She has also been an on-again-off-again spokesperson for Jenny Craig. She competed on Dancing through the Stars (2011) and also placed second overall. One outspoken Scientologist, Alley was married come Falcon Crest gibbs Parker Stevenson native 1983 to 1997 and they have actually two embraced children together.

John Ratzenberger

Photos: (Left) NBC/NBCU Photo financial institution via Getty pictures (Right) Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Mail carrier and also dubious truth teller Cliff Clavin was a Cheers favourite as much for his inane trivia together his postal worker uniform throughout the show’s 11 seasons. Actor john Ratzenberger helped create the mustachioed blowhard that famously contended on Jeopardy! Ratzenberger’s distinctive voice aided to soil him duties in every Pixar animated film to date, consisting of Hamm the pig in the Toy Story series and Mack the van in the Cars franchise. He completed on Dancing through the Stars in 2007. An environmental activist, he was owner that Eco-Pak, which developed eco-friendly packaging. Ratzenberger married Georgia Stiny in 1984 and also the pair have two youngsters together. Divorce from Stiny in 2004, the wed Julie Blichfeldt in 2012.

George Wendt, together barfly share Peterson, was the sage — if wisecracking — best friend come Cliff Clavin and also will it is in greeted with shouts that “Norm!” anytime the enters a drink establishment. Wendt obtained six Emmy nominations because that his job-related on Cheers and also went on come star in the short-lived The George Wendt Show (1995). Practically as famous as Norm to be his Chicago Superfan character Bob Swerski on Saturday Night Live (1991-2003). Wendt do TV guest appearances on Sabrina, The Teenage Witch (2001-2002), George Lopez (2004) and had a recurring role on Clipped (2015). On Broadway, the performed together Edna Turnblad in Hairspray (2007), as Santa in the music comedy Elf (2010) and also in Breakfast in ~ Tiffany’s (2013). Wendt married Bernadette Birkett in 1978 and they have actually three youngsters together.

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Juilliard School-trained performer Bebe Neuwirth was already a new York theater fixture and Tony award winner (Sweet Charity, 1986) as soon as she was offered the function of the physically and also emotionally uptight psychiatrist Lilith Sternin-Crane, ultimate wife the Frasier Crane. The portrayal won her two Emmy Awards front of big-screen functions in Bugsy (1991), Jumanji (1995), Tadpole (2000) and Fame (2009). Top top TV she featured top top Deadline (2000-2001), Bored come Death (2009-2011), The an excellent Wife (2012-2013), Madame Secretary (2014-2017), Blue Bloods (2013-2018) and also again as Lilith on Frasier (1994-2003). She won her 2nd Tony award in 1997 because that Broadway’s Chicago. Married to gibbs Paul Dorman native 1984 to 1991, she wed writer and director chris Calkins in 2004.