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A look at back. Ariana Grande’s date timeline includes more famous boyfriends than simply Pete Davidson, Mac miller and large Sean. Grande has been roughly in Hollywood for an ext than 15 years. She made she Broadway debut in 2008 in the music 13 before her relocate to TV 2010 together Cat Valentine in Nickelodeon’s Victorious.

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However, music is wherein Grande really shined. Though she released her first single, “Put her Hearts Up” in 2011, Grande no shoot to popular music stardom till 2013 as soon as she released her solitary “The Way” with ex-boyfriend Mac Miller. After ~ that, Grande released hit after ~ hit through songs prefer “Bang Bang,” “Dangerous Woman” and also “No Tears Left to Cry” prior to her first-ever number-one single in 2018 through “Thank U Next” adhering to her breakup native Pete Davidson.

Like most celebrities of her star power, Grande’s relationships have been reported on fairly a bit. “Love is a really scary thing, and you never know what’s going to happen. It’s one of the many beautiful points in life, yet it’s among the most terrifying. It’s precious the fear because you have more knowledge, experience, you learn from people, and you have actually memories,” she said Seventeen in 2014. We recognize the mainstays of her love life (a.k.a. Davidson, miller and huge Sean) however what around her boyfriends in between? Ahead, we looked ago at Ariana Grande’s dating timeline and relationship history, from she engagements to the breakups we’ll forever remember.

Graham Phillips (2009–2011)


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Best well-known for his duty on CBS’s The good Wife, Phillips was Grande’s first famous boyfriend. The two met in 2008 as soon as they starred in the Broadway music 13 (where Grande had actually her an initial kiss) together once they to be teenagers. After continuing to be friends because that a year, Phillips and Grande started dating. After 3 years of dating—including an appearance in ~ the 2010 Emmys together and also several duets—the two amicably split in December 2011. 5 years after their breakup, they reunited in July 2016 because that a 13 cast reunion for.

Jai Brooks (2012–2014)

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Brooks and Grande’s relationship began in 2012 as soon as Brooks and his pair brother Luke, two members the the Australian boy band Janoskians, completed in a challenge for who could get Grande’s fist first. The challenge led to the trending Twitter hashtag #JaiVsLukeForAriana, which caught the fist of Grande’s mom, who verified her daughter the boys. Grande then messaged Brooks her phone number and the two began dating a couple of months later. After 2 months of phone and also Skype calls, the 2 met in human being for the first time in January 2013, i m sorry Grande recorded in a video.

They ongoing dating long distance for a while, with the two flying back and forth between Australia and also America, until the end of 2013 when Grande accused Brooks of break up with her over text in an interview v Complex. Quickly after, Brooks comment in a tweet, accusing Grande of cheating top top him with Nathan Sykes, her duet partner. After ~ a few months apart, the pair reunited at the start of 2014 and dated for around six months until they quietly broke up again.

Nathan Sykes (2013)


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In the five-ish months that Grande and also Brooks were damaged up, the singer date Sykes, one-fifth that the British boy band the Wanted. Grande first saw Sykes on a red carpet in early 2013 (“I saw him ~ above a red carpet, and we locked eyes with each other all night. I believed he was cute as hell. Nothing taken place obviously,” Grande said Entertainment Wise), yet they didn’t properly accomplish until months later on when lock filmed the music video for their song “Almost Is never Enough.”

After the singers reconnected as opened acts because that Justin Bieber’s believe tour later on that year, they began dating. The 2 dated for around five months until they broke up at the start of 2014 as result of the stress, overload of dating lengthy distance. There were no tough feelings, however, together the singers rejoined as girlfriend in 2016 to song the duet “Over and also Over Again” because that Sykes’s debut solo album.

Big Sean (2015)


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Grande’s following public connection came in 2015 as soon as she began dating rapper big Sean. The two an initial met in 2014 once they collaborated ~ above Grande’s tune “Right There” from her debut album Yours Truly. After month of date rumors (including about Grande’s gaining into her an initial car accident top top the method to large Sean’s house), the two made their official debut together a couple at the 2015 Grammys. After ~ eight month of dating, including large Sean’s surprised appearance ~ above Grande’s The Honeymoon tour to do “Best Mistake” and “Right There,” the two referred to as it quits in April 2015. Follow to a resource for E! News, the breakup was over conflict schedules. Both artists planned to be on tourism for the following year, which would certainly make it hard for them to be together.

Ricky Alvarez (2015–2016)


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Grande and Alvarez’s relationship was short-lived and not well-known by countless of her fans—until Doughnutgate, the singer’s 2015 scandal in which she was videotaped licking a doughnut that she didn’t buy and also calling America “fat.” The video also occurred to attribute Alvarez, one of Grande’s back-up dancers, whom she was date at the time. The two very first sparked rumors once they kissed onstage for the very first time in ~ a 2015 pride festival in June. Grande and Alvarez date for around a year till July 2016 when Grande tweeted cryptic thoughts around “change” and also liked fans’ tweets speculating that the two were no more and the Alvarez somehow did Grande wrong.

Mac müller (2016–2018)


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Miller, perhaps Grande’s many high-profile boyfriend prior to Davidson, and also Grande go means back to 2012 as soon as they recorded a covering of “Baby the Cold Outside,” which Grande posted on she YouTube channel. A year later, Grande released she debut single, “The Way,” featuring Miller. Despite the music video for “The Way” featured a romantic kiss between Grande and also Miller, the singer has denied that the two were romantically affiliated at the time, claiming that the kiss to be scripted and the 2 were friends.

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In 2016, 4 years after the release of your song, Grande surprised fans once she was viewed kissing Miller exterior a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles. After ~ that, Grande to be featured on Miller’s track “My favorite Part” and also directed one unreleased music video for her beau’s song, “Dang.” Miller additionally joined Grande top top her tour in 2017 to duet “The Way” through her. The couple announced their breakup in might 2018. Despite neither has revealed the reason for the breakup, Grande comment to fans on Twitter, calling her previous partnership “toxic” and also “scary.” In September 2018, Miller passed away from one accidental medicine overdose at the age of 28. In one interview v Apple Music in may 2020, Grande opened up about how Miller’s musicality inspired her. “I think the nothing mattered an ext to him 보다 music, ever,” she said. “And he to be the sort of human being who wake up up and rolled into the studio, tumbled out of bed, right into the studio next door. Nothing was more important. Talk about losing track of time and forgetting come eat, remind yourself to take treatment of yourself and also be a person. He to be a person who gave literally every single second of his thought and time and also life to his music.”

Pete Davidson (2018)

Grande’s partnership with Davidson is quiet evolving and also might be her last. However, this is a quick overview: The two met in 2016 when she performed on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, of i beg your pardon Davidson is a actors member. They didn’t begin dating until may 2018, the very same month that Grande confirmed her breakup through Miller, and news damaged that Davidson and also his then-girlfriend, Cazzie David, had actually split. After 2 months that dating, Davidson shown that he and also Grande were engaged in June 2018 top top an episode of The Tonight show Starring Jimmy Fallon. No word yet on when the wedding will certainly be (or if Grande will certainly wear her signature high ponytail because that the ceremony). The couple split in October 2018. Grande went on to recommendation Davidson and also other exes in her tune “Thank U Next.”

Dalton Gomez (2020-Present)

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Grande first started date Gomez, a actual estate agent that represents celebrity homes, in January 2020. The “Thank U Next” singer confirmed their connection in may in her music video clip for “Stuck with U” through Justin Bieber. The video saw Grande and Gomez slow-dancing. The confirmation came after speculation the two were dating from Grande’s Instagram posts, which proved her and Gomez quarantined with each other amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In December 2020, Grande evidenced that she and also Gomez are engaged via one Instagram slideshow of image of castle together. Among the photos was a shooting of her engagement ring, which featured an oval-shaped diamond and a pearl provided to her by her late grandfather. “forever n climate some,” she captioned the post.